Chalice Vs Sculptor?

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Seeing as these two are still legal in extended, I am wondering if I can get some help from some of my betters.
Ive been messing around with an extended-style Master Transmuter deck, and I run a bit of ramping in the form of the Everflowing Chalice.
Ive gone back and forth on the decision and I wonder if Etherium Sculptor would actually have more effective returns? The Chalice gives actual mana, while the sculptor provides a downgrade. Sure the chalice can be kicked multiple times, but I rarely find myself in need of that much mana before my deck goes off. And while the sculptor gives me a blocker if necessary, I would be hard pressed to give him up and lose the cost reduction, but of course extra options are always nice.

Anyhoo, any insight would be awesome.
If chalice is too many heavy for you, you have already answered your own question ;) if you are currently running just one or the other, then go with sculptor. If both, drop chalice for some extra control.


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