Wherever I May Roam: A Scout's Guide

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Wherever I May Roam: A Scout's Guide

"A scout is never taken by surprise - he knows exactly what to do when the unexpected happens." -Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Gather 'round the fire, young ones. I've been told you want to be able to track your enemies down, in order to exact punishment on them. Let me tell you that it's not as easy as it looks! You're going to have to traverse uncharted lands, learn to fend for yourself against whatever may come, and then there's what happens after you catch up to who you're chasing - chances are they won't go quietly. So if you're going to wimp out, now's the time! ...Nobody? Good, they brought me a gutsier bunch than last time. Now, put that meat away and listen up...

Selling Points: Why You Would Want To Play A Scout

Strikers are the most plentiful role in the game, so you want your Striker to have some sort of special tricks in order to stand out from the pack. Scouts have the following things going for them:

Scouts are very mobile - The majority of a Scout's stances will give you some sort of mobility upgrade, and the class derives a lot of benefits from charging about. These combine with a good mobility-oriented Utility power selection to make you a very mobile character. If you like bouncing all over the battlefield, you will enjoy this class.

Scouts attack a lot - As with your parent class, you make a ton of attack rolls against a given target, which usually results in a lot of damage being done, and being done quickly. If rolling a d20 once per round just isn't enough for you, give this class a look.

Scouts play well in a team - While the Scout is plenty capable of taking care of itself, it does stand to gain a lot from playing nice with other classes, because simple things like combat advantage and bonuses to attack rolls have a magnified effect on its performance. If you want to be a good team player, this class is worth a glance.

This Handbook will use the following system for ratings:

Red - Garbage, or completely overshadowed by another option.
Purple - Situationally useful, but overall pretty meh.
Black - OK. You could do worse than pick this.
Blue - Good stuff. You probably want this.
Sky Blue - You want this. Period.
Gold - Why haven't you taken this yet? A defining choice for a build, or even the whole class.

This Handbook covers the following sources:

AP - Arcane Power
AV - Adventurer's Vault
AV 2 - Adventurer's Vault 2
D XXX - Dragon Magazine, issue XXX
DMA 2009 - Dragon Magazine Annual 2009
DP - Divine Power
DSCS - Dark Sun Campaign Setting
FRPG - Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
HoS - Heroes of Shadow
HotFK - Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
HotFL - Heroes of the Fallen Lands
MM - Monster Manual
MM 2 - Monster Manual 2
MOTP - Manual of the Planes
MP - Martial Power
MP 2 - Martial Power 2
PHB - Player's Handbook
PHB 2 - Player's Handbook 2
PHB 3 - Player's Handbook 3
PHR: DB - Player's Handbook Races: Dragonborn
PHR: TF - Player's Handbook Races: Tieflings
PHH 1 - Player's Handbook Heroes: Series 1
PHH 2 - Player's Handbook Heroes: Series 2
PrP - Primal Power
PsP - Psionic Power
SAC - Seekers of the Ashen Crown Adventure Module


AP - Action point.

BBEG - Big bad evil guy.

Burst/Nova/Spike Damage - Generally understood to mean the highest amount of damage a character can inflict in the space of a single round. Usually, calculations for this allow 1 round of setup before the actual damage.

CA - Combat advantage.

DPR - Damage per round, which is generally meant to mean the character's expected damage value using At-Will powers against a standard enemy of the same level (eloquently described by Adslahnit as the Official CharOp Inanimate Block of TofuTM).

E-class - Refers to the class design for Martial characters introduced in the Essentials product line, which usually focuses on basic attacks and has limited options for Encounter or Daily resources.

ED - Epic destiny.

HP - Hit points.

LX - Level X.

MAD - Multiple attribute dependency, which is defined as needing 3 or more ability scores for a given build.

MBA - Melee basic attack.

MC - Multiclass or multiclassing.

NAD - Non-AC defense.

OA - Opportunity attack.
PP - Paragon path.

RBA - Ranged basic attack.

SAD - Single attribute dependency, which is defined as a build that really only needs 1 ability score.

THP - Temporary hit points.

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Power Source and Role: The Way To Roam

A Scout differs from its parent class (the Ranger) in that it is a Martial and Primal Striker. This is an overall interesting blend of power sources, since Martial is well-known for being aggressive and Primal is similarly famous for being among the more durable power sources. Overall, the build leans heavily toward the Martial side, though the Primal half makes itself felt in your non-attack power selection. Here's how the Scout stacks up in the categories expected of a Striker:

Burst/Nova/Spike Damage - Also known as the most damage you can put out on short notice, this tends to be a disappointing area for Scouts (perhaps the biggest difference between it and the Ranger) - your Striker feature only happens once per round, and you're going to have to pick up powers from your parent class to be any good at this. That said, a Scout who puts in enough work can be pretty good at it.

Damage Per Round (DPR) - Given that your class combines two of the three most commonly used methods to achieve high consistent damage (charging and multi-attacking), it's no surprise at all that you're stellar at this sort of thing. In fact, the argument can be made that you are every bit as good at it as your parent class (the Ranger) is, which is saying something.

Debilitating Effects - A Scout will have very easy access to minor conditions (such as knocking prone), but will find it rather hard to have access to the more hindering ones, so this is very likely not where you're going to look to make your living.

Survivability - A big focus on mobility (including the ability to move outside your turn) along with the aid of a Primal Utility power list that is geared toward keeping you up and running combine to ensure that you aren't exactly squishy.

Targeting Capacity - Unlike your parent class, whacking who you want to whack at full strength isn't much of an issue - you are charge-oriented, and have no "nearest enemy" limitation on your class feature to worry about. The Scout is arguably one of the best in the business at this.

Secondary Role Effectiveness

Controller - As mentioned above, the focus on single targets combined with the lack of impactful status effects combine to make you a very poor Controller substitute.

Defender - While one would normally assume (and correctly) that a class that can run away from attacks wouldn't make for the best Defender out there, your hard-hitting nature and some clever positioning can help you divert attacks from allies as they chase after you.

Leader - While you have the occasional power that heals or helps improve party positioning available to you, those are few and far between, so I wouldn't exactly consider you prime Leader-replacement material.

Baseline Mechanics: Why You Roam

Along with other Martial members of the Essentials product line, the Scout is defined by its limited array of powers, along with an above-average complement of class features. As such, their identity as a mobile, hard-hitting Striker is pretty well defined.

The chassis itself is very similar to the Ranger's, which basically means it deviates little from what has come to be accepted as the norm for Strikers.

Game Mechanics

Hit Points - 12 + Con score at level 1, and 5 at each level thereafter. Pretty standard for a Striker.

Healing Surges - 7 + Con modifier. A bit above what is accepted to be the Striker norm, but nothing to throw a party over.

Defenses - You get a bump to Fortitude and Reflex, which is quite nice.


Armor - Light armor and no shields is sufficient, but not exactly amazing.

Weapons - Simple + military for both Melee and Ranged is as good as it gets as far as proficiencies go.

Class Features

L1 - Attack Finesse - Using Dexterity for your MBA's allows you to run off one ability score if you want to, which is a good thing if you ask me.

L1 - Dual Weapon Attack
- Your Striker feature, and it's a real good one - not many people get a follow-up attack. Its scaling damage upgrades (Improved Dual Weapon Attack at L9, Paragon Dual Weapon Attack at L15, and Epic Dual Weapon Attack at L25) aren't bad, either. That said, its being a free action can be a bit annoying.

L1 - Power Strike - Now that it's a No Action attack power, it's a decent source of extra damage for a Scout.

L1 - Two-Weapon Style

Flashing Blade Mastery - A bonus to hit for wielding a Light Blade is a sweet additional benefit to have.

Spinning Axe Mastery - While this feature starts out being just as good as Flashing Blade Mastery, the scaling on this is disappointing, and the support for Axes is brutally outclassed by the support for Light Blades.

L5 - Reactive Shift - While this shift comes too late to save you from a Melee enemy attacking you, it does generate charge space for you, which is at least somewhat useful.

L13 - Enhanced Power Strike

Eagle's Axe - A bit of extra damage from Power Strike. It is your job to deal damage, so I'm not going to diss this. That said, it is quite plain.

Serpent's Blade - Shifting after a Power Strike is quite useful, because it at the very least enables you to charge twice in the same turn.

L19 - Cautious Shift - A shift as part of a second wind or total defense could be useful.

L23 - Peerless Perception - Re-rolling Perception checks is actually a pretty cool benefit, even if it's not used that much in combat.

L29 - Epic Scout's Shift - An extension of shift distance is incredibly useful for a character predicated on mobility. That said, most Scouts will already have Long Step, so this effectively frees up a feat for most (I'm not going to complain).

Skills: How You Roam

Like the Ranger, you have access to a quite impressive list of skills, as well as plenty of selections from said list, though they may not be necessarily enough to grab every skill you want.

Class Skills

Acrobatics - A very useful skill, that can combine well with Athletics to make you one of the slipperiest characters in the business, and most Scouts will be better at this one.

Athletics - As mentioned above, this combines with Acrobatics to make you virtually immune to any movement-related business your DM may have for you.

Dungeoneering - You have to pick either this or Nature, but you won't get complaints from me; a monster Knowledge-type skill is always appreciated.

Endurance - Most of you may not have the Constitution to have this at a sky-high level. Still, folks who have a racial bonus to the skill may consider it, and you'd better take this if you don't plan on taking Heal.

Heal - A very sweet skill to deal with everything from first aid to disease, and it keys off an important attribute to you. A decent choice.

Nature - You have to pick this or Dungeoneering, though both of those skills are so useful, that it's no big deal (a Knowledge-type skill is always nice to have). You may even want to pick them both.

Perception - This may be the best skill in the game, and the way your character is built guarantees you a respectable Wisdom at the very least. Don't leave home without it.

Stealth - A very useful skill for you to complete the scouting package, and it keys off your primary ability score.

Recommended Non-Class Skills

Insight - Its reliance on Wisdom makes you able to stack up some decent numbers on it, and it helps make you a complete character by giving you something to do on a social skill challenge.

Thievery - Opening locks, picking pockets, and disabling traps is a pretty good skill to have, and it's easy to grab (just take the Rogue Multiclass feat, for example).

Ability Scores: What It Takes To Roam

Given the basic attack-centric nature of the Scout, it is theoretically possible to have a wide variety of ability score combinations. That being said, the fact that Dual Weapon Attack will always key off of Dexterity means that ability score will always be very high on a Scout (16-18, before racial adjustments). Apart from that, Dexterity will also drive other important things such as AC and initiative.

That being said, most of the Ranger powers that would appeal to a Scout key off of Strength (as well as Weapon Mastery), which means that ability score will also be popular for Scouts (12-16, before racial adjustments). That said, the fact that you can make some of them key off of Dexterity instead makes it not as necessary as it would seem to be at first glance.

Apart from that, a bit of lip service to Wisdom (12-14, before racial adjustments) for rider effects on your Utility powers and Will defense and Constitution (12-14, before racial adjustments) for healing surges never hurts. Due to your universal focus on Dexterity, Intelligence is probably limited in its use for you.

Races: Born To Roam

Given the basic attack-centric nature of the Scout, it's hard to conceive of a race that would be terrible at this class. That said, there are definitely races that are better than others at this.

Races - Player's Handbook

Dragonborn - While it does bump Strength, that's a valued secondary at best, and Charisma is a bit marginal unless you ignore Wisdom, which makes certain powers and skills less useful to you. Average.

Dwarf - A Strength bump is solid and Dwarven Resilience is nice (though hardly necessary), but the lower speed and lack of Dexterity bonus are major drawbacks.

Eladrin - A Dexterity bump is sweet, and while Intelligence doesn't do much for you, some extra Will defense and an extra skill (as well as a teleport power) certainly add to the package. Good stuff.

