Can someone draw a Pherexian Golem?

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So, after making a (mostly) New Pherxian Golem deck based around the splicers, and seeing the 3/3 Pherexian Golem tokens, I wondered... What would a fully upgraded Golem look like?

- It needs a blade or blades for Blade Splicer and first strike

- It needs a sensor of some sort for Sensor Splicer and vigilance

- Needs a maul or some other way to represent it's ability to trample

- Needs wings for wing splicer and flying

- Maybe someway to represent it's regenerative abilities (Vital Splicer, regenerate target golem, altho that mighe be more a reflection of the Vital Splicer) and some way to represent a Master Splicer or 4 upgrading them?

Sorry if this isn't really the right thread.
Maybe it needs a trench coat like Inspector Gadget
Ok, now I need to see one like that Smilezilla.
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I drew this phyrexian golem, this is more basic than you asked, but I hope to serve you, greetings from Monterrey, Mexico ;D
Guest, that's a nice illustration. Have you done any more work along those lines?

Also, I'm part of a big fan project called Magic: Expanded Multiverse, and we've been looking to add some more artwork to our stories and articles. Would you mind if we added this piece to the archives?
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