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Hello everyone, im rather new to the RPG field and i was wondering if someone could get me some campaign ideas. Id like to do a Rebellion era or KOTOR era. Anwhere in between as well. if anyone could help that would be awsome!
Hey, buddy!

Ok, questions first:  Do you have a group, and have you asked them what they are interested in doing? 
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Considering that your range (KotOR to Rebellion) covers every published campaign guide except for Legacy Era I'm at a loss due to the general nature of your question.  Picking up any of the SWSE books should give you fodder to use for a campaign.

WotC did put up a campaign during the Dark Times (between the movie trilogies) called Dawn of Defiance (Defience?) which you may be able to find.

More information about what you want would be very helpful for giving you ideas on when and maybe even how to run the campaign you're looking for.

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I think we definitely need a little more info.  Who/how big is your group.  What kind of characters are they planning to be?  What interests you?

In general, a 3 act story is a good way to go since people recognize it in star wars.  Start with something like a black market/piracy problem.  The group investigates, and then learns that the group is being backed by a corrupt corporation.  That is act 1

Act 2 is something like while the group is trying to take down the corporation.  the corp. launches a smear campaign against the group.

Act 3 is the group putting the plan in motion.

Something like that.

The best advice I can give is to buy a little spiral note book, and jot down a campaign outline.  Then when you get ideas, write them down and flesh them out when you have free time.

Good luck!
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The Eve of Destruction campaign (KoTOR era) is always available for play.  At this moment, half of the campaign's modules have been completed.  I will start working on completing the rest shortly.  You can learn more about the campaign through my Eve of Destruction group page (check my sig) or a list of links located on this wiki.
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Besides Dawn of Defiance, there are lots of fan-made adventures that are, IMHO, just as good as the official ones. 

If you're the creative type, who would like to start with just an "adventure seed" and develop the story yourself, I recommend the official "Wizards of the Coast Random Star Wars Adventure Seed Generator."  If you know how to use the Wayback Machine to view old URLs that have since disappeared, the WotC Random Star Wars Adventure Seed Generator was once located here.  Otherwise, I had the forsight, fortunately, of distilling it to a bunch of dice-rollable charts, which I've recently converted from the original Word file into a .pdf.  I've uploaded it to my MediaFire account, so you can download it here.

Alternately, there is currently a thread in these forums with "One Line Adventure Ideas" and another, "Describe Your Saga Campaign".  These, combined with Saurstaulk and Jindy's "Big Book of Archetypes" .pdf (or Jonathan "Donovan Morningfire" Stevens' "Big List of Assorted NPCs") and the "All-Purpose" Saga Edition Stats Sourcebook in my sig for tons of pregenerated stats for NPCs, vehicles, adversaries, etc., give you all you'll ever really need to run a Saga Edition Star Wars game instantaneously (besides the Core Rulebook, of course). You can also find other helpful resources at TrappedSlider's sticky "Index of Sorts" in the Mess Hall.

Lastly, Engine Publishing has put out a book entitled Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters.  This 300+ page .pdf, available also as a print book, is NOT simply a compilation of adventure seeds; it is a compilation of fully developed plots for any genre of play.  Nearly all of the plots can be used as they are for Star Wars, and the remaining can be used as well with a little tweaking.  If you buy the print version, you get the .pdf for free.  This book is incredibly awesome and a fun read.

If you prefer to have someone else do all the prep work for you, then you have lots of options. Several fan-made adventures can be found on these forums, and both Prom and I have been collecting them on our MediaFire accounts.  You can find the link to those in our sigs.  (Here's my Adventures subfolder on MediaFire) You can also find a few Saga adventures at the D20 Radio downloads page, although I don't believe they have anything that Prom and I don't have.

Also, I understand that you might also consider PMing Donovan Morningfire. I don't know how often he checks out these boards, but he apparently has a series of Rebellion Era adventures, originally done for cons. You may have more success reaching him at the forums.


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Oh my God.  RobShanti, that random adventure table is going to distract me for HOURS. 

I've already got:

While traveling to [pick a planet], the heroes:
receive a distress call from a ship with failing life support
While investigating, they meet a(n):
alien of unknown species
The problem, the heroes soon learn, is that:
an alien invasion fleet appears, headed toward the system
All the evidence points to a:
cell of Neimoidian agents
To resolve the problem, the heroes must:
win a contest of luck and charm.

Well, the group will prolly be small. I might run it on WOTC if anyones interested.    Ive never gamemastered before and will prolly wait until i play a little more of my friends Scienn's campaign, which i am enjoying alot!

Im debating between a rebellion or Kotor. (i narrowed it down.)   

Thanks for the help everyone, if you have anymore advice, feel free to post!  And if you would be interested in playing, just send me a message. All character types i'd allow except pure evil. Darklining it is ok by me. =)
I myself might start a campaign, with me as GM, if anyone might be interested.  

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Hi! I have several suggestions.
1)  For a small party (2-3), have one player put through the rigorous training to become an Emperor's Hand.
2)  For any size party, attempt to help the Manaan Selkath to revitalize the kelto population after it was decimated in KotOR.

3)  For any size party, break Star Wars canon and hunt down Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, or Mon Mothma.

4)  For any size party, join Rogue Squadron for a special mission to destroy an Imperial space station that is manufacturing Dark Troopers.

5)  For a small party (2-3), infiltrate an Imperial laboratory and destroy their experiments involving captured rakghouls.

6)  For any size party, be part of a special Imperial strike force to exterminate the feral Gungans of Naboo.

7)  For any size party, have the characters thrown into the gladiator pits of Taris, eventually resulting in a climactic battle of the heroes.

8)  For a small party (2-3), join the ranks of Davik Kang's hitmen to rid Taris of his rivals.

9)  For any size party, join the Black Vulkars or Hidden Beks and rage a gang war in Taris' Lower City.

10)  For any size party, investigate the strange disappearances of several priests on the jungle planet of Ithor.

11)  For any size party, join the Rebel Alliance as a foot soldier and bring the fight to the Empire.

12)  For any size party, join the Galactic Empire as a stormtrooper and bring the fight to the Rebellion.

13)  For any size party, relive the epic moments of the space battle at Endor.

14)  For any size party, battle the vicious Ssi-ruu in a war for control of Bakura.

15)  For any size party, brave the desert of Tatooine in order to hunt a rare Krayt dragon.

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