Elf - Ideal ability scores for a Dexterity-heavy Scout, and a re-roll can save you from a bad turn. An exceptional choice.

Half-Elf - Wisdom is pretty much the only thing you can glean from this race, and while Dilettante allows for some tricks, they won't add much because of your universal reliance on Dexterity. Unexceptional.

Halfling - The Scout's reliance on lighter weapons means that being Small doesn't hurt this race at all, and a Dexterity bump along with a racial power that keeps you from getting hit is good stuff.

Human - A bonus to your prime ability score and an extra feat are major perks, and Heroic Effort isn't exactly chopped liver. A quality option to have.

Tiefling - The ability scores simply don't line up, and the feat support isn't going to do all that much about it. Not what you're looking for.

Races - Player's Handbook 2

Deva - A Wisdom bump is the best you're getting out of it, and while the racial power is nice, it's not going to make up for it. A disappointing choice.

Gnome - It has the all-important Dexterity bump, and invisibility helps get combat advantage, but a speed penalty and an Intelligence bonus does detract from it.

Goliath - A bump to Strength is decent, and a bonus to Will defense and some resist all make it more tolerable as a choice, though not quite good.

Half-Orc - Bonuses to Strength and Dexterity are excellent, and extra damage once per encounter doesn't hurt either. An awesome choice.

Shifter, Longtooth - A bump to Strength and regen are OK, but nothing to go crazy over.

Shifter, Razorclaw - It has the ideal ability scores, and a bump to speed and AC/Reflex while bloodied helps. Good stuff.

Races - Player's Handbook 3

Githzerai - The perfect ability bumps, as well as a shift when you second wind and a nice defensive Utility power. A great choice.

Minotaur - A Strength bump makes this race OK, but far from exceptional.

Shardmind - A focus on mental stats doesn't do much for you here.

Wilden - The ability scores are in the right places, and the Aspects are sweet business for you. A very good choice.

Races - Other Rulebooks

Bladeling (MOTP) - It has the right ability scores, but the utter lack of support makes it less attractive than other such options.

Changeling (EPG) - A Dexterity bump helps you get things done, as does Changeling Trick. The lack of support means you won't get much else, though.

Drow (FRPG) - Once agin, the perfect ability scores, and that along with good support and a sweet racial power counts for a heck of a lot.

Genasi (FRPG) - While its racial support is sweet, a Strength bump is pretty much the best you're getting out of this.

Kalashtar (EPG) - The focus on mental ability scores won't do much for you, and nothing else about the race will either. Nah.

Mul (DSCS) - A bonus to Strength and Incredible Toughness are about all of what you're getting out of this choice.

Revenant (HoS) - A bonus to Dexterity and a toughness bump will help make for quite a good Scout.

Shade (HoS) - Losing a healing surge for what amounts to no good reason hurts the stock of what otherwise would be a pretty good race.

Thri-Kreen (DSCS) - Bonuses to Strength and Dexterity are good stuff, as is the rest of the racial package. One of the best choices out there.

Vryloka (HoS) - The penalty to healing surge value while bloodied stinks, but it's a rather minor penalty, and the rest of the race is pretty good.

Warforged (EPG) - A Strength bump is decent stuff, and the toughness bump is hardly bad, but the race is a bit limited compared to others available.

Races - Dragon Magazine

Gnoll (D 367) - A Dexterity bump along with various bonuses for charging and being bloodied helps you out a-plenty. One of the better races out there.

Shadar-Kai (D 372) - Stud ability scores, and an insubstantial teleportation power helps as well. A great race for this sort of thing.

Races - Monster Manuals

Bugbear (MM) - The ideal bumps and extra damage when you have combat advantage. That's good stuff to be had right there.

Bullywug (MM 2) - The lack of support spoils what could have been a rather good race.

Doppelganger (MM) - Eh... no.

Duergar (MM 2) - The Dwarf minus a Strength bump option and all the support. How about not?

Githyanki (MM) - Con and Int are marginally useful at best, and there's no compensation for that, either.

Goblin (MM) - A bonus to Dexterity is good stuff to have, and Goblin Tactics is out-of-turn repositioning. A surprisingly good choice.

Hobgoblin (MM) - Constitution and Charisma make for poor ability score bumps, and not much else about the race is appealing.

Kenku (MM 2) - The all-important Dexterity bump is here, and an additional bonus to hit while flanking is good stuff to have.

Kobold (MM) - An At-Will minor action shift is good stuff, and a bonus to Dexterity is great to have. A quality choice.

Orc (MM) - A bump to Strength and a self-healing power are a decent package, though nothing to party over.
Scout Aspects: Roam Through Combat

Instead of At-Will attack powers, the Scout has access to a series of Aspects, which are Stances that typically modify his basic attacks. You get to choose two Aspects at L1, as well as an additional one at L7 and L17. In this section, we'll discuss which Aspects will be of most use to the typical Scout:

Aspect of the Cunning Fox (HotFK) - While half damage on attacks made against you during your own turn is unlikely to come up on a regular basis unless you're provoking OAs like there's no tomorrow, a free action shift after you swing at someone is nice to have. A decent Stance to have.

Aspect of the Charging Ram (HotFK) - It keeps you from provoking while you charge, gives you a damage bump while charging, and knocks whoever you hit with that charge prone. That's good stuff.

Aspect of the Dancing Serpent (HotFK) - Generating charge space as a free action is pretty good, and a bonus to hit and a (scaling) bonus to damage against isolated enemies isn't chopped liver either. A pretty solid Aspect.

Aspect of the Hungry Shark (HotFK) - A bonus to hit against bloodied enemies is good stuff, and while the bonus to Athletics while swimming is a bit conditional, you'll be glad to have it if it ever comes up. A pretty solid Aspect overall.

Aspect of the Lurking Spider (HotFK) - This Aspect offers the largest damage bonus, and it does so for all of your damage rolls, not just for basic attacks. Additionally, a bonus to Stealth checks will be good both in and out of combat. This is the one Stance I would take on all of my Scouts.

Aspect of the Pack Wolf (HotFK) - Not provoking when you leave squares adjacent to your allies helps generate charge space really easily, and a bonus to attack and damage rolls when ganging up on a target is pretty good too. That's a good Stance to have.

Aspect of the Regal Lion (HotFK) - A bonus to hit and to all defenses against targets Large or larger is pretty applicable, even if it is a bit more of the defensive side (mostly, you want offense). Pretty good overall.

Aspect of the Soaring Hawk (HotFK) - A Perception bonus is good for out-of-combat situations, but a bonus to speed and ignoring cover/concealment penalties isn't terribly useful. A rather uninspiring Stance overall.

Wilderness Knacks: Roam Through Life

In addition to your Aspects, you will gain access to a list of Wilderness Knacks (two at L1, and an extra one at L4 and L8). While these are mostly minor out-of-combat benefits, there are criteria of how useful they are to you.

Wilderness Knacks

Ambush Expertise (HotFK) - Buffing your allies' Stealth checks when you use the skill is a pretty decent benefit to have.

Beast Empathy (HotFK) - Most Scouts will be dumping Charisma, and dumping it hard - a +2 bonus to Charisma-based checks isn't really going to do much for you. And while Insight checks to read creatures is a decent benefit, it's not even a skill you're trained in (at least your DM has the option to throw you a bone, here, which makes it better).

Mountain Guide (HotFK) - Lowering the DC for your allies to climb an obstacle is actually a pretty cool and applicable benefit.

Watchful Rest (HotFK) - This is a rather conditional benefit in terms of how much it'll see play (depends on how much your DM likes ambushing your party in their sleep, and how many members of the party actually sleep), but if it does, it's pretty decent.

Wilderness Tracker (HotFK) - Again, another conditional benefit, but this one can help drive a storyline pretty much by itself, and it keys off a skill you're both bound to have and be at least decent at.

At-Will Powers: Roam With Strength

While most Scouts won't get to even look at this, a Human member of the class can pick this instead of the Heroic Effort power, so we will include them for their benefit.

Ranger At-Wills


Hit and Run (PHB) - While it forces you to invest in Strength and doesn't benefit from your MBA bonuses, it does expand your capabilities by allowing you to walk away from most enemies.

Marauder's Rush (MP 2) - Forces you to invest in Strength as well as Wisdom. That's too much MAD to really be effective.

Shield of Blades (PHH 2) - A Strength-based attack that gives you a bonus to AC is of questionable use at best.

Throw and Stab (MP 2) - This is actually a pretty decent pickup - while it doesn't allow you to charge, it does add an extra attack to the sequence (provided you invest enough in Strength and carry a throwable weapon), which makes you adept at picking off minions and other secondary functions.


Fading Strike (MP 2) - This At-Will gives you a decent mobility-based option when not charging, but it's not something that your Stances can't already replicate. Nah.

Hunter's Teamwork (PHH 1) - A Ranged attack power, but it doesn't have much of anything going over an RBA, and it loses all the basic attack perks. Avoid.

Nimble Strike (PHB) - A Ranged attack that lets you shift away as part of the sequence will help you keep you safe from OA's, though that's not a priority.

Warning Shot (D 383) - A Ranged attack that has Control-oriented implications if the target moves where you designate. It's a potentially pretty damaging power, even it is unreliable. A decent pick, because it does expand your capabilities.

Strength- or Dexterity-based:

Careful Attack (PHB) - Trading in the MBA benefits for +2 to hit is a conditional benefit that will get blown away by MBA support.

 Not the greatest choice.

Twin Strike (PHB) - This power actually isn't as powerful for you as it is in the hands of a classic Ranger - it doesn't let you use your Striker feature on it (so it probably won't out-damage your standard attack routine), and you would have to invest in Strength to use it effectively. It has a niche use as the second standard action on your AP turn, but it doesn't do much apart from that.

Beast Powers:

Circling Strike (MP) - Can't use this (not that you'd want to).

Predator Strike (MP) - Don't even think about it.

Utility Powers: Aiding Those Who Roam

Level 2, Utility

This Utility list has a standout power in Invigorating Stride, but there are a couple of other powers (like Ranger's Agility and Yield Ground) that could conceivably make the spot as well.

Level 2 Utility List

Archer's Stairway (D 383) - You won't be using Bows or Crossbows.

Avian Grace (D 392) - Long jumps will take quite a while to beat your normal speed, rarely will you be able to fly, and it's a Daily. Nah.

Begin the Hunt (MP 2) - You don't have Hunter's Quarry.

Bending Branch (D 377) - You're not as likely to be the target of a forced movement effect as your Defender, but here's a nasty counter for it if you are.

Bridge of Roots (HotFK) - Basically a zone that lets you ignore terrain effects within it. That can certainly be useful, if not quite universally so.

Crucial Advice (PHB) - A reroll for a skill with a +Wisdom bonus will be appreciated by anyone, and you do have a decent skill set. Solid enough.

Entangling Roots (HotFK) - Disallowing charges and imposing difficult terrain on your enemies in a zone can certainly make you harder to approach, but it's at odds with your mobile nature.

Equestrian Maneuver (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Feline Escape (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Ferret an Opening (MP) - The only use I see for this power is preserving your CA after moving out of a flanking position to allow someone else to enter it. Yeah... no.

Fox Shift (MP) - A rather weak benefit, with a conditional trigger. Pass.

Hearten the Beast (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Hunter's Privilege (MP) - You don't have Hunter's Quarry.

Invigorating Stride (MP 2) - Not only is this a nice shifting power that helps you generate charge space, it allows you to second wind and attack in the same turn, every encounter. Either effect would have been good on its own, but together they're great.

Oak Skin (HotFK) - Resist all equal to your Wisdom for one fight per day. This degree of damage prevention is sweet, though a bit dependent on how high your Wisdom modifier actually is.

Pack Alertness (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Path of the Monkey (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Ranger's Agility (HotFK) - The ability to shift 2 at-will for one fight a day can help generate some charge space, and a speed bonus isn't chopped liver. A pretty good power to have.

