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I want to put a burning building in my next session (the one in the Eyes of the Lich Queen module). They are a lvl 6 party

There are my options:

Fire 2d8 +4
Being near fire 1d10+4
Smoke +13 o +17 vs fort

Accumulative effects, slowing, blindness (vs for) dazziness vs will.

Cover and total cover (1 sqr-4sqr)

Intoxication after 6 minutes (if they fail a saving throw they lose a healing surge, this is in the DM guide)

Celling falling 2d8+4 (13 o 17 vs reflex)

I want bad guys not affected by fire (warforged or protected by rituals)

Suggestions, ideas and questions here

Oh I forgot it... Squares with debris are difficult terrain XD
Are the PC's going into a burning building or has it been set aflame while their inside, asleep? Are they able to shut doors and block out smoke coming from another room? How big is the building? Can they escape though a window, what level are they on? Is the building alone or joined to other buildings? Will the flames start to burn the village or city it's apart of if not stopped? Do they have a wizard in the party with a water spell? Can this flame be put out or is it somehow magical and water won't effect it?

These are some questions I'd ask. I think you've got the effects and dangers of the fire covered. You just need to think about where its going and what could happen as the fire grows.
Just in case I failed to mention; I am playing D&D 3.5e.
Basically what Langrishe said. Just remember, fires don't happen in a vacuum (har har har). If you're going to do something like this, have it be meaningful and relevant to the plot.

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Ok let's see... the Emerald Claw and the adventurers are searching a very valuable tome, but the Emerald Claw has arrived to the mansion (yes, a big house) first. They have fight with the house owner and his servants and in this battle has begun the Fire. Few minuts later the adventurers have arrived. Basically the adventurers have two options, to enter in the burning mansion and fight small groups of Emerald Claw soldiers or wait them outside the mansion but then all the soldiers will get out together
I forgot the mansion is over a high cliff then there is only one entrance... and exit
A burning building scenerio is a great idea and since you have compiled a good list of rules concerning it already, I might just have to insert one into my campaign.  If I did I would go with the classic firefighter to the rescue of the trap damsel (or notable NPC, or required item).  I would make it clear to the players before they entered the building that it appears the fire has weakened the structural integrity of the place and that a collapse into rubble is eminent (and with deathly consequences if they are caught inside when it does). A rough estimate ("maybe 5 to 10 rds") would be readily given and if pressed for a more accurate time frame a skill check would be required.

The object of the encounter would be to rescue and get out before the collapse.  Creatures within the building would hamper the party as much as possible.  This is the type of combat encounter I love to throw at my players because it's a departure from the usual kill everything combats.

Thinking about it some more, I will be using this idea the next time the party returns to their patron NPC.  They already rescued the house from flying away so they have sedimental value attached to it.   
Basically I am using the DC table (easy, medium, hard as the fire becomes more dangerous) and the possible effects of the fire against your fortitude (when you are near the fire), will (the smoke can slow and dizzy you) and reflexes (...oh, there is a burning column before you, you need a good jump if you want to go further) and the limited and "one shot" damages (the normal fire vs the celling falling over you)

And yes... a burning house is a good scenario.

I will post you more information 
There is an adventure in Dungeon 172 called "Clash of Steel," which had an "escape from a burning warehouse" section to it.  That might give you ideas.  It was a 13th level adventure, but you can make the numbers smaller and it should work out fine.
Salla, on minions: I typically use them as encounter filler. 'I didn't quite fill out the XP budget, not enough room left for a decent near-level monster ... sprinkle in a few minions'. Kind of like monster styrofoam packing peanuts.
Another adventure you might look at is Rescue at Rivenroar (Dungeon 156, pg 14 for the encounter)  www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/d... .  

Its not dealing with a burning building but the second encounter has a spreading fire.  My players managed to get themselves trapped between two quickly spreading fires.  They didn't think to try and put it out early on.
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