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Hello magic community!

I havent signed on here in ages, and im afraid i dont know how to post cool little links to the cards im using, but ive been working on a tournament deck and i could really use some advice.

Ive taken this to friday night magic once, and it took first, but during extensive playtesting, ive discovered im particularly weak against red.

Almost every time i face a kuldotha rebirth/goblin deck, my few creatures get burnt before i can actually perform any equipping. T.T

Its been my greatest challenge in making this deck playable, so i would appreciate any advice on how to become better equipped to beat red decks, advice on sideboard cards, or cards i oughtta be running. Im no master deckbuilder, so be kind. :P

Its white knight equip with a battlecry flavor! :D

2x batterskull
4x sword of war and peace
3x sword of feast and famine
1x sword of body and mind

3x Mirran Crusader
4x Accorder Paladin
4x Signal Pest
4x Memnite
1x Brass Squire
3x Puresteel Paladin
2x Hero of Bladehold

2x Silence
3x Journey to Nowhere
3x Dispatch

LAND x 21
20x plains
1x Inkmoth Nexus

A few of these choices were made based on availability. I threw the brass squire in cause he was shiny, and also an artifact, to replace 1 puresteel paladin. I swear i had another silence in there, i dont remember taking it out. T.T

I had been looking at Apostles Blessing, for instant protection from burn, or to give me the prot from artifacts that this deck lacks. :P

Ok, but enough from me. Please leave me great ideas and critiques! I hope you like this deck!

Simply add Kor Firewalker to your sideboard.

Your deck would also perform better if you had Stoneforge Mystics, and when you get them, cut the number of Swords for Flayer Husks.
if u plan on stacking signal pests and memnites maybe tempered steel could help out. i agree mystics would help tremendously but thats only if you wanna drop like 80-100 bucks for a playset. sun titan is great for reviving most of your creatures, as well as any sword that happens to be in your graveyard, if it gets countered, destroyed, milled, etc.
if budget allows use mystics. if not maybe kor outfitter. also you dont use tempered steel as there are not enough artifact creatures to benifit from it, aswell dont use flayer husk, bad cards are bad. 
i would add another mirran crusader. maybe add baneslayer angel as another win cond. also dont use silence, its really not that great now. 
I recently came into a full set of Stoneforge, so my deck has changed alot. :P

I will have to post a new decklist soon, to get opinions. Its running way better, ive taken out the signal pests in exchange for brass squires and accorders shields, and a few other changes.

I have to disagree about silence... taking a turn away from my enemy always gives me the time i need to pull nonsense. Its so frustrating to have all of your playable cards made unavailable to you for the cost of a single mana. Its one of my favorite old white spells. :D

Ill start a new thread soon with a modified decklist!

Thanks for your help guys!
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