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I've been running the Gamma World Iron King adventure, or at least using that as a base for an adventure of our own. 

I've been trying to make it a bit more interesting and less of a crawl from one encounter to the next so I've had it set just outside my husbands home village. They've been taken over by Bonapartists who are hell bent on winning the local county show, without any non-animal help, by creating an actual floating carnival float (using the flying robots from the factory). The Iron King was installed in the factory to get the robots working and build the float but he's doing a bad job so the local shop keeper, Pete the Goldfish, has asked them to help - Either by winning over the Iron King and working with him, or getting rid of him and using his workshops.

They've beem finding real streamers, lollysticks, pipe cleaners (classic kids arts supply stuff) alongside their omega tech and salvage, with the aim of having them actually build the float in the final session. That's now approaching and I've realised I need some way of  incorporating game mechanics into the act of getting out the glue sticks and glitter. I was thinking perhaps of providing some blue prints for the ultimate float and they have to run some skill challenges to see how acurately what they build represents the plans, also perhaps another skill challenge for how structurally sound the float is and perhaps a third for how well they win over the crowd at the fair.

I'd love any thoughts on whether you think this will work and perhaps some more creative or inspiring ways to incorporate arts and crafts into the Gamma World game mechanic. 

Sounds like a series of skill challenges. Maybe break up the floats construction into 3 stages (3 skill challenges) - the base and frame, the building onto the frame and finally, all the awesome decoration.

Acrobatics - climbing around the construction to help.

Athletics - Holding down parts, putting parts together.

Conspiracy - Using/finding/creating a plan to build it (bonuses to other skill checks)

Insight - How best to use any plans/materials (bonuses to other skill checks).

Interaction - Encouragement! (bonuses to other skill checks). At the end, go into the crowd and gain support for the float.

Mechanics - Best for stage one and two.

Nature - Discover the best uses for materials (bonuses to other skill checks).

Perception - Fine detail, the best decorations ever for the final stage.

Science - Most effective way to use your resources and construction of stage one and two.

Stealth - Go in the crowd and bolster the cheers without detection.

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