how can i convert

i just recently started colecting dungeons and dragons minitures I have gotten all the star wars minitures and noticed that some of the series of dungeons and dragons have xp instead of point cost and was trying to get a dungeons and dragons miniatures game going just kinda of curious if any one know how to convert the xp into points cost for the figures if any one knows please let me know im very very interested in starting up miniatures gaming going thank you for your time.
The Newer D&D figures have their stat cards released by the DDM Guild.

Most of the newer sets of cards are available on the rules/cards page,

but its not been updated recently and you need to go into the articles archive to fing the Lords of Madness Cards. - or here is a shortcut directly to the page:

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that you for that and the lords of madness site you gave me wasn't to much of a help i hope some one else help me with the lords of madess conversion if not im going to have to figure something out myself
There are twolinks on the page Tried gave to get to the LoM cards. Here is the direct link if you had trouble finding them.

thank you for your inport deffently helped a lot on my minis now I just need to find Orcus, Prince of Undeath how much he is worth in points I'm thinking along the lines of 500 points for minitures wise and last but not lese the behold guys the onese that came in the set of beholders I know i can just throw the points on there for the ones they made before but the one they don't have out except for the beholder collection I would have no clue how much they would be worth I will try to fin out this myself but if some one already knows before I post that i found it out plese let me know.
You're not far off from how the developers saw it.

I highly recommed browsing through the Articles - section on

It might give you more answers to questions you have not even thought of yet.

Happy gaming!
ok the last time i looked at this page it had both the players handbook of hereos on it 1 and 2 now it only has one does any one knows where the second one is. 
does any one knows at all please i could really use this last little help on this thank u
They are all still at

Under Rules and cards. To my knowledge they have been there all this time. 
oh lol thank u i just didn't see it they moved it on me hthank u very very much
ok  i know i havent posted on this in a while but i haven't needed it just got the dragons collector's set in today no tot bad not the best in the world but not to bad i hope someone have  the point conversion for these i know it will take a day or so but its pretty exiting new minis yeah
it has been months since i posted the one about the dragons now and nothing new for the dragons collector's set yet on this site can any one help me on this one please
Is it what you're searching ?
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