John Avon Signed Artist' Proofs! Hurry!

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Hi everyone, 

I have posted in the Art Forum but it's pretty quiet over there so thought I would post in this space too.

After years of requests from fans John has decided now is the time to begin releasing his back catalogue of original works and signed Magic the Gathering artist's proofs.

There are loads of proofs available, all affordable and some very cheap.  Many of these are ending in the next hour!

Ending in a few hours is the original line drawing for Izzet Boilerworks, we'll be releasing a unique line drawing once a week so be sure to see what's on offer next!

Mods if this is inappropriate, apologies and please delete accordingly.

Technically, folks aren't supposed to advertise here, but John Avon's the best, so it's all good.  Wish I could afford those, but I play Red.
Don't delete this mods. This deserves to stay here.
Thanks for the positive replies and not deleting mods.  

There are loads of Signed Artist Proofs from John ending in about an hour, some are still only a few cents.  Bargains!

John's Legacy Weapon is not to be missed!  ;)

Anyone have any requests feel free to get in touch.


I love all your forests your name is the first one i know and remember. Im your fan
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John is offering a card signing service until the end of August only....