Reptilian Perseverance (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Safe Passage (HotFK) - A whole-party speed buff, with the ability to ignore difficult terrain as icing. Dependant on the encounter, but could potentially be useful.

Slither's Stride (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Stalker's Mist (HotFK) - A zone that heavily obscures your opponent's line of sight while leaving your allies' intact that you can move around is pretty darn good, actually.

Tenacity of the Tusked (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Terrain Advantage (MP 2) - A very nice bonus to defenses when you occupy difficult terrain. Not too sure how often that's gonna happen, though. Better for Elves because they don't have to sacrifice extra squares to get in and out.

Unbalancing Parry (PHB) - A bit conditional (your AC is good, but not great), but the effect is pretty good, and it doesn't cost you an action.

Ursine Brutality (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Web Trick (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Wolf Trip (D 392) - You don't have a Beast.

Yield Ground (PHB) - A pretty nice pick for Scouts, it offers defense and out-of-turn mobility, but you do have to eat a hit to actually get it off.

Level 6, Utility

This level is pretty wide-open as far as powers go - I'm personally a fan of either Healing Lore or Weave Through the Fray, though you can make a case for Leaf Wall, if cleverly used.

Level 6 Utility List

Arrow of the Savior (D 383) - You won't be using Bows or Crossbows.

Battle Runner (MP) - You won't be looking to run too often.

Boundless Energy (MP) - I don't think Endurance is THAT important...

Clever Teamwork (MP 2) - You don't have a Beast.

Death Threat (D 377) - You don't have Hunter's Quarry.

Defensive Posture (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Evade Ambush (PHB) - Not being surprised is nice, but as a Daily, this is not that good...

Harrying Hunter Stance (D 384) - You don't have Quarry or a Beast.

Healing Herbs (MP 2) - One of the few ally-healing powers on your list, it has the perks of not spending a surge or any important actions. Solid enough.

Healing Lore (HotFK) - Minor action healing at range 5 that can affect you or an ally? Heck yes.

Invigorate the Beast (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Leaf Wall (HotFK) - While it seems kind of weird on what is a dedicated Striker, this is basically a zone you can use to hem your opponent in, and get free combat advantage to boot. A pretty sweet choice, though it's not exactly the easiest power to use.

Off-Hand Defense (MP 2) - +1 AC for a Stance is very underwhelming (you can forget about the +2 AC; you want to attack with both your weapons), especially considering you have to not be in an Aspect to use it.

Serpentine Dodge (MP) - One of the stronger shifting powers in your arsenal, it will allow you to slip by a crowd and target the enemy you want, and iteven packs a defense bonus on top. Decent.

Skilled Companion (PHB) - Congratulations; you are officially an advice machine. Solid enough.

Stealthy Escape (MP 2) - Rerolling Stealth checks with a bonus is nice, especially when you have a chance of not expending it. I'm not the biggest fan of its being a Daily, but it's still solid.

Step of Morning Mist (HotFK) - Yeah, it's a Daily, but a teleportation effect with a huge bonus to defenses is worth something on a Ranger.

Thorn Ward (HotFK) - A movable zone for a pinch of autodamage if an enemy ends its turn within it. It's all right, I guess.

Weave Through the Fray (PHB) - This power might force the enemy to charge or not attack at all, and the right positioning will put you just out of his reach, all but disabling an attack.
 A nice defensive pick.

Level 10, Utility

Another wide-open level, this has multiple powers competing for your attention (including the Skill power Reactive Surge). I'm partial to the free CA generation (and auto-damage) of Verdant Flames, though you could go for mass party movement in Root Gate, self-healing in Blood of the Fallen, mobility with either Expeditious Stride or Resume the Hunt, or the defensive boost Agile Escape provides.

Level 10 Utility List

Agile Escape (MP 2) - If mobility denial makes you unhappy, this is a very good power to have.

Blood of the Fallen (D 377) - It's healing that doesn't consume surges or actions, and you get it for doing your job. A very good use of your Utility power slot.

Companion Emplacement (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Defensive Volley (D 383) - You won't be using a Bow or Crossbow.

Expeditious Stride (PHB) - One turn of big movement, which is good for generating charge space. That said, it is less useful come Epic Tier.

Eyes of the Owl (HotFK) - Rather encounter-dependent, but free darkvision for the entire party can be a significant boon.

Hunter's Thorn Trap (HotFK) - A sweet tool if you're trying to keep a slippery opponent down, this provides a hidden zone that will slap on a bit of autodamage and an immobilize effect if an enemy steps in the chosen square. Tha said, its utility does depend somewhat on whether your DM is willing to not metagame around it.

Hunting Party (MP) - You don't have Hunter's Quarry.

Open the Range (PHB) - The effect is not worth being a Daily.

Padfoot Advance (MP 2) - Some very stealthy flavor, if only for a turn.

Prime Shift (MP) - You don't have Prime Shot.

Quick Recovery (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Resume the Hunt (MP 2) - You get to move your speed after a kill, with the entry square being OA-free, and then you get a bonus to all defenses. A good way to either close or generate space in a hurry.

Root Gate (HotFK) - This can effectively fast-forward your party's movement across a battlefield, while allowing you to bypass zones, annoying terrain, and the like. That's actually pretty good if you ask me, and it's great if your DM likes placing enemies far away from you, or has weird terrain (bridges, chasms, that sort of thing).

Shed the Mark (MP) - At-will respite against an annoying battlefield condition. Kind of corner-case, but hey, it's At-Will.

Undaunted Stride (PHB) - Ignoring difficult terrain could provide a decent tactical advantage, even if it is at the cost of your Stance slot.

Verdant Flames (HotFK) - A zone for free combat advantage that last all fight long without a need for sustaining (you can also move it around if you have to), and it even brings a bit of auto-damage with it. That's pretty cool.

Weathered Resilience (MP 2) - There's a power that does this with less strings attached at lower level. That said, having two of them allows you to have the effect on for two fights a day, which can be big.

Level 16, Utility

This level has multiple solid options, including Evade the Blow, Howling Winds, Iron Endurance, Wolfjaw Blows, and Ranger's Parry, with the latter being my favorite.

Level 16 Utility List

Back on Target (D 383) - A reroll with a bonus for an ally is good, but being a Daily makes it just OK.

Blade and Bow (MP 2) - Your Ranged buffs your Melee, and vice versa. Meh.

Curving Shot (MP) - A Daily reroll for an At-Will attack power is actually much better for a Scout than it is for other flavors of Ranger.

Embrace the Wild (HotFK) - An all-fight-long buff for you or an ally, though its utility varies depending on the fight.

Evade the Blow (PHB) - This is awesome to use against creatures that look to keep you at the edge of their reach, as it can negate that attack outright.

Howling Winds (HotFK) - Free action sliding for a whole fight? This is a potential gold mine for a Scout, because it makes charging into flanking positions that much easier.

Iron Endurance (HotFK) - Your healing surge value + 10 is a lot of THP to be had, though its being a Daily is kind of limiting.

Longstrider (PHB) - Though somewhat obsoleted by a Skill power that has everything this offers and more, it's still an option for those who choose not to train Athletics.

Mirror of Steel (D 377) - It doesn't protect you from AoE's, eats up your Stance slot, and only provides a +1 to all defenses? Pass.

Momentary Respite (PHB) - A collection of decent benefits. Being a Daily and costing a Standard action is just too high a price for them, though.

Pack Stealth (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Ranger's Parry (MP 2) - +4 to AC and Reflex is a big defensive buff, and 10 THP as the cherry on top only makes it better. While not as potentially awesome as Evade the Blow, you can use it more often, and the effect can save you from more situations and types of attacks.

Shared Healing (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Stalker's Senses (MP) - Another underwhelming stance.

Tree Runner (MP 2) - Don't know how often you have to actually run up trees, but this is awesome for when you do.

Vengeful Oath (MP 2) - The trigger is kind of awkward (sometimes, allies LIKE to be bloodied, and other times, you're too busy to want to disengage), but the effect is strong enough to make it a choice.

Wall of Earth (HotFK) - A large wall you can use to hem people in, as well as knock them prone, and it can make some difficult terrain should you fail to sustain. Not your typical cup of tea, but not exactly a bad thing, either.

Wary Shooter (MP) - You won't be using Ranged attacks all that often.

Wolfjaw Blows (D 375) - A nice and mean Stance power, this can help set up Headsman's Chop and other prone shenanigans with you or other party members, or just plain help out your allies by letting them all share in the combat advantage you had over an enemy. A nice pick.

Word of Warning (HotFK) - A solid bonus to your party's initiative (though it won't stack with things like a Warlord's Combat Leader or a Battle Harness), and free CA for the first round of a fight. Solid.

Level 22, Utility

Your Utility power capstone power list is very strong; there are a lot of good powers, and even though none of them truly stands out, that's because the difference in power level for most is pretty minimal. I am most partial to Adamant Recovery for its universal Revive button and Veil of Winter for putting up a zone of effective total concealment, but this indeed is a great list.

Level 22 Utility List

Adamant Recovery (MP) - A good "emergency" button to have in your back pocket. Goes a long way towards making you more self-sufficient.

Daunting Agility (MP 2) - Shifting your speed with an Athletics bonus attached can be useful, though it is rather overdue.

Fade from Sight (MP 2) - A decent Stealth-related Utility. Not at the level of Forest Ghost, but it can be used more frequently.

Fleet Hunter's Stance (D 384) - You don't use Ranger powers that make multiple attack rolls.

Fleet of Foot (MP 2) - Not provoking OA's for moving is nice to have, as is not granting CA while running. Pretty cool.

Forest Ghost (PHB) - Given an At-Will source of concealment, this can make it very difficult for enemies to retaliate against you, which is a pretty good benefit.

Hit the Dirt (PHB) - A decent "get out of the way" power.

Hunt the Herd (MP) - You don't have Hunter's Quarry.

Master of the Hunt (PHB) - Depending on your Wisdom, this can go from worthless to godly, but you're gonna need to put a lot of points in Wisdom for this to beat some of your other Stances.

Preternatural Senses (MP) - Blindsight can help make certain situations a heck of a lot easier.

Selfless Sacrifice (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Safe Stride (PHB) - A no-strings-attached Encounter movement power that allows you to shift a distance that can go from pitiful to large, depending on your build. Nice, but a bit overdue.

Sharpen the Senses (MP 2) - Detecting invisible creatures is sweet, as is the Perception bonus, thoug it does eat up your Stance slot.

Speed of the Zephyr (HotFK) - Not really sure you need this much speed, but if you think you do, here it is.

Stepping Through the Veil (HotFK) - Given the proper setup, this can result in encunter-long invisibility, which is definitely something to be desired.

Tested Analysis (MP 2) - You don't have Hunter's Quarry.

Veil of Winter (HotFK) - A movable zone that straight-up blocks line of sight for your enemies while not affecting your allies in the slightest is very worth having.

Verdant Silence (D 377) - The only issue I have with this power is its requiring a healing surge (don't know if you noticed, but you don't have many to spare...).

Wild Dash (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Wrath of Root and Soil (HotFK) - While this power isn't all that effective against flying enemies, it can be quite nasty against enemies you somehow manage to pin down within the zone. It requires a bit too much party cooperation to be truly good (as it's quite hard for you to pin things down yourself), but it's something worth looking at.
Skill Powers: The Talents Of Those Who Roam

Skill powers here have been categorized into whether the skill is a class skill for your not. Within these categories, they have been split up into levels. You'll mostly be hunting for Skill powers for your more lackluster Utility levels (L6 and L10): your power selection is pretty solid from then on.

Class Skill Powers

Acrobatics Powers

Level 2:

Agile Recovery (PHB 3) - Forever changes standing up to a Minor Action. Pretty cool.

