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Since no one else started a thread ... post your Week 4 FRs here.

For our part we were down to 2 tables of 6 at Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, MA. Which was sad given our strong showing the first three weeks. I'm hoping it's the summer break and that folks will be back next week. *hint hint*

However, we did have some fun with a drow/revenant being stalked by shadows. This encounter was not nearly as dangerous for my party/table as previous fights had been. Something about missing all the time. Monsters, not PCs. With the zombies defeated, the mystery continues next week at dawn.

Interesting tidbit, I was going to let the drow "bomb" himself to get rid of the shadows but he didn't seem willing to do so. This was a one time only deal, the wizard kept asking "Can I do it?" but I really wanted to let the drow perform the sacrifice.*

* Yes, I know, required some DME ...


Field report for week 4 of Encounters in "Devir Arena Porto" , Portugal.
We returned to our usual 3 tables , with 14 players and 3 DM´s. I think the new players didn´t like being killed.:-)
Back in town , my group of 6 players went into the Graveyard , and valiantly fought the undead´s , and the anoying Leeching Shadows ( represented by the white band in the picture ). Once again , the Sentinel had to do a lot of work , healing everyone , the knight was the usual punching bag , and the Hexblade was unconscious ,and almost dead ( another 3 hp , and he was gone). The Mage and and Ranger distributed havok , especially the Mage that used it´s daily power and action point.
The other groups fared well , being able to brave the encounter without only one dead player.

This week was a bit messed up.  Our Warpriest - a new player - didn't show up, and we ended up with a Slayer, Theif, Bravura Warlord and Greatweapon Fighter.  Again, experienced players with 4e characters, newbies with Essentials. 

Also:  an all-martial party /investigating a ritual in a graveyard/.  Not the brightest idea ever. 

Still, there were monsters, and we killed them.  /Very/ efficiently, with the Bravura positively too successful in sucking up and passing out Basic Attacks via Brash Assault, and everyone in the party having strong basic attacks.  The fight was quick, comparatively static (the monsters were very grabby and not very bright), and brutal.



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