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Okay here's another monster i've made.
In the setting that I'm creating there is a swampland and I wanted a special monster for it. So I thought what lives in forests, is adorable and can turn into a killer animal. A Squirrel!!! an infected squirrel because he lives in the swamps. So here is the Dire Swampsquirrel:
Dire Swampsquirrel StatsPlease let me know what you guys/girls think...

can they be ridden by small races? my kobold would love to ride one.
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Scratch doesn't deal enough damage (single target damage at that level is 3d6+9, before adjusting for Elite). And it should be the MBA.
I can't open Diseases in the compendium, so I don't know what the Blinding Sickness is like.
After you up the damage, it may or may not be an appropriate threat. Elites draw alot of fire, so it needs to be appropriately threatening. Usuall this added level of threat is achieved by making it hard to take down (high defenses, lots of HP, displacer beast style dodging etc...), hard to control (see the monster vault dragons, they shrug off conditions), or very damaging (auras, extra attacks, triggered actions etc...). The Transfer disease is nice, but it is extremely easy to avoid, and you'll really only get one good chance to use it (Bitegrab+ Action point).
Suggested additions;
- Aura of poison damage.
- Aura that adds to defenses (cloud of poison)
- Minor action ranged attack.
- Triggered action when bloodied that releases poison in a burst.

You don't want to give it too much though, or else you risk making a solo level threat.

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Thank you Reg06 for the info i'll go and fix those things haha.
Klaumbaz if you're Kobold wants one i'll make a mount of this monster.

Thanks for the feedback, I will retreat to my secret Monstermaking Cave and return with the update.Tongue out

YEAHH!!! Here are the stats of the updated Swampsquirrel and the Swampsquirrel Mount:
Dire Swampsquirrel

Dire Swampsquirrel Mount