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Has the option to download a complete issue PDF for Dragon and Dungeon gone, or just been moved to another location?

I can't find the the button on Dungeon 186+ or Dragon 395+ and it's a real pain having to download individual articles   :-(

In breaking news...  it has been discovered that the world is not flat.  Well, in some places it is.

Sorry for the sarcasm.  This has been/is being discussed ad nauseum all over the place.  The Dragon/Dungeon General forum is littered with these topics, as well as DDI general.

Celebrate our differences.

Sorry, usual excuse ... new to forum, didn't spot the other forum

Just peeked and straight away spot ...

That's cool it's just an old topic that tends to get people flaming so we're all a little wary when someone brings it up.
But they still sell the books as pdfs, right? Right?
Viva La "what ever version of D&D you are playing right now!"
No, they don't.
No more compiled magazines for the foreseeable future.
Don't believe everything you think Ranger.jpg
No more PDF for WOTC... they are in the process of becoming a leader in the industry with the ONLINE - WEB ONLY - Ultimate leader with SILVERLIGHT Magazine!!  This is Wotc Next step against the piracy of their Mighty and Powerful Copyright Agency!

Die Pirates!

We won't loose any penny anymore!

The fans will convert to Our Way... WotC is the Way of the Future! Convert Now or you will burn in the Nine Hells... in the Elemental Chaos!

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