Anticipate Attack and Stirring Declaration

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These two powers (p. 81 and p. 114, respectively) are unusual in that they call for training in a given skill as a requirement, which means that the skill training is needed only when the character actually uses the power; it can still be selected fine even if the skill isn't trained, though obviously the power will then be useless in practice. Compare this to a prerequisite, which means the power cannot be chosen at all unless the criterion in question is satisfied. There are numerous powers in MP that feature skill training as a prerequisite, including Boundless Endurance, Cometfall Charge, Marking Stance, and a few more, which most likely was the intent for these other two powers all along as well.

There is a very small number of ways to gain temporary training in a skill, but all in all there's no real reason for powers to require skill training as, well, a requirement rather than a prerequisite, and for the sake of consistency Anticipate Attack and Stirring Declaration should probably have these lines changed to prerequisites.