Level 6:

Dodge Step (PHB 3) - The trigger goes off too late for you to avoid a hit, and you already have a power just lke it. Unnecessary.

Graceful Maneuver (PHB 3) - A decent repositioning ability, though half your speed is not all that much.

Perfect Balance (PHB 3) - It provides a small speed advantage while traversing narrow or difficult terrain, and doesn't require checks. Decent.

Tumbling Dodge (PHB 3) - An example of a power that gets better as time goes on. Right now, you're likely getting a +2 bonus to all defenses at best (which is still good), whereas later on you'd be looking at +4 or so. Nice.

Level 10:

Drop and Roll (PHB 3) - How often does this really come up? Not enough to occupy a Utility slot in my experience.

Rapid Escape (PHB 3) - The definitive answer to being grabbed; it allows you to escape as a Minor Action, grants you CA if you do escape, AND it’s an At-Will. It faces stiff competition and grabbing ain’t exactly the most common status effect under sun and moon, but this is awesome when it does come up.

Level 16:

Reflexive Dodge (PHB 3) - A solid DR ability, that comes with a shift attached. Pretty cool.

Athletics Powers

Level 2:

Bounding Leap (PHB 3) - A power that subs your move action for a jump that carries a bonus. Unless you optimize your Athletics check or roll very well, this is only worth it later on in your career when you can reliably clear an Athletics check equal to your speed + 1 (DC 30 for speed 5, DC 35 for speed 6, and a whopping DC 40 for speed 7). At least it’s useful out of combat...

Scrambling Climb (PHB 3) - It's a great movement Utility if you have to climb up stuff a lot. The question is, will you? Not in most campaigns.

Level 6:

Mighty Sprint (PHB 3) - Speed +4 is nice. Ignoring difficult terrain is also nice. An Athletics bonus for whatever stunt you may want to pull off along the way is just gravy. This is a pretty decent pick.

Sudden Leap (PHB 3) - Essentially, this is flanking without provoking OA's, no matter how big your opponent is, once per encounter. It can see use for some Scouts.

Level 10:

Incredible Stride (PHB 3) - Whoa. +4 speed for the encounter is a big buff, and it obsoletes Longstrider for any who trained Athletics. A very nice choice.

Dungeoneering Powers

Level 2:

Deep Shadows (PHB 3) - No reason for your Dungeoneering to trump your Stealth.

Otherworldly Lore (PHB 3) - Though conditional (not only do you have to encounter an aberrant creature, you have to nail the check), it DOES hand out +4 to hit essentially for free...

Level 6:

Eyes of the Deep Delver (PHB 3) - Blindsight for a turn, just because you can. Usually, one turn is all you need.

Stonecunning (PHB 3) - There is no reason your Dungeoneering should beat your Perception by enough of a margin as to justify taking this power.

Level 10:

Trap Sense (PHB 3) - A sweet trap-redirection ability, it’s rather conditional, which is what holds it back against pretty stiff competition.

Level 16:

Practiced Mental Defense (D 385) - Keeping allies from getting stunned or dominated is nice to have, though dazed isn't a massive improvement and this is a Daily (which means this power has its limitations).

Endurance Powers

Level 2:

Endure Pain (PHB 3) - This would be better if you had more emphasis on your Constitution score, but as it is, it’s unimpressive for most Scouts.

Grit and Spittle (D 385) - Though burning up a healing surge hurts, granting yourself mass saves has got to count for something, especially at a level this low.

Invigorating Presence (PHB 3) - Some mass THP when you second wind, but the vast majority of Scouts won't be using second wind as a standard (which this power requires). No.

Level 6:

Third Wind (PHB 3) - A poor man's version of Healing Lore. Nope.

Walk it Off (PHB 3) - Having a chance to negate ongoing damage before it happens is nice, but rarely will you see ongoing damage that is lethal enough to be a serious concern.

Level 10:

Reactive Surge (PHB 3) - Healing in response to getting Bloodied? And it's there every encounter? Excellent.

Level 16:

Diehard (PHB 3) - Being dazed sure beats being dead.

Heal Powers

Level 2:

Healer’s Gift (PHB 3) - Burn a Utility slot for a very marginal improvement over First Aid? No. Gods, no.

Level 6:

Delay Poison (PHB 3) - Certainly better in campaigns where poisons are more prevalent and lethal and/or an enemy attacks only using poison damage, but usually ongoing 5-10 damage won't kill you.

Physician's Care (PHB 3) - Healing is nice, but not as a standard action.

Swift Recovery (PHB 3) - A poor man's Healing Lore. Nah.

Level 10:

Time Out (PHB 3) - This is nice if you have a Dwarf or Warden ally, and can be better if you have both; otherwise, the times it comes up are few and far between (very hit-or-miss, this one).

Level 16:

Miraculous Treatment (PHB 3) - Again, healing is awesome, but not if it sacrifices your ability to attack.

Nature Powers

Level 2:

Mounted Coordination (PHB 3) - If it were a turn-long buff, I'd be all for it, but as it is it's pretty marginal.

Nature Sense (PHB 3) - Some builds can milk a Nature check subbing for initiative, and a hefty defensive boost to start the combat makes it pretty decent.

Level 6:

Natural Terrain Understanding (D 385) - Though Leader-y in theme, +2 to all defenses and a free shift 2 for allies is greatly appreciated, especially on a per-encounter basis.

Path of the Bounding Stag (PHB 3) - Obviously better if you spend a lot of time in forests aboveground; but I can't predict where your campaign will take you, and in most terrains this will be useless.

Practiced Rider (PHB 3) - About as campaign-dependent as they come, but hey, it’s an At-Will!

Level 10:

Spot the Path (PHB 3) - Party-wide difficult terrain ignoring is sweet.

Level 16:

Nightshade Draught (D 385) - Anything that keeps you from dropping dead is appreciated on a Ranger, especially when it allows you to operate at full efficiency (just remember to heal ASAP).

Perception Powers

Level 2:

Far Sight (PHB 3) - There are like a million ways to get this minor buff as a Scout, and it doesn't really do much for you. Skip it.

Level 6:

Guided Shot (PHB 3) - Essentially an after-you-roll attack buff vs. the great majority of enemies for an ally. Solid enough.

Trapfinding (PHB 3) - A solid Utility power for those of you who MC'd Rogue and picked up Thievery.

Warning of Peril (PHB 3) - Your Passive Perception officially covers a huge area. A great scouting aid outside of combat, though marginal in it.

Level 10:

Focused Sight (PHB 3) - Far Sight's big brother, it also works on Melee powers and superior cover/concealment. Serviceable, as it lasts two turns.

Perfect Sight (PHB 3) - The only reason you should take this power is if you couldn't train Dungeoneering, since they have one that's strictly better at a lower level.

Spot Weakness (PHB 3) - A decent bonus to your next damage roll. Average overall.

Uncanny Instincts (PHB 3) - The same thought process that applies to Nature Sense applies here; this can outstrip your default initiative in some builds, and you get to bring an ally along for the ride.

Stealth Powers

Level 2:

Obscured Avoidance (PHB 3) - You get At-Will mark avoidance, sans the conditional requirement, later, so this has less luster for you than for most others.

Level 6:

Concealed Shift (PHB 3) - Shift you when you’re missed if you have cover/concealment. Conditional, but potentially useful.

Shrouding Gloom (PHB 3) - A bit of action economy for your Stealth checks. Can be useful if you're scurrying from cover to cover or need a do-over on your last Stealth check.

Level 10:

Crowd Cover (PHB 3) - A pretty cool way to mess with enemy Ranged combatants, but it has its limitations (only works against ranged attacks, cover only provides +2 to all defenses). That said, it can be pretty cool if it does work.

Persistent Tail (PHB 3) - A decent power to keep yourself out of sight. Great out-of-combat utility for this one.

Level 16:

Deepening Gloom (PHB 3) - This is a nice one; making yourself invisible to the target instantly slaps on a hefty penalty for his attack, and given that this is an interrupt, it could potentially negate a hit.

Recommended Non-Class Skill Powers

I’m only going to talk about the powers whose parent skills are recommended, so that limits it somewhat.

Insight Powers

Level 2:

Anticipate Maneuver (PHB 3) - You need to roll, but Combat Advantage as a Minor Action is pretty solid.

Level 6:

Empathic Read (PHB 3) - A great way for you (usually the party radar) to save the party face from himself.

Insightful Counter (PHB 3) - A decent way to prevent something ugly from happening to you in Melee.

Prescient Maneuver (PHB 3) - Useful for running up to an opponent or generating charge space, depending on what you need.

Level 10:

Insightful Comment (PHB 3) - Though of limited use in combat, if you like skill challenges a lot, this is a 1-turn mega-buff for everyone, which is awesome.

Prescient Defense (PHB 3) - A solid defense bump when you need it the most. Pretty nice to have.

Level 16:

Insightful Riposte (PHB 3) - Now this is a nice power! +3 will turn quite a few misses into hits, and that's always a good thing, especially when you get it every encounter.

Thievery Powers

Level 2:

Fast Hands (PHB 3) - Some sweet quick-swapping benefts for anyone who’ll train in the skill. Could be useful.

Lock Tap (PHB 3) - Action economy on Thievery checks can be useful in certain situations, but I don't think those situations are all that common outside of combat, and you shouldn't be popping locks open in most fights anyway.

Quick Palm (PHB 3) - Again, action economy on a Thievery check, but for something you're more likely to need to do fast.

Level 6:

Hasty Retreat (PHB 3) - A decent emergency shift away, it could get you out of the range of a few traps' triggers, especially ones like poison needles in doorknobs and the like.

Quick Switch (PHB 3) - Though the effect doesn't cover all that much space, it could help you introduce your enemy to your Defender without an OA for either of you, which is nice.

Stolen Defense (PHB 3) - This is Anticipate Maneuver... Leader edition. You could just flank, you know.

Level 10:

Disruptive Stunt (PHB 3) - An attack debuff as part of an opportunity-free move action through an adjacent enemy's space. The movement likely won't be all that earthshaking, but a repositioning power with a free debuff can be decent.

Recommended Feats: Preparing to Roam

The emphasis here is on 'recommended' feats: I won't be talking about feats that are rated lower than Black, because they're likely just not a good idea for your character or an outright trap. Overall, you have certain priorities when it comes to feats, which are described as follows:

1. Accuracy bonuses - Given that your second attack never happens if the first one doesn't hit, getting your hits to land is your primary priority.

2. Damage bonuses - Now that you have your attacks at an accuracy premium, you want as much steam behind those hits as possible.

3. Mobility enhancers - Charging serves you well, so anything that helps you make room to keep charging is very appreciated.

4. Power recovery - As an E-class, you have a limited repertoire of powers. Anything that lets you use them again is very appreciated.

5. Miscellaneous - Once you've taken care of the 4 above points, you can pretty much grab whatever you want, if you have the room. I like putting in a couple of defensive feats here.

Class Feats

Heroic Tier:

Martial Cross-Training (D 398) - Lose a use of Power Strike for a Striker Encounter power? Sign me up.

Good Powers to take with Martial Cross-Training

Answer with Steel (L13, Encounter) (MP 2) - An interrupt power that gets you away from the enemy that attacked you. Awesome.

Disruptive Strike (L3, Encounter) (PHB) - An Immediate attack that imposes a penalty against an enemy who swings at you or an ally. Good stuff.

Fox's Cunning (L1, Encounter) (PHB) - Getting a reprisal MBA against an opponent that attacked you is good stuff.

Nonchalant Collapse (L23, Encounter) (MP) - A minor action attack that knocks prone. Tasty.

Off-Hand Diversion (L13, Encounter) (MP) - A minor action swing that gives everybody CA. Excellent.

Off-Hand Strike (L1, Encounter) (MP) - An attack as a minor action is nice, if a bit plain.

Ruffling Sting (L3, Encounter) (MP) - A minor action swing that gives you CA. Good stuff.

