Need suggestions on handling a "You want to do what?!?" moment.

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Moving forward I would like some thoughts & suggestions on how to handle this into the following weeks/sessions. No matter how much I tried to convince a player last night that doing it was not a good idea, it seems one of my players insisted on ...
Players stay out it contains future spoilers
... taking the remains of "Evards" corpse with him. Yup, that's right he stuffed it in a bag and now wants to lug it around with him.

Thinking quickly on my feet and spotting my Despair deck, I had him draw a card as soon as he picked the corpse up. As fate would have it, he actually drew the card that requires him to draw 2 more times. Great I thought, he's got to put it back in the sarcophagus now. Err no, in the bag it went. As the party was leaving the area I made the rest of the party draw a card each, hoping that they could persuade him to put it back. But, they didn't seem to be really bothered by it.

Under normal circumstances Despair effects would dissipate after an extended rest outside of the shadowfell but I figure as long as they lug it around I'll keep applying the effects. Here's my questions, since it is a very important prop later on in the adventure, do I slowly increment the Despair effects? Should the effects get even worse when they return into the Shadowfell? Even if not shown or mentioned, should it have some sort of effect when they interact with Duponde's citizen? What about Mother Grivelda, would she "know" that they have the corpse? Would she still help them while they have it? What if they should decide to dump the corpse anywhere?
Make an impomptu shadow effect up.  Roll +30 or something.  Make it deal some necrotic damage or cold.  Add a stun or dazed effect.  It is your story.  Tell it the way you want to.  That being said, I like the Despair Deck idea.  Even an evil character had better have a good reason to carry a corpse around.
I don't see why you should automatically punish a player for doing something interesting.

Duponde's people, in fact most Good people, would find it unsettling that the person they are talking to is carrying a full, preserved corpse, if they knew.  But the corpse is well preserved and in a bag.  And it seems important to the players.

Grivelda should know the corpse has been moved, I think.  In fact, if it bothers you too much, just have her say, "You cannot save Duponde unless you put that corpse back where you found it."  But maybe she doesn't know, and the players tell her, and she is horrorfied.

On the other hand, you can fit that into Session 7, Vontarin's corpse must be interred into his family crypt and then his ghost must be forced back into his body to undo what Nathaire did. Or you can fit into Session 13, Reversing the Ritual (they must re-purify the corpse or at least put it back where it was.)  In either case, you can have Grivelda say, "Smart thinking taking that corpse, now you can do ... which must be done before ..."

Meanwhile you can use it: Showing the Corpse to Vontarin/Nathaire causes him to be Dazed for a Round, or something.  You can have Vontarin's Horde focus fire on the character with the corpse.  You can have the Tiefling grave robbers be frightened that the corpse might bring back Vontarin/Nathaire.  You can have the guards be unhappy about helping "that creepy guy."  You can have the Mad Ghost constantly slide the player back to the corpse and whisper, "I'll give you all the power, if you take my corpse away again."  You can have the corpse's mouth move everytime Nathaire speaks.  For that matter, have the corpse change from Session to Session; maybe it smiles when they are in the Shadowfell; it whispers threats during the attacks in Session 8 and 9 or it moves to always look to the Tomb; that should be pretty creepy!

I mean the possibilities are endless.  The player thinks the corpse is important and might be useful, so why not make it important and/or useful. 
Great response sean, however don't read too much into the player's  motivation other than he's playing a Blackguard and thought it was an "evil" thing to do because that's what they do.
Ya, I don't know the player, and it is your table. 

I just get a kick out of playing off stuff like that when players at my table do stuff that totally takes me by surprise.  And I took the excuse for thinking up some interesting consequences.
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