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Let's say I was going to try to use the D&D Essentials "Heroes" character books with Gamma World.

Would that even be possible or is there to much info in the Essentials Rules Compendium that I would need.

I am already considering getting the Monster Vault for the beasties and tokens.   
I got the Monster Vault for that very reason. There a quite a few monsters who can translate directly into GW. Others could use some irradiated/mutant tweaking. Actually I figured using the stats as written to represent a GW creature. Giant race of disfigured warlike humaniods? - gee thats an Ogre! Just add a machine gun. No one has to know they are fighting a classic D&D beast.
Definitely get the Rules Compendium.  It has nearly everything you need that was neglected in the Gamma World Rulebook.
The Monster Vault is a good addition, as well.
The only thing you need from the Essentials Heroes line would be skill descriptions, some basic equipment, and (if you want to add them) feat descriptions.

Nothing was neglected, it was left out on purpose to create a faster playing, rules light version of the 4e rules.
Okay, let me restate the question.

Would it be possible to use races, powers and spells from the Heroes books with Gamma World with the proper application of a shoe-horn and rubber mallet?

* I don't want to buy the Rules Compendium. Wink  

A cautious yes. You just need to be aware of what changes between the two versions such as second wind, weapons etc. It shouldn't take that long to reformat the characters to make them GW compliant and recalculate all the 'to hit' and damage modifiers.



It's absolutely possible.  The one thing I would keep in mind is that in Gamma World characters are adding their FULL level to their stats, and the Monsters Stats for Gamma World are built with that in mind.  In D&D the characters are adding HALF their level.  If you throw a 4th level D&D monster at 4th level Gamma World characters, that monster is going to get smeared all over the floor in about a round because its defenses aren't going to be a challenge for the group to hit.  

I have brought monsters from D&D into my own Gamma World campaign and this is how I learned.  I haven't brought in powers though, but I assume the same things would have to be kept in mind. It's merely a matter of retooling the power or monster to have its full level added to bonuses instead of half its level, at least as far as I can see.

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My advice is a campaign with modern technology is very diferent. In medieval fantasy world a ogre, giant, elephant o dinosaur is a dangerous enemy but if you have got a bazooka the monster is a perfect "dartboard".

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