Martial Freedom (MP) - A strong bonus to fight off annoying status effects. Solid enough.

Martial Ploy (MP 2) - A reroll is usually significantly better than a flat +2 bonus, though you would prefer to be the recipient of this ability rather than the source.

Precision Throw (MP 2) - If you're tossing Heavy Thrown weapons and your Strength is weak, you might want this.

Reckless Charge (PrP) - An extra +1 to hit on a charge can come in handy.

Paragon Tier:

Deft Blade (MP 2) - Hitting Reflex on your basic attacks is one heck of a benefit.

Impaling Spear (MP 2) - Hitting Reflex on your basic attacks is one heck of a benefit.

Lashing Flail (MP 2) - A slide on every attack is quite good.

Epic Tier:

Epic Recovery (MP) - An extra second wind per encounter is only good for a Dwarf, since most folks aren't all that likely to even blow their first one, but you never know...

Martial Mastery (MP) - Last I checked, power recovery was kind of good. Pretty nuts for any character, especially one with as few powers as you.

Martial Resolve (MP) - A very good way to help yourself out of certain conditions. If you have Martial Freedom, you're probably going to retrain it into this.

Second Skin (PrP) - It's not cheap on the Con requirements, but if you have it, more AC out of Hide is a nice benefit to have.

Surprise Action (MP) - A bit conditional, but the ability to take a whole turn in the surprise round instead of a single action rocks.

General Feats

Heroic Tier:

Axe Expertise (HotFL) - A scaling bonus to attack rolls is amazing, and a re-roll for a damage die is a decent extra benefit, too.

Blindfighting Warrior (HotFK)
- Helps you compensate against effect that rob you of your sight, which can be nice to have, if a bit encounter-dependent.

Cunning Stalker (HotFK) - CA when you have isolation against your target. Not the easiest thing to make happen, but it's amazing if you can do it.

Great Fortitude/Iron Will/Lightning Reflexes (PHB) - A feat bonus for one NAD, that scales with tier. Good... if you can afford them.

Headsman's Chop (PHB 3) - A hefty damage bonus against prone enemies, it can help Axe and Heavy Blade users compete with Light Blade users in Heroic tier.

Improved Defenses (HotFL) - A nice, scaling bonus to your NAD's. Something that I highly recommend you grab.

Improved Initiative (PHB) - Helps you go first, which is always good to get your damage and the like across. Doesn't stack with Quick Draw.

Light Blade Expertise (HotFL) - A scaling accuracy bonus, and some extra damage if you have CA. Excellent.

Master at Arms (HotFL) - A +1 to hit per tier increases your base competence by a lot, and action economy on your drawing isn't half bad either. If you want to use weapons from different types, this is your feat.

Nimble Blade (PHB) - If you like Light Blades (and as a Scout, you should), you want this feat.

Quick Draw (PHB) - Some action economy on drawing things, plus a bit of initiative as well.

Resilient Focus (HotFL) - +2 to all saving throws can be pretty useful.

Silvery Glow (D 386) - While it makes you worship a specific Deity and is worthless without Permafrost, this actually provides a little extra damage over Weapon Focus, which is excellent for a multiattacker.

Skill Power (PHB 3) - A nice way to expand your Utility repertoire, and keep a useful power in your back pocket.

Spring Step (PHB 3) - Prevents people from knocking you prone, then hovering 1 square outside your reach, forcing you to crawl and attack.

Superior Fortitude (HotFL) - A scaling bonus to Fortitude, and it throws in some resist all against ongoing damage as a bonus. That's pretty sweet.

Superior Reflexes (HotFL) - Gets you free combat advantage on the first turn of every fight, as well as a scaling bonus to Reflex. Pretty nice.

Superior Will (HotFL) - A big bonus to Will, and a better chance to shake off dazing and stunning. This one if tempting even if you're patching your NADs with Improved Defenses.

Timely Respite (PHB 2) - A free saving throw when you second wind can be pretty darned cool.

Toughness (PHB) - More HP is a decent benefit, if you have the room for it.

Two-Weapon Defense (PHB) - A +1 bonus to AC and Reflex for a feat is a pretty good deal.

Two-Weapon Fighting (PHB) - It provides a nice bit of extra damage, and it opens up access to some nice feats as well.

Vicious Advantage (PHB 3) - A nice way to expand your probabilities of getting CA.

Weapon Focus (PHB) - Damage bonus, which is absolutely golden for a Striker, especially when you can potentially get the bonus twice in one turn.

Weapon Proficiency (PHB) - Unlike most Strikers, the weapons you already have access to are quite good for you, so not many will take this feat.

Wintertouched (PHB) - Useless until you pick up Lasting Frost, but mighty when you do. Best when retrained into or picked up right at the end of Heroic Tier.

World Serpent's Grasp (HotFK) - Mostly a party cooperation feat for a Scout.

Paragon Tier:

Agile Opportunist (PHB 2) - A nice feat to work with your Leader if he can slide you around the battlefield.

Armor Specialization (PHB) - Hide Armor Specialization is nice, if you can afford it.

Critical Targeting (D 387) - A neat encounter-long bonus to damage on a crit. Pretty cool.

Danger Sense (PHB) - Rerolling initiative every time can help save you from those bad rolls.

Deadly Axe (PHB) - A spiffy extra-damage feat for Axe wielders. You may want to pick this up at Epic, though; it doesn't do all that much without the 10% critical rate.

Fleet-Footed (PHB) - +1 to speed is a pretty nice use of a feat... provided you have the room.

Lasting Frost (PHB) - This feat grants you permanent CA and +5 damage if you combine it with Wintertouched and a Frost weapon; cold resistance is a hurdle, but it can be overcome.

Light Blade Precision (PHB) - A bit conditional, but extra damage is always welcome on a Ranger, especially a Light Blade wielder.

Repel Charge (PHB 3) - This is a very nasty way to severely hamper opposing chargers. Extra brutal if you face another party of PC's with a charger in the lineup.

Reserve Maneuver (PHB 2) - Versatility notwithstanding, this feat also allows you to swap out a lackluster Paragon Path power for something a touch more... palatable.

Good Powers to take with Reserve Maneuver

Disruptive Strike (L3, Encounter) (PHB) - An Immediate attack that imposes a penalty against an enemy who swings at you or an ally. Good stuff.

Fox's Cunning (L1, Encounter) (PHB) - Getting a reprisal MBA against an opponent that attacked you is good stuff.

Off-Hand Strike (L1, Encounter) (MP) - An attack as a minor action is nice, if a bit plain.

Ruffling Sting (L3, Encounter) (MP) - A minor action swing that gives you CA. Good stuff.

Unfailing Courage (D 377) - Healing on an AP is a good deal if you ask me.

Epic Tier:

Axe/Flail/Heavy Blade/Light Blade/Spear Mastery (PHB) - Whatever your weapon may be, now's the time to pick up the mastery feat. Improved criticals result in a very healthy effective damage bonus thanks to the fact that you attack twice. This feat is an absolute must for you.

Blind-Fight (PHB) - Helps you deal with Invisible enemies in Melee. This is a pretty good idea, but you also have Utility powers that cover this need pretty well.

Epic Fortitude/Epic Reflexes/Epic Will (PHB 2) - Now this is what I call defense-boosting. If you have the room for them, this is the best way you can keep yourself from getting hammered by certain types of attacks.

Epic Resurgence (PHB) - A pretty sweet power recovery feat, especially for a multiattacker like you.

Long Step (PHB 3) - A vital feat for most Scout chargers, though it loses a lot of value at L29.

Superior Initiative (PHB 3) - A nice upgrade for Improved Initiative. Prime real estate for retraining into.

Triumphant Attack (PHB) - Encounter-long debuffs on a critical is very sweet, especially for someone who attacks as much as you do, but your available feat slots are few and far between.

Unfettered Stride (PHB) - Ignoring difficult terrain permanently is never a bad thing to have.

Racial Feats


Heroic Tier

Bolstering Breath (PHR: DB) - Making your Dragon Breath ally-friendly is something to consider as a front-liner.

Dragonborn Frenzy (PHB) - Damage bonus while bloodied. Nice to have around.

Glorious Victory (PHR: DB) - A free heal when you drop an opponent once per encounter. Sweet.

Hurl Breath (PHR: DB) - Ranged AoE capability on a Melee Ranger can be decent as an opener.

Paragon Tier

Corrosive Breath (PHR: DB) - An AC debuff for your racial power can serve you well.

Dragonbreath Warrior (MP) - Some solid element-based damage for using a good racial power every encounter? I could pay a feat for that.

Frost Breath (PHR: DB) - Mass slowing can be nice to have.

Epic Tier

Dissolving Breath (PHR: DB) - A penalty to all defenses when you use your racial power can be sweet.

Draconic Restoration (PHR: DB) - Getting your Dragon Breath back on a second wind is pretty solid.

Draconic Triumph (PHR: DB) - Getting Dragon Breath back on a kill is awesome.


Heroic Tier

Clutch of Darkness (FRPG) - Puts a little more range behind your racial abilities.

Darkfire Targeting (MP) - A nice damage bonus for using a good racial power.

Paragon Tier

Merciless Killer (FRPG) - A very sizable bonus to damage against bloodied targets that grant you CA.


Heroic Tier

Dodge Giants (PHB) - After a certain point in time, almost everything you will be fighting will be Large or higher, so it's a +1 untyped bonus to AC and Reflex after that, which is a pretty good deal for a feat.

Dwarven Weapon Training (PHB) - Pick this before Weapon Focus, and retrain it out at Epic tier (unless you're using a Superior weapon, in which case you just pick Weapon Focus up at Epic).

Resilience of Stone (MP 2) - Make it even harder for them to drop you.

Paragon Tier

Dwarven Durability (PHB) - This feat is not as strong for you as it is for other classes because of your lower reliance on Constitution, but two surges and a boost to surge value doesn't suck.

Epic Tier

Stoneheart Warrior (MP) - Free action second wind is made of win, but can you afford this?.


Heroic Tier

Eladrin Soldier (PHB) - Pick this before Weapon Focus, and retrain it out at Epic tier (unless you're using a Superior weapon, in which case you just pick Weapon Focus up at Epic). Not as good as it is for other classes, because Longswords and Spears aren't exactly prime Scout weapons.

Epic Tier

Feywild Warrior (MP) - This allows you to flit about the battlefield while smacking people in the face. Pretty cool.


Epic Tier

Hawkeye Warrior (MP) - A free +1 to hit all fight long for using a good racial power? Awesome.


Heroic Tier

Firepulse Master (D 367) - Makes a good racial power even better.

Extra Manifestation (FRPG) - Adds versatility to your racial arsenal.

Primordial Surge (D 367) - Considering that you are a close-range combatant, this is a huge amount of THP to have available, especially early on in your career. A very good grab.

Paragon Tier

Shocking Flame (FRPG) - Free elemental damage, and this one scales! Never leave home without it; I wouldn't (you should be manifesting one of the two types favored by this feat 24/7 anyway).

Epic Tier

Double Manifestation (FRPG) - Versatility meets power. Win.

Elemental Warrior (MP) - A decent power recovery feat.


Heroic Tier

Githzerai Blade Master (D 378) - While it's unlikely that you'll be a dedicated Heavy blade dual-wielder, a free damage bonus to go with Bastard Sword proficiency isn't bad.

Paragon Tier

Githzerai Mobility (D 378) - A hefty bonus to all defenses against OA's will help keep you safe while you move about.

Iron Hands (PHB 3) - Free damage for using a defensive racial power? I'm in.

Tempered Iron Mind (D 378) - Gets you what you need, when you need it, which is always helpful.

Epic Tier

Adamantine Mind (PHB 3)
- Buffs your racial power. Solid.

Iron Body (PHB 3) - Another buff for your racial power. Could be worse.


