More Alpha and Omega cards?

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If I understand it right there are currently only a set of 120 Alpha and Omega cards. Does anyone know if WotC has any plans of releasing more? Are there even plans for more expansions?

I doubt it. especially since they are not planning any more GW expansions.
I would love to see a set of Omega Tech consumables.
It will probably come to me creating my own, but I envision Serums (essentially potions) such as healing, Alpha Flux (to be taken to remove an ineffective or detrimental random Flux) and maybe something to give temporary bonuses to skill checks and such.
Also bombs, grenades or rockets to give a onetime powerful attack. There are a lot of classic grenades that could be easily created from the early editions.
I like the idea of consumables, since it gives the characters something powerful to use that won't linger. Especially if it looks like they will need something to help survive.

It might make a nice promo item down the road.
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