British National Championship, 2nd July 2011 @ Fanboy3

On Saturday 2nd July the British National Championship for DDM2.0 will be held in Manchester, United Kingdom.

It will be a 200 points Assault format tournament (constructed) using the 2.0 rules.

Location: Fanboy3
Address: Newton Street, Manchester, UK
Start time: 12:00
Entry fee: 5.00 GBP

Prize support will be provided through Fanboy3 (Yea, Dave!).

We are also asking that each player bring any item for a "community" prize; bring something DDM/RPG/gaming related that you can give to your first opponent as a prize/present for participation. It could be maps, a promo mini, a repaint, promo cards, etc. Please join in and make the event fun.

Participants must bring their warband miniatures, appropriate DDM Guild / WotC cards or print-outs, dice, chosen legal map, pencil/pen/paper.

If you are new to DDM and want to be involved side events or playable warbands can be provided so you can join in.

The May 2011 Battle Rulebook, Gazeteer and Errata (Jan 2010) by the DDM Guild takes precedent over all previous rules sets. Please familiarise yourselves with the current rules documents, stat cards and treasure trove cards released by the DDM Guild, website

Check out other DDM and gaming events at Fanboy3 at
CYA there! 10 already booked in Sealed
Just bumping this one up and reminding participants of the new rulebook and to bring along community prize.
Alepulp is the 2011 British National Champion (DDM2.0) ... All hail Alepulp.

Those Galebs were just too resilient! But some excellent, patient, tactical play by Pete again.

There were 11 players in all, with a good range of abilities and ages; as well as a most diverse range of war bands. I will post the war bands played when I have more time but the standings were:

1st Alepulp, 4-0 with 4x Galebs
2nd JLH, 3-1 with Sellsword Swarm
3rd SB, 3-1 with Djinn Swordmasters and Snaketonges
4th bugging_bear, 3-1with various Black Dragons and Digesters
Nice to see you and your brother doing so well this year!!! Took a lot of work overcoming JH Sellsword Swarm - that was a tough matchup that my Astral Stalker really excelled in. I only had 3 galebs though
microelf on dragon down grotto
yuan-ti half blood sorcerer x2, snake tongue cultist, grey cloak ranger x3, poison dusk lizard x3, fiendish snake x3

JM on hailstorm tower
war devil, duergar cleric of asmodeus, due gar guard x2, infernal armour x3, due gar warrior, kobold miner x2

RM on magma keep
orc sergeant, eye of gruumsh, orc champion x2, orc druid, orc brute, mountain orc, orc savage

bugging_bear on ever melt
black dragon, black dragon lurker x2, digester x2, dark mantle x2

annoyinglizardvoice on mithril mines
pit fiend, chain devil, imp, legion devil, man-at-arms x3, human rabble x2

RP? on ???
storm silverhand, mercenary general, skull cleave warrior, elf stalker, grey cloak ranger x2, hunting cougar x2, wild elf warsinger

CB on hailstorm tower
draegloth abomination, drow infiltrator, duergar guard, drow assassin x5, kobold miner x2

alepulp on ???
galeb duhr x3, astral stalker, kobold miner x2, goblin runner x2, xeph warrior x2

MW on hellspike
nightwalker sinister x2, shadar-kai witch, shadohunter bat x2, blue x2, skeleton

JH on jungle temple
mercenary general, wand expert x2, human sellsword x6, changeling rogue, human sellsword (cohort)

SB on kings road
djinn swordmaster x2, snake tongue cultist x2, kenku sneak x2, elf warrior, gnoll x2
Congratulations Alepulp !!!
The "Galeb" is the strongest common of the game, I think.

About Microelf Warband (12 act), I'm not sure that the "Strength in numbers 1" is cumulative !!!
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