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OK, so I am going to be making Half Giants a monster race (keeping them large size and all).  I plan on using ogres as the template so to speak, so here's the question...is there a better monster to use as a re-flavored half-giant?

Also, half giants have special vision, didn't they (back in 2e)? 
And would you see them being "tougher" then ogres?  Or as stupid as ogres?  Example, the ogre from the Monster Vault (level 6 brute) has a Grand Slam Encounter (that does nice damage) but it's an encounter.  For a half giant, would it be overkill for that to be a recharge?  Or is encounter enough? 

Is there any common racial trait I can give them that helps define them (like threatening reach or prone effects, etc).

Please share your thoughts.  Curious to see what ideas and suggestions you all may throw out there.
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Several threads have looked at different racial traits for half-giants.

I urge you to reconsider large size and instead provide a racial power and/or feats that momentarily gives them the ability to display their larger stature. Large size wreaks havoc with the balance around bursts, OAs, and the like. In the hands of someone that doesn't care to optimize it is fine, but around anyone else it will likely break your game.

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Large size wreaks havoc with the balance around bursts, OAs, and the like.

It looks like old good 2e, where half-giants with their 2 HD per level etc. were completely unbalanced.
None of my games had been broken nethertheless. The only thing DM has to do is to balance half-giants, defilers etc. not by mechanical, but by social means.
4e does not make such balancing impossible too.
They had... crippling mechanical... disadvantages.

Seriously? Pls., describe some of them.
Original defilers didn't have any mechanical disadvantages...they had mechanical advantages (they leveled faster).  They had/have a ton of social disadvantages to balance them out.

As for HG's.  I've never had a player abuse the Large size in 4e.  So it's worked for me and my group for PC's and NPCs.  I use them as goliath's still, I just let them do things that a regular size char coudlnt do.  Like lift an 8' tall boulder, etc.   
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