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I'm starting a new Gamma World campaign and one of my players made a Telekinetic Nightmare. I was wondering on the effect of the nightmare feature that adds a slide 2 to a hit with a Psi power combined with the telekinetics at will push 3. Is there a ruling on the order of push and slide effects?

Is it one forced movement type then another or can he mix push and slide squares in any order 2 slide & 3 push?
Can he slide a character in front of him behind him the push it further away?  

just wondering how everybody would handle it. I'm leaning towards all one movement then the other type but he can pick which one to do first.

yeah, your player should just apply the effects in whatever order is convenient for them.
There's no harm in letting the player choose, but I would go with push first then slide.  Here's my reasoning (which is probably more than you asked for since it's not really a big deal, but what the heck):  
The slide of the nightmare feature is there to simulate the nightmare getting into the target's head and making them run in fear, while the push of the telekinetic attack is the target getting blown back by a wave of invisible force.  I think it makes the most sense that an attack like this would knock someone back and then fill them with fear, not the other way around.
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