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how do i go about getting involved in a campaign? are they held on-line? local store? etc? help please..
You can read about organized play options here.

To play Living Forgotten Realms, start by going here to read the LFR Campaign Guide. The guide will tell you what you need to know about the LFR campaign and how to create a character.

Once you know how it all works you want to find a way to play. You can post in the forums (see below), ask around at gaming stores, or otherwise locate local players. (There are many ways to do this, including Meetup groups, Yahoo groups for your LFR area, EN World gamer locators, etc.).

You can also play online. There are different options for different gaming platforms. For example, MapTool forums here are for living campaign play.

The Living Forgotten Realms forums have moved from where you posted this to the Living Forgotten Realms group forums.

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Dark Sun's Ashes of Athas Campaign is now available for home play (PM me with your e-mail to order the campaign adventures).

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