Gamma World Play by Post: Mayhem in Madtown

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I am looking for 3-5 players for a play by post game of the newest edition of Gamma World which uses the D&D 4th edition rules.

For character creation you will have the choice of rolling your origins randomly (preferred), picking one then rolling the other randomly, or (if you ask nicely) picking both of your origins. Alpha mutations and omega tech cards will be drawn by me out of the GM's deck. Dice rolls will be made on the forum, once I have enough people interested we will start character creation.

I will be requiring at least 3-4 posts a week for this game. Exceptions will be made if a player lets me know ahead of time if they will not be able to post during a given time. Players will also be required to own or have access to the Gamma World core rulebook.

I will be hosting the game on, here is a link to my game.

Hope to see you there!
Sure. If you are still looking for players.
Good Sir, I have answered your call for Mayhem.
I am intrested.Yell

Jesus saves, the rest of you take damage.

I'll give it a whirl if it's okay. 
I'll be your 5th if that's ok with you.

Looks like I was too late. Have fun!
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