Paragon Tier

Swift Bite (D 367) - Some goodness for bloodying an enemy. Solid enough.


Heroic Tier

Markings of the Blessed (PHB 2) - Rerolling a save is never bad.

Markings of the Victor (PHB 2) - Rerolling an attack every encounter? Sweet!

Paragon Tier

Unyielding Stone (PHB 2) - A nice jump in THP when you use your racial power. Can make you hilariously hard to bring down.

Epic Tier

Ancient Stone (PHB 2) - Another way to make yourself even tougher.


Paragon Tier

Versatile Master (PHB 2) - A good way to pick up a MBA that you're more suited to using.


Heroic Tier

Anger Unleashed (PHB 2) - An attack bonus for getting bloodied is never bad.

Savage Assault (PHB 2) - Debuffs on your racial power. Solid.

Thirst for Battle (PHB 2) - +3 initiative, and a healing surge. Nice.

Paragon Tier

Strength from Pain (PHB 2) - Big damage for a turn when you're bloodied (or two turns if you bloody yourself). Nice.

Unrelenting Assault (PHB 2) - Damage on a miss is nothing to sneeze at.

Epic Tier

Ferocious Critical (PHB 2) - A very powerful feat for a multi-attacker like the Scout, it offers a sweet accuracy and damage bonus when you get lucky.


Heroic Tier

Lost in the Crowd (PHB) - If you're getting mobbed, this feat is a sweet way to keep yourself up and running.

Lucky Skirmisher (MP) - Making charge space for yourself is never a bad thing.

Nimble Dodge (MP 2) - Turns up the awesome meter on your racial power way, way up.

Second Step (D 381) - After you make 'em miss, get the hells out of there!

Paragon Tier

Underfoot (PHB) - Pretty useful to you in your quest to get next to the enemy you want to drop.

Epic Tier

Fortune's Warrior (MP) - CA is not that hard to get right now, but hey, it's free.


Heroic Tier

Action Surge (PHB) - A hefty self-buff for Humans, it brings you a lot of accuracy right when you need it the most.

Stubborn Survivor (FRPG) - Saving throw bonuses are good (and hard to find), so more fuel for playing human (and for burning your AP's).

Twilight Training (MP 2) - I'm not sure how often having low-light vision comes up in the average game, but this is fairly important for being a dungeon-delving scouting character.

Paragon Tier

Action Recovery (PHB) - Could prove useful.

Epic Tier

Timely Revival (MP) - A powerful way to keep yourself on your feet.


Heroic Tier

Bloodied Ferocity (PHB 3) - Lashing out when you get bloodied is an awesome benefit.

Goring Shove (PHB 3) - Combined with Opportunity Gore, this wreaks havoc on enemy tactics.

Opportunity Gore (D 369) - Makes Minos serious mobility stoppers. A nice pickup for your party dynamics and for doubling as a Defender when the situation warrants it. Bear in mind this feat will likely have an expiration date, though, as Goring Charge's accuracy scaling is terrible.

Springing Charge (PHB 3) - In all likelihood, a charge from you killed the enemy, so free repositioning and a free attack is very welcome.

Paragon Tier

Beast Within (PHB 3) - +1 to hit AND damage while bloodied is sweet.

Epic Tier

Uncanny Scent (PHB 3) - Strictly better than Blind-Fight for you. Sweet.


Heroic Tier

Life on the Edge (DMA 2009) - I consider this even better than Action Surge, since you get almost the same bonus to hit and some damage out of the deal. Good stuff.

Paragon Tier

Reactive Jaunt (DMA 2009) - Get yourself out of a jam ASAP. Nice.


Heroic Tier

Sturdy Shifter (EPG) - A good batch of THP's when you shift is nice to have.

Wild Senses (PHB 2) - Reroll tracking checks, and +3 initiative. Sweet.

Paragon Tier

Beasthide Shifting (PHB 2) - A little damage resistance while shifting. Nice, especially combined with the regeneration if you're a Longtooth.

Cliffwalk Shifting (PHB 2) - Increases your movement options, which is always nice to have.


Heroic Tier

Warforged Tactics (EPG) - The conditions for it are easy to fulfill, and it hands out a hit bonus. No reason why you shouldn't have this feat if you're a 'forged.


Epic Tier

Burden of Vision (PHB 3) - A decent benefit for using a great racial power.

Secret of Enduring Vigor (PHB 3) - Picking yourself up off the floor is a good skill to have.

Combat Style Feats

The Combat Style feats are an interesting brand of feats in that their purpose is to improve specific powers. We'll only be looking at a select few powers, and those will be the ones that allow you to use Dexterity instead of Strength on certain Encounter powers when wielding certain powers.

Combat Style Feats (MP 2)

Midnight Blade Style (Melee Light Blades)

Midnight Blade Stduent (Throw and Stab) - The list of throwable light blades is better than for most other weapons (with the Dagger as the poster boy), so this feat offers a solid benefit, should you actuall have the At-Will power.

Midnight Blade Marauder - +1 shifting distance when you hit with an Encounter or Daily is nice, but the reason you're really here is to use Dexterity instead of Strength with your minor action attacks.

Exotic Weapon Feats

As the name implies, these feats give you capacities beyond and above those a normal Weapon Proficiency feat would grant you (including scaling powers you can swap yours for), but they also burn up your Multiclass slot, so choose carefully.

Spiked Chain Training (DMA 2009) - If you're going to pick up any of these feats, this is the first one you should be looking at. 2d4 damage is the most a Light Blade will deal in this game, and while the powers aren't all that appealing to swap in for, that's the case with virtually all the exotic weapons. If your build doesn't require Multiclassing (most will, unfortunately), take this feat.

Dragonmark Feats (EPG)

Dragonmark feats are different from other Heroic Tier feats in that you: (a) can only have one of them at a time, and (b) they usually come with an associated race, which I will be noting. Note that the feat doesn't actually force you to be of that race, so if your DM agrees, you can take this feat while being a member of another race.

Mark of Detection (Half-Elf) - Re-rolling Perception checks and sensing auras make you an awesome scout, plus you get some spying rituals. However, the Paragon support is just not up your alley.

Mark of Shadow (Elf) - The feat can be of some use if you're looking to be stealthy, and the Paragon Path it opens access to is nothing short of superb.

Mark of Storm (Half-Elf) - The benefit is awesome if you're looking to get some slide shenanigans going on, and the Paragon Path isn't half bad, either. Nice.
Paragon Paths: Great Ones Who Roam

Unfortunately for the Scout, a lot of good Ranger Paragon Paths require either Hunter's Quarry or a Ranger fighting style, so you'll only have access to but a fraction of the wide selection typically enjoyed by a Ranger.

Ranger Paragon Paths

Arena Champion (D 368) - A nice revival feature and a decent AP benefit, along with powers that mesh well with the basic attack chassis. That said, the attack buff feature is not worth burning a Standard Action for it (who uses total defense with any kind of regularity?). Average.

Avalanche Hurler (MP) - For the most part, you don't do Thrown Weapon attacks. It's a bit better if you look at it from the perspective of enhancing your options, but still not a good idea overall.

Battlefield Archer (PHB) - Can't take this, though that's not much of a loss, given that this Path is meant for Archers anyway.

Beast Stalker (PHB) - Can't take this (not that you'd want to - this Path is awful).

Blade Dancer (MP) - This path is interesting in that it takes a defensive outlook. It also prefers Light Blades and plenty of Dexterity, which is nice for you. The features are pretty solid (even the AP one, surprisingly), though, as are the powers, with a mindblowingly good Encounter attack power (provided you buffed Strength) as the highlight. A very good path for a Scout.

Darkstrider (MP 2) - This path likes getting the drop on enemies and whacking them hard. To that end, you get bonuses to damage when they're not looking and blindsight. It can be nice, provided you build around being hidden all the time (not all that easy as a Scout).

Feral Spirit (MP) - Can't use this.

Giantslayer (MP) - Considering that most enemies will be Large or larger, this PP's additional effects will actually see plenty of play, so put that worry to rest right now. That being said, the features are unimpressive, unless you're getting grabbed all the time
 and you love to provoke OA's. The Daily power stuns, but that's about the end for you. It's OK overall.

Harrowing Swarm Archer (MP 2) - A Ranged Ranger Path that keys off of ongoing damage. Nah.

High Forest Scout (FRPG) - A lackluster Ranged PP, which basically means you shouldn't touc hit.

Horizon Walker (MP) - Just an underwhelming Path overall.

Huntmaster (MP 2) - You don't have Hunter's Quarry.

Impilturan Demonslayer (FRPG) - Though they only work at maximum effect against demons (and boy, are they awesome against them), this PP's abilities are very solid against everyone. Unfortunately, demons aren't a bread-and-butter enemy in most campaigns, at least not until Epic Tier.

Intrepid Scout (HotFK) - The native Scout Paragon Path has a heavy emphasis on mobility, which comes off as overkill for an already mobile Striker. It also has a conspicuous lack of straight-up offensive boosts until the L20 feature. Not my first choice.

Lone Wolf (MP 2) - You don't have Hunter's Quarry.

Pack Runner (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Pathfinder (PHB) - Can't qualify for this without the original Ranger fighting style.

Reaving Axe Savant (MP 2) - This path basically centers around imposing conditions and taking advantage of them, such as prone, immobilized, and the like. While you can certainly build an Axe Scout who could take advantage of it, depending on another ability score to do it doesn't sound all that great, not to mention the useless style feat you'd have to take to get here.

Ruthless Punisher (MP) - Since humanoid foes are common, specializing in them is not off-base. The fact that it offers a Wisdom-based boost to your damage and your ongoing damage as well as some very solid powers make this a very strong Paragon Path.

Sharpshooter (MP) - The Path is almost purely focused on Ranged prowess. Not what you're looking for.

Shinaelestran Guardian (MP 2) - It has two very good features at Level 11, but the L16 one is very underwhelming. It also has one awesome Utility power and some decent attack powers. I think it's solid, but it lacks the one defining thing that would make you want to take it IMHO.

Stormwarden (PHB) - Unfortunately for you, you don't qualify for this Paragon Path (this would otherwise be 

a slam-dunk great Path for Scouts).

Snow Tiger (MP 2) - This is a path focused wielding light weapons, such as Daggers and Kukri. The AP benefit is cool, and some decent powers to boot. Not a bad path at all.

Wildcat Stalker (MP) - You don't have a Beast.

Wyrm Hunter (D 369) - The features are conditional to Dragons (duh), and the powers aren’t multiattacks. Lame overall.

Racial Paragon Paths

Here, I'll be marking the race that corresponds to the Path along with the source. We'll only be concerning ourselves with the recommended Paragon Paths here, that is to say, those rated Black or higher. If it's not on the list and it's in my sources, it's not a good idea.

Adroit Explorer (Human - PHB 2) - This Path actually has some very solid features, especially when you're Bloodied. The features don't have the traditional +damage shenanigans, but they can see use, and smacking someone with your prized Encounter power as an immediate reaction is awesome, and an additional action point every day is gravy. An excellent path.

Blade Banshee (Eladrin - MP) - The features are nice overall (+Wis to damage ftw!). The powers all require a Longsword (boo), but they're pretty solid. The outlook of the Path (AoE's, status effects) is more suited to a Controller or a Defender than it is for a Striker, though.

Blade of Cendriane (Eladrin - MOTP) - Surprise! Another Eladrin Ranger Paragon Path. The teleporting focus makes it better for a Swordmage than it is for you, though you get some use out of it since you have Fey Step and can you dual-wield Longswords (plus, every power the Path provides has the Teleportation keyword).

Bloodfury Hunter (Shifter - MP 2) - A Shifter Paragon Path with some serious power-ups for the Shifting power (with Longtooth Shifting, you get +2 to hit and your Wis+2 to damage). You also get your Wisdom again on an AP. The attack powers are pretty lame, but it's still a pretty cool Path overall, if a bit niche.

