Launching Issues

I just downloaded this last night and have fix all the bugs preventing me from starting the game, but now when I get in and the game reaches the royal assassin image nothing happens. It just stays on that screen playing the music. Is there something I'm missing?

PC stats are:

Windows XP home ed
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
ATI Radeon 9600

Please help.
I don't even get that far. It tries to load, and then gives me an "error initializing launchpad. Please make sure your connected to internet and try again"

:edit: It seems to work now after the 5th restart. Trying to creat an account. :edit: So apparently if ur born in 1982 ur not old enough to play this game?
for me when i try to play i goes connecting, inializing and closees without a word, not error message is just closes down for no reason, before this i had managed to connect to it yesterday and even completel the tutorial but now it just refuses to work for no reason that i can see.
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