salvage and crafting in the Gamma World D&D setting

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So one of my players wanted to salvage electrical contuits and circuit boxes to make an electrified weapon.  I'm allowing, it should have the damage and profeciency bonuses of an opprpriate weapon type (ie heavy two- handed melee, light one handed melee, etc) with electrical damage intstead of regular damage.  I also will require an easy skill check 2 out of 3 success, one successof science or conspiracy theory and one success of  mechanics. 

It just seems appropriate for a post apacolyptic setting to allow the players a chance to make such specialized gear from salvaged parts, with a chance of failure.  Anyway what do others think?
I'm glad you brought up the subject. Gamma World has always included the junk aspect yet never really define what to do with it. There's no barter system or some sort of standardized item creation system. I have to admit much of the junk is useful as is. Salvaged junk is that very rare intact working model.

I like the idea using the Mechanics skills to craft an item (Junk-rigging) consitering most items are going to walk the razor edge of improbable/impossible as it is. Aiding is fine and retries at the GM discression. Failing creation is a touch of roleplaying and just means you need to find or purchase those parts and try again again. On the other hand these juryrigs should also be one shots. There's enough regular weapons and omega tech (let alone everyone's alpha powers) out there but a junk rig could be a fun twist adding to the game. Junk-rigging could be quests or creation of plot devices. If a person can give a plausible if still wild description and actually build it there should be a small xp award for the creativity.
I actually let my players do something like this before a boss fight.  They were able to sneak into the warehouse of the big baddy (which happened to be an abandoned Home Depot), and I was letting them recoup and try to formulate a plan.  I thought that they would get ready by climbing onto the shelving remnants etc, but they wanted to start laying traps out! I let them scavenge, with successful skill checks, materials to make a pipe bomb.  And someone had some gas on them and the Omega Tech item that is a glowing ball (can't remember the name off the top of my head) and he wanted to know if he could actually make a fire bomb that could light up the boss.  I was so blown away by creativity, that after a few more skill checks, i let him basically mess around with the circuits in the ball to overheat, thus setting off the contained gasoline in the pvc pipe.

These kinds of things, especially in a setting rife with junk everywhere makes inventive MacGyvers totally allowed in my mind!
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