Bloodfury Savage (Half-Orc - PHB 2) - The stat synergy is awesome (Str and Dex ftw), the features are nothing to write home about (speed, rerolling Intimidate checks, and resist all?), but the powers offer plenty of damage bonuses (too bad, because they're only single-swing attacks...). Average overall IMHO.

Mithral Arm (Dragonborn - D 385) - The Dragonborn's version of the Adroit Explorer, it also has a nice suite of power recovery toys, as well as some healing and defense to round it out. A pretty good pick.

Moonstalker (Shifter - PHB 2) - Given that you have a way to consistently knock enemies prone if you want it, you can make good use of what this PP offers you.

Storvakal (Githzerai - D 378) - Effectively negates the penalty for using Power Attack, which can be a big damage boost for you.

Warforged Juggernaut (Warforged - EPG) - If you like to charge (and most of you do), this Path has some sweet perks for you.

Dragonmarked Paragon Paths (EPG)

Again, we will only concern ourselves with Paths that would make you an effective Scout. I also note the expected (note: not required) race for the Path, as well as the Dragonmark Feat you have to take to gain access.

Lyrandar Wind-Rider (Half-Elf, Mark of Storm) - The powers are at best marginally useful to you (you'd need Implements to make them truly worthwhile), but +1 to hit and +Con to damage for using a Lightning Weapon is one heck of an incentive, plus a Utility power that grants flight can certainly be useful.

Thuranni Shadow Killer (Elf, Mark of Shadow) - Adding on-tap ongoing damage and a double-swinging condition-inducing Encounter power to your arsenal earns this Paragon Path some very high marks.

Epic Destinies: Legends That Roam

Scout Epic Destinies

As is the norm, we'll only talk about Epic Destinies worth having (Black or higher) here.

Champion of Prophecy (EPG) - Pretty similar to Demigod, but with an emphasis on milestones. Not quite as good IMHO, but that's a high standard to meet.

Chosen (FRPG) - Pretty similar to Demigod overall, and can be even better if you find a Utility power you like more than Divine Regeneration.

Darklord (D 372) - So... you wanna be the Grim Reaper? All things aside, this is a pretty strong ED. I don't like the lack of ability score boosts, and rituals will likely be covered by another party member, but reviving people you drop has some crazy potential.

Dark Wanderer (MP) - Though the fluff is made of win, the powers and features are a bit below other ED's. The features that hurt enemies at a level below yours won't come up much during Epic, though recovering a Daily power just because is cool.

Deadly Trickster (PHB) - This is a nice choice for most Scouts, especially because of the rerolls.

 Not burning a power when you roll 18+ is sweet, too.

Demigod (PHB) - Still arguably the best Epic Destiny for any character, and you are no exception, especially if you're not in heavy armor.

Destined Scion (HotFK) - Another off-shoot from the Demigod tree, a straight-up attack and save bonus along with the two ability score bonuses make it a strong choice.

Free Soul (D 376) - A decent slippery ED for Revenants.

Godhunter (MP) - Since most of the capstone enemies you will be facing at Epic tier will be higher level than you, these features are very strong.

Harbinger of Doom (PHB 2) - Another solid, but not spectacular ED. Nothing really jumps out at you from this one.

Harper of Legend (D 367) - Not a bad choice for an ED, but there are better candidates.

Heir of Siberys (D 388) - A branch off the Demigod ED tree, this one offers a variety of effects to choose from as a Utility power. The powers for Finding, Handling, Scribing, and Shadow look particularly promising for a Scout.

Hordemaster (DSCS) - An interesting spin on the classic Demigod Epic Destiny, this one has some nice Leader-y flavor and powers you could use to good effect.

Indomitable Champion (HotFL) - Essentially an expansion of the Demigod chassis, this ED offers some hefty extra HP and a bonus to NAD's, in addition to some neat defensive abilities and the traditional double stat boost.

Invincible Vanguard (MP 2) - This is an ED revolving around charging. There's a niche build among you that likes to charge, but not getting your right ability bump is kind of disappointing.

Keeper of the Everflow (HoS) - A quality ED, it gives an ability score bump along with a variety of effects you can mix-and-match to fit the situation (and there's a good straight standby effect you can rock, too).

Legendary Sovereign (MP 2) - This is an ED better suited for Paladins and Warlords than you, but you can still make use of it. It has a solid revival feature, and Sword of Kings is very nice to have.

Martial Archetype (MP) - Really conditional entry pre-requisites, but you get some nice stuff out of it if you're looking to diversify what you can accomplish with the Martial power source.

 The thing is, IMHO there's not all that much you'd want to grab to justify Paragon Multiclassing, especially as a Scout.

Prince of Hell (D 372) - Decent offensive and movement powers (teleportation with free damage? Tasty...). Not the worst idea, though the attribute bonus is garbage for you.

Punisher of the Gods (D 372) - While powerful, this Epic Destiny is a consistent headache for the designers, receiving multiple versions of errata. I can't give it a top ranking in its current incarnation, especially because I don't think it will remain constant either.

Prison of the Winds (D 371) - This is an ED that provides very good ability bumps, and increases in mobility that are very worth having. Nice.

Raven Knight (D 380) - This is a quality ED - while Dexterity and Constitution bumps aren't exactly ideal bumps, they're not far off, and everything else here is very worth having.

Reborn Champion (D 365) - If it weren't for the fact that this doesn't provide you with the increased competence ability score buffs bring, it would be very competitive with Demigod, Chosen, and the rest of the big boys. As it is, it's good, but just a step behind.

Redeemed Drow (D 367) - Though it is essentially a racial ED, it's a pretty solid one, with power recovery (though giving up the racial kind of stings), and some nice toughness-oriented features.

Star-Favored Champion (MP 2) - The features are pretty solid, especially the automatic 20 on any save, and the "basic attack as a minor if you miss" one. Sign of Hope is very underwhelming, though.

Storm Sovereign (D 372) - Decent enough, but a Constitution bonus and the features aren't really your focus at all (more along the lines of a Defender, honestly).

Winter Sovereign (D 372) - If you're a Fey character that likes Permafrost (think Elven Archer or the like), this is likely a cool ED for you. If you like (save ends) effects, it gets a little better. Solid overall.

Multiclassing: How Others Roam

Here are some notes on useful things your Scout may want to pick up from other classes, such as feats, powers, Paragon Paths, and the occasional Epic Destiny. As is the norm, Black or higher synergies only here.

Any Divine Class

While not an actual multiclass, it does recollect the options you get by taking any Divine Multiclass feat.

Paragon Paths

Morninglord (FRPG) - A prime path indeed, this can combine with Radiant weapons or the Radiant Hunter feat for an effective +10 to damage to all your (and your allies') hits. The Path powers are of limited use at best, but that's not too steep a price IMHO.

Any Psionic Class

Not an actual multiclass, but it does collect options available to you by taking any Multiclass feat belonging to a psionic class.

Epic Destinies

Master of Moments (PsP) - This Epic Destiny offers huge helpings of additional actions, making you potentially more dangerous, provided you have enough power recovery.


You'll find little to entice you in the attack powers here: the main draw of the MC is the ability to use a Ki Focus for your weapon attacks, which in turn can result in a significant advantage for your item economy later on.

Entry Feats

Shadow Initiate (D 382) - A great draw for the ability to use Ki Foci (notable enchantments include Abduction and Rain of Hammers) and, it brings a nice little extra damage spike once per encounter in the two free shrouds.


This is an interesting Multiclass option; you won't find much of anything in the attack powers, but the Utilities are very solid and the entry feat itself is awesome.

Entry Feats

Disciple of Divine Wrath (PHB 2) - Though you get no choice in the skill you get with this feat (and Religion keys off a dumpstat), the true meat of this feat lies in the fact that if you isolate your enemy, you get 2 turns of automatic rerolls. That's pretty good.


A decent MC option, it offers nice damage bumps to a Scout.

Entry Feats

Berserker's Fury (PHB 2) - A free +2 to damage for a whole encounter in addition to the free skill? All right!


Curtain of Steel (L7, Encounter - PHB 2) - That much damage out of turn? Wow.


Another MC option with a good entry benefit, though I'm not exactly wowed by the rest of it.

Entry Feats

Bravo (D 373) - +2 to hit and +2 to damage for two turns can be a respectable self-buff.


Not the most intuitive MC option out there, this can actually offer a couple of nice things.

Entry Feats

Initiate of the Faith (PHB) - While Religion is not all that hot as far as skill training is concerned, an emergency healing power is welcome on a Scout.


Radiant Advantage (Epic Tier - DP) - While it does come in late, this presents a very viable alternative to the Permafrost combo on a Scout.


This Multiclass path is pretty awesome for Scouts, because of the very offensively-oriented Paragon Paths and other goodies you can swap for.

Entry Feats

Battle Awareness (MP) - A free skill, and an additional attack once per encounter? That's a great deal for a Multiclass feat.

Cyclone Warrior (MP 2) - A nice damage bump for one round every encounter, plus a free skill. I'd take that feat.

Student of the Sword (PHB) - A +1 bonus to hit with a certain style of weapon and a mark after the attack is nifty (as is the free skill), but it's just not as good as the other feats.


Surprising Charge (Heroic Tier - MP) - Conditional, but getting more damage dice on charges is an excellent benefit for you.


Harrying Assault (L17, Encounter) (PHB) - A double-tap power that includes an MBA. Cool, if you're going for a Strength/Dexterity sort of build.

Paragon Paths

Kensei (PHB) - While the powers are lackluster for you overall (especially the frankly terrible Masterstroke, but you're swapping that out), a +1 untyped bonus to hit and +4 to damage are excellent features for a Scout, regardless of the weapon wielded.

Shock Trooper (MP) - An absolutely brutal Path for Scouts, getting a die size upgrade on off-hand weapons as well as your best ability score bonus to damage (again) are sweet, sweet benefits to have.


This multiclass option is a pretty sweet choice for Scouts, who were going to be wielding Light Blades anyway. There are some nice goodies you can pick up, especially as far as powers go.

Entry Feats

Sneak of Shadows (PHB) - You get Thievery (which is a good skill to have, since you most definitely have the Dexterity for it), and you get an Encounter version of Sneak Attack. Not bad at all.


Risky Shift (Heroic Tier - MP 2) - Do you like charging? This feat allows you to spam the charge attack without any hoops to jump through by letting you shift 2 squares. Comes with a bit of a disadvantage, but what's life with no risk?

Slaying Action (Heroic Tier - MP) - Sneak Attack is a pretty damaging extra feature, so getting an extra dose of it on nova turn is a solid benefit.

Surprising Charge (Heroic Tier - MP) - Conditional, but getting more damage dice on charges is an excellent benefit for you.


Tumble (L2, Utility - PHB) - An on-demand shift for your speed. Bear in mind you need Acrobatics training for it.

Low Slash (L3, Encounter - MP) - A minor action attack that uses Dexterity, it also offers a slide + slow combination, along with some extra damage while flanking. Tasty.

Combat Tumbleset (L10, Utility - PHB) - Shift your speed, and ignore enemies while you're at it. Cool.

Tumbling Strike (L17, Encounter - D 381) - So... this deals more weapon damage than any of your minor action smacks, uses Dexterity, AND you get to shift your speed too?! This is about as good a power as you can get.

Paragon Paths

Shadow Assassin (PHB) - While it's more defensive in nature than what a Scout's typically looking for, throwing out some damage when missed along with a big-boy defensive power and a hefty bonus to attacks on an AP make it at least worth mentioning.

Equipment: Geared To Roam

Here, I'll be talking about what weapon types and armor types work best for you. Magic gear is described below.

Weapon Groups: Defending Those Who Roam

Axes - The members of this weapon group deal good damage, and their feats only require a mediocre Con investment, which helps you meet them. To boot, they're also available as Ranged weapons, which means you get a two-for-one with the weapon-specific feats.

