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Been avoiding the Battlemind since its introduction. Just didn't seem like my kind of Defender, with difficulty marking multiple(more than 2) enemies and no real secondary role. I put one together for a pick up game yesterday at level 8, and was somewhat pleasantly suprised. I went Tiefling Battlemind with Paladin multiclass and Wrath of the Crimson Legion, which was the right choice. Divine Challenge and Paladin's Wrath fixed most of my worries about handling multiple enemies, got a solid MBA out of the deal, and Divine Challenge+Psionic Ambush(Utility 6) was a nice suprise in a battle with tall ledge. I was also pleasantly surprised by the solid Augment 1s I had in Lodestone Lure and Forceful Reversal. I got some great use out of Lodestone Lure pulling flying enemies out of the sky, and between Persistent Harrier, Strikebacks, and Forceful Reversal Augment 1, attacked on my immediate action about 50-75% of the time.
Welcome to the Battlemind fold.   I recently gave up playing my Battlemind in favor of a Warden, not because I wasn't enjoying the class -- far from it, actually -- but I'm also playing a Predator Druid, and was getting a bit tired of two characters who were both running all around the battlefield.  (Silly me, when I started playing the Battlemind I thought he would be a stationary defender.  What was I thinking?)

Conductive Defense is a great way to get yourself an extra pseudo-mark (doesn't give the -2, but an automatic Con-mod of damage whenever it hits an ally?  Yes, please!), which helps with keeping enemies focused on you, while FR sets up a great Catch-22.  If you happen to keep playing the character all the way to 13, I highly, HIGHLY recommend the combination of Conductive Defense, Lightning Rush (always Aug2) and Forceful Reversal (always Aug1).

As far as the Immediate is concerned, yeah, it kind of became a joke in our group that if I started my turn and still had my Immediate from last round, I was disappointed and considered it a waste. ;)

loose [loos] vt. to let loose; to release; to unfasten, undo or untie; to shoot or discharge. lose [looz] vt. to come to be without (something in one's possession or care), through accident, theft, etc., so that there is little or no prospect of recovery; to fail inadvertently to retain (something) in such a way that it cannot be immediately recovered; to suffer the deprivation of. LEARN THE DAMN DIFFERENCE. 

I just started playing a level 12 Harrier Battlemind - only had the one fight so far but am enjoying it.

I've got Conductive Defence (which I never used) Loadstone Lure and Lightning Rush.  Between a Silver Longsword, Pychic Lock, Bloodiron Plate and Talaric Ironjack, Lighting Rush works great.  You draw the attack to yourself and with such high defences against the attack you are more than likley to be hit.

At level 13 I'm planning on dropping Conductive Defences for Psionic Speed.  Being able to mark multiple enemies with an at-will will be handy.  Mostly used unaugmented for the Talaric Ironjack defence bonus.

Loadstone Lure teams up with Heavy Blade Opportunist for OAs so they can't get away, and of course Lightning Rush is there to ruin their day.  Especially casters.
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