[WoA] Is there a need for serious tactical thinking in this game?

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I don't have the game. I'm thinking about whether to get it or not.

Do you have to do any serious tactical thinking in this game? Or does it suffice to simply pick the nearest monster and attack it however you like?

I wouldn't use the word 'serious', but there is some tactical thought needed.  Mostly centered around managing wounded hero's.  It's a fun game, I recommend it.

It depends on what you expect from the game. If you just want to sit down with some friends or your partner and kids for some light-hearted dungeon-crawling fun, there's not much need for tactics.

If you, however, try to conquer the more difficult scenarios, there's some thinking required. It may be as straight forward as picking powers appropriate to the scenario: You're expecting to only fight standard monsters, pick attack powers that can get rid of multiple monsters. You're going up against a regenerating villain with many hit points? Make sure, you pick powers that deal more than one point of damage and try to save this power for the villain.

The in-game tactics mainly focus on a few things:
- whom to give treasure cards
- when to use daily and utility powers
- positioning to minimise damage (e.g. it's better to be adjacent to a skeleton than be a tile away, it's not a good idea to cluster your heroes on one tile if there's a blazing skeleton in the dungeon etc...)
- what monster to attack
- when to explore and when not to

It's not much, but it leads to a fair bit of player chatter on the table and usually makes for very close and interesting games.
The game involved more tactical options before the (in my humble opinion) awful "if a monster moves you HAVE to put it on the scorch mark/bones pile" errata.
Suddenly a whole bunch of tactical options got erased  
Please post a link to this errata datum.  This is stupid, the cards were very clear about what critters do.
I don't mind the scorchmark movement, but that may be because I've never played Castle Ravenloft or Wrath without it.

Anyways, I don't mind it—you still have the tactical options when you move monsters adjacent to your heroes, which to me are the ones that matter the most. You don't have to laser-aim in the game for ranged attacks (you attack any monster 1-3 tiles away, depending on the range of the attack), so a monster landing on a scorchmark simply means that you either need to be next to or far away from (depending on what you want) the mark.

I think the rule makes the game friendlier to more casual players (like myself, admittedly), and you can houserule it out without problems. WotC isn't in your homes enforcing these rules. (And as far as I can tell, these games were made to be player-extended and houseruled; and when in doubt, d20.)
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