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So in looking over my saurian's powers, I noticed something odd about Tyrannosaurus Charge (the saurian novice power).  It has the weapon keyword, but it didn't look like the attack line gave you any weapon acc you might have.

Anyone else find this odd?

Later on,
I noticed that too. There are other origin novice powers that don't include weapon acc either. Look at the Regenerator Novice power, it does the same thing and it doesn't even include level to the attack roll. That's stupid because as you level up it will be harder and harder to hit the higher up creatures.

Now that i'm thinking about this more, I say add weapon acc. It seems arbitrarily removed from the power. (my two cents)
Yeah, Gamma World has enough oddities and inconsitencies in the rules that have never been errata'd that I think most Gamma World DMs will houserule things like that.
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