Tournament in England/manchester

200 pt assualt starting at noon on the 2nd of July - already 7 people coming, and many of the regulars are still to report back - come and join the fun!!!! New rules apply as released for 1st of July. Entry - not sure - new players should be free. We'll bring warbands and set up a demo table for newbies.
Just Placed post on tournaments page promoting this event.
This is now the UK Nationals - 10 players already pre-booked. Come and join the fun - we'll have trades etc. with us also.

"On Saturday 2nd July the British National Championship for DDM2.0 will be held in Manchester, United Kingdom.

It will be a 200 points Assault format tournament (constructed) using the 2.0 rules.

Location: Fanboy3
Address: Newton Street, Manchester, UK
Start time: 12:00
Entry fee: 5.00 GBP

Prize support will be provided through Fanboy3 (Yea, Dave!).

We are also asking that each player bring any item for a "community" prize; bring something DDM/RPG/gaming related that you can give to your first opponent as a prize/present for participation. It could be maps, a promo mini, a repaint, promo cards, etc. Please join in and make the event fun.

Participants must bring their warband miniatures, appropriate DDM Guild / WotC cards or print-outs, dice, chosen legal map, pencil/pen/paper.

If you are new to DDM and want to be involved side events or playable warbands can be provided so you can join in.

The May 2011 Battle Rulebook, Gazeteer and Errata (Jan 2010) by the DDM Guild takes precedent over all previous rules sets. Please familiarise yourselves with the current rules documents, stat cards and treasure trove cards released by the DDM Guild, website

Check out other DDM and gaming events at Fanboy3 at"
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