Recommended Axes

Battleaxe (PHB) - Good damage (1d10), and you don't have to buy proficiency in it. Not bad.

Double Axe (AV) - While it doesn't offer more damage over the Battleaxe, it does give you extra AC, and you only have to buy enchantments for one weapon.

Handaxe (PHB) - The damage is rather piddly, but being Heavy Thrown and Off-Hand makes up for some of it.

Waraxe (AV) - Why yes, I would love to be able to wield a d12 in one hand, thank you.

Bows - Let the Archers play around with Bows.

Crossbows - When you engage someone at range, it's usually not with this.

Flails - While not as awesome as Light Blades at the business of attack and damage, they do open up some nice tricks (such as slides) for you.

Recommended Flails

Alhulak (DSCS) - A high proficiency bonus, and decent damage. A pretty good weapon to have, considering it's feat-free.

Cahulaks (DSCS) - While the stats certainly aren't the best, this is a very versatile weapon.

Flail (PHB) - Similar to a Warhammer or a Battleaxe overall. Serviceable enough.

Triple-Headed Flail (AV) - Statistically identical to a Bastard Sword, with a different set of support.

Hammers - Don't want 'em.

Heavy Blades - If you want to get in on tricks like Headsman's Chop without sacrificing accuracy or a Str/Dex pure focus, this is the group for you.

Recommended Heavy Blades

Bastard Sword (PHB) - d10 damage dice are nice to have.

Broadsword (AV) - About equivalent to the Battleaxe. Good at first, but outclassed by the Longsword later.

Longsword (PHB) - The classic Heavy Blade, it's actually a pretty good weapon for a Scout.

Light Blades - The Scout gains so much from using this group, it's legitimately hard to justify recommending any other. The dominant choice.

Recommended Light Blades

Dagger (PHB) - The quintessential Light Blade. While it's not the greatest choice as a bread-and-butter Melee weapon, it's quite good as a Ranged option.

Double Sword (AV) - Decent damage, an AC bonus, and some cash saved by only counting as one weapon for the purpose of buying enchantments.

Katar (PHB) - Essentially a Short Sword with high crit. Not quite as good as its cousin the Rapier because it costs a feat, but it's a good upgrade over the Short Sword if you have one of those to spare.

Rapier (PHB) - This Light Blade is your default main hand weapon of choice.

Short Sword (PHB) - While it looks plain, it's actually pretty awesome in the hands of a Scout.

Spiked Chain (PHB) - While this may seem like it's in the wrong section, Spiked Chain Training makes this the most damaging Light Blade in the game, as well as a Double Weapon with Reach. A very nice tool in the hands of a Scout.

Maces - Strictly weaker than Hammers at the moment, and Hammers suck for you.

Picks - No support. So put it down.

Polearms - Two-handers are not how you go about your business.

Slings - Not the way you do Ranged.

Spears - A Scout technically can use this as a main-hand weapon if he's looking for a bit more control, but there's not much control to be had in the Scout chassis. I wouldn't.

Staffs - It has terrible stats, and no compensation for losing out on class features. Nope.

Armor: Preserving Those Who Roam

Cloth - No real reason to wear this over the other two varieties of Light Armor. Stay far, far away.

Leather - This has some nice properties that you can't get anywhere else, and can be nice if you're not a fan of the skill check penalty Hide carries. Still, I like every point of AC I can get my mitts on.

Hide - The light armor with the highest AC, and that does count for a lot. Add in the fact that Armor Specialization deals with its only flaw in the skill check penalty, and I'd be hard-pressed to recommend anything else for a Scout.

Chain - Why would you pay a feat to have your AC go down?

Scale - Though this is some pretty sweet armor, it won't beat your AC in Hide.

Plate - Spending feats and ability score points on this is an exercise in futility.

Shields - Don't know if you noticed, but you're not proficient with these, and are busy wielding two weapons anyway. No.

Magic Equipment: Enabling Those Who Roam

As is the norm for sections in this Handbook, if the piece of magic equipment isn't rated Black or higher, I won't be talking about it (especially important because this game has a colossal amount of equipment available).


I'm taking a leaf from the designers' book with regards to level distribution: the + sign indicates a progression every 5 levels, there's another version of the armor with an additional +1 enhancement bonus.

Level 2+

Repulsion Armor (Cloth, Leather) (AV) - Keeps folk away from you. This is awesome enough to make you think about staying in Leather.

Screaming Armor (Hide, Scale, Plate) (AV) - A free bonus to Intimidate, and a nifty debuffing power (with range, no less). A solid choice

Shadow Hound Armor (Hide) (AV 2) - A nice defensive bonus to have when you get banged up.

Level 3+

Armor of Exploits (Any) (AV) - Lets you make interesting combinations with allies who share your attack stat, or simply load an Encounter power for an extra use. Pretty cool.

Defensive Armor (Any) (PHB 3) - This property features a solid Daily defense-booster, which becomes meatier with power points (it's better if you have access to those).

Level 4+

Battle Harness (Cloth, Leather, Hide) (D 368) - An initiative bonus is never bad (even if it doesn’t stack with a Warlord’s buff), and Quick Draw for free doesn’t hurt either. A pretty awesome choice.

Bloodcut Armor (Leather, Hide) (PHB) - Allows you to burn surges to gain resistance to all damage. A bit of a gamble, but considering your healing surge value likely won’t be that high, it’s not too hard to gain a benefit from this.

Level 7+

Marauder's Armor (Hide) (AV 2) - Bonuses to AC when you charge. Need I say more?

Level 10+

Lifeblood Armor (Hide) (PHB 2) - If I’m reading this right, this grants you free HP just for using a short rest (which you will do; you want your Encounter powers back). Whoa.

Level 14+

Armor of Dark Deeds (Leather, Hide) (AV 2) - CA and concealment is a great combination to have.

Displacer Armor (Cloth, Leather, Hide) (AV) - A fantastic power, but it's a Daily and only works for one turn. Still decent, though.

Level 15+

Bloodvine Armor (Hide) (PHB 2) - Expensive, but the power can help you stay alive. Worth a look.

Trollskin Armor (Hide, Scale) (PHB) - Regen is always a nice thing to have in your back pocket, but its steep cost puts a ceiling on how awesome it can be.

Level 19+

Great Cat Armor (Hide) (AV 2) - Gets you 2-square shifts a couple levels ahead of schedule (not to mention feat-free).


I'm taking a leaf from the designers' book with regards to level distribution: the + sign indicates a progression every 5 levels, there's another version of the weapon with an additional +1 enhancement bonus.

Level 2+

Farbond Spellblade (Heavy Blade, Light Blade) (AV 2) - A decent weapon, if you're looking for a Ranged option that's not a Dagger.

Vicious (Any) (PHB) - Pretty basic, but d12 crit dice are nice to have.

Level 3+

Blood Fury (Axe, Heavy Blade) (AV 2) - A good weapon to take advantage of any effects you may have while Bloodied by inducing the state for a couple of rounds per Encounter, it also sports a hefty critical rate when you're banged up.

Carnage (Axe, Heavy Blade, Mace) (DSCS) - If you're in the gambling mood, this weapon can provide a very respectable damage bonus (which you can get more reliably if the weapon die is smaller or if you have multiple dice).

Frost (Any) (PHB) - Combines with Wintertouched and Lasting Frost for eternal combat advantage and +5 damage. Better than ever, thanks to other items helping it beat cold resistance.

Inescapable (Any) (AV) - Buffs your attack bonus after a miss, up to a certain point. Solid for Heroic Tier Archers (the enchantments just aren't all that 'till about L11).

Luckblade (Heavy Blade, Light Blade) (AV) - Rerolls, which are great to have in your back pocket (you never know...).

Paired (Any One-Handed Melee) (AV) - Some pretty good economy for your weapons if you dual-wield, thus solving a major problem for Scouts (budget). You should prioritize the clams you spend on weapons, though (you ARE a Striker, are you not?), but this is still a good choice if feats and/or items are tight in your campaign.

Quick (Any) (AV) - Free basic attacks are fun.

Rhythm Blade (Light Blade) (AV 2) - Shores up your defenses some more if you have Two-Weapon Defense, which is never bad. This is part of the Blade Dancer's Regalia item set, so picking one or more items from that set makes this go up in value.

Subtle (Any Melee) (AV) - Extra damage with combat advantage is always a nice thing to have around.

Vanguard (Any Melee) (AV) - Extra dice while charging help out a Scout a-plenty.

Level 4+

Battlecrazed (Axe, Heavy Blade) (AV) - Some hefty extra damage while you’re bloodied, and its power makes you “bloodied” for 2 turns. If you're looking for explosive bursts of damage from your weapon, look no further.

Harmony Blade (Heavy Blade) (AV 2) - You essentially get Two-Weapon Opening for free (at Heroic, no less), plus Dual Weapon Attack will pack a debuff. This is also part of the Blade Dancer's Regalia item set, so picking one or more items from that set makes this go up even higher in value.

Master’s Blade (Heavy Blade, Light Blade) (AV 2) - Good effects all around, especially considering you have an At-Will access to Stances.

Rending (Axe) (AV) - This turns an Axe critical into something genuinely fearsome.

Shielding Blade (Heavy Blade, Light Blade) (D 391) - A shield bonus to AC can be useful to you.

Level 5+

Flaming (Any) (PHB) - This weapon is OK by itself, but it's better for Tieflings, thanks to Hellfire Blood and the rest of their racial support.

Lightning (Any) (PHB) - Makes Rangers who took the Mark of Storm feat very, very happy (obviously better for them).

Level 7+

Infighting Blade (Light Blade, One-Handed Axe) - A nice power to have if you're surrounded, especially if you wield two of them. Not the kind of power you want to have to exploit, though. It's also part of the Kamestiri Uniform item set, which makes it look better if you already have pieces of that set.

Level 8+

Dread (Any) (AV) - Slaps out defensive penalties like it's nobody's business.
 Great for setting yourself up for something big, but it'd be nicer if someone did this for you.

Tyrant's (Any Melee) (AV) - Not worth much until you have a nova sequence power that can knock prone (and it only works once per day), but there's good damage to be had here.

Level 12+

Jagged (Axe, Heavy Blade, Light Blade) (AV) - Improved criticals are very nice to have on a Ranger.

Level 13+

Bloodiron (Any) (AV) - Your criticals are so nice, they damage twice.

Thundergod (Any Melee) (AV) - Only worth it at Epic, but more charge damage is good.

Level 14+

Battlemaster's (Any) (AV) - An extra go with an Encounter power for an Item Daily? I'm in.

Level 15+

Chill Wind (Heavy Blade) (D 386) - The gold cost is pretty steep, but this is basically a better version of Frost. Great, if you can afford it.

Radiant (Any) (AV) - This lets you play nice with Divine classes, and smacks undead around pretty well. Too bad it’s so expensive...


Since there is no set-in-stone progression symbol for items that don't follow the standard "every 5 levels" progression, I'm going to be labeling the levels at which each version of every item in this section is available.

Level 2

Bracers of Enforced Regret (AV 2) - Basically only worth mentioning because they're part of the Blade Dancer's Regalia item set (their benefit IMHO is way too conditional to see real use).

Level 4

Counterstrike Guards (L4/14) (AV) - A decent item, it grants you more attacks as a reaction to your oppponent attacking you. The upgraded version 
is light-years better, as it allows you to do it every encounter.

Level 6

Iron Armbands of Power (L6/16/26) (AV) - No real reason to not wear them.

Level 10

Barrage Bracers (AV 2) - A bonus to attack when you score a hit. Nice enough.

Bloodsoaked Bracers (L10/20/30) (AV) - If you're OK with your damage being a huge spike instead of a steady flow, this is the item for you. Be warned, though; