Red/White commander deck.

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I think you could run a few cards that synergize nicely with your general if you can gain access to them.

lightning greaves can protect your general

shrine of loyal legions can really explode with your general
precursor golem with your general is instant metalcraft and is 18 total power for 5 mana.
thopter assembly making it all the way around the table gives you 5 4/1 creatures with flying
rapacious one can also lead to a game over if it isn't killed very quickly

I'm not sure what you have access to, budget, and whether you play multiplayer or 1v1, so this advice is restrained a bit. To be quite honest, you are running a very large number of weak cards, but that is perfectly fine and I am in fact jealous of people who get away with playing magic having NOT spent thousands of dollars.
Mostly what Karthage said, you have a large number of very sub-par cards for the format. Usually since everything is singleton you want every card to either require an answer or have some sort of multiple effects, key being anything that gains card advantage. For instance, Solemn Offering should be replaced with something like Return to Dust or Into The Core. You're probably gonna have to search through all the cards that have an effect you desire and pick the best ones. Most of your creatures seem weak so I'd advise finding stronger options. If its scary and requires your opponent to answer it immediately, then that should be a sign of something to pick.

Also you're a little land light for my tastes, I run between 36-40, 36 with either lots of mana artifacts or land fetch. Idk if you ever have mana issues but I'd suggest upping the count.
Cut these cards:

White Sun's Passage
Panic Attack
Soul Parry
Angel's Mercy
Golden Urn
Grafted Exoskeleton

And replace them with lands, and you're on the right track for a pretty decent deck!

If you want to easily supplement your deck, go out and purchase the R/W Planechase deck, or one of the Commander decks that's coming out this weekend, you'll be able to fill up on a lot of R/W staple cards like Akroma, Lightning Helix, Glory of Warfare, some of the more exciting non-basics in your colors, and more.  You can also try to get ahold of the R/W and colorless artifact lands, especially Darksteel Citadel.

Also, try to get ahold of anything that makes token creatures, and especially artifact token creatures.  One of Mr. Kadeen's greatest advantages is that he's very explosive with token creatures, so try to take advantage of that.

Also also, Darksteel EVERYTHING, although avoiding the Myr is a good idea.  The harder it is for you to lose Metalcraft, the better.
There are too few lands in here. I start with 40 and take 1 out for everything 2-3 pieces of acceleration that I run. darksteel ingot, boros signet, thran dynamo and sol ring are all worthwhile.

 The problem with a lot of the cards in here is that they don't do much, are too small, or create significant card disadvantage. Cards like incite, white sun's passage and angel's mercy are pretty much useless. I disregard any life gain card in edh, unless it's really big

For the auras, replace them with equipment. Trusty Machete is a great substitute for holy strength and kite sail can replace nimbus wings. Equipment are usually better than auras because they're reuseable.

I'd drop most of the damage prevention cards. They're not awful, but they're only worthwhile when they are reuseable or have side-benefits

Cards like bladetusk boar and canyon minotaur are pretty small and insignificant in this format. Dig up some big fatties to replace them. Any dragons or angels that you have are usually worth an inclusion. Cards like lightning bolt are equally weak. They're not terrible, but their effect on the game is usually so insignificant that thier inclusion isn't usually worth it.

It's not a bad list, but definitely needs a lot of improvement.
Honestly, your number 1 problem is gonna be that you are never going to achieve Metalcraft with 13 artifacts in a 100 card deck.  My Jor Kadeen deck uses 28 artifacts and I still can't even guarantee that I will get enough artifacts for Metalcraft by the time I want to drop him on the field.  There are a ton of low mana cost cards that will do the two things this deck seems to want to do, enable metalcraft to make your guys bigger, and boost your guys anyways.  Shrine of Loyal Legions, Skullclamp, Leonin Sun Standard, Konda's Banner and Nemesis Mask to get all your attackers through.
Hey, forgot two other clutch cards for this deck, the red and white artifact lands which will give you metalcraft much earlier as well as Darksteel Citadel.  Also, is this being run on a budget/newer card kick?  Even if its just newer cards, Thopter Assembly and Wurmcoil Engine should both be included and will help you out tremendously.
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you have very little synergy between your general's effect and your deck list. I've started building him as my general and seen what he's good at and bad at.

here's some ideas
you need to use creatures/makers like

Luminarch Ascension amazing if you drop this turn 1 or 2
Nuisance Engine gets you creatures and satisfies metalcraft
Rakka Mar Make a 3/1 haster every turn
Nobilis of War Hit harder
White Sun's Zenith Can turn the tide
Hero of Bladehold Beat stick for tokens
Goblin Offensive Another token maker
Mirror Entity a must if you are playing with tokens
Rise of the Hobgoblins
Kuldotha Ringleader Helps with battlecry
Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs amazing guy to slow down opponents or speed you up
Darien, King of Kjeldor Use your life as a creature making resource
Martial Coup Wrath + get tokens
Nomads' Assembly double your creature force ... twice
Shrine of Loyal Legions amazing card
Myr Turbine great card
Thopter Assembly another great card
Precursor Golem hits metalcraft with one card

You also need buff effects like

Glorious Anthem
Marshal's Anthem can turn around games aswell
True Conviction deal twice as much damage and gain life, whats not to like
Waves of Aggression you have a beat deck, this makes you nuts especially with retrace
Leonin Sun Standard for when mirror entity isn't around
Glory of the Warfare nice enchantment all round
Sword of the Paruns essentially the same as glory of the warfare

or game winners like


You will need the usual wrath effect cards and the well known white removal

What i've found is that card's like Aura Shards can just shut you down completely. A good card to have in the deck that stops this and a helluva lot of other problem cards is Torpor Orb. This card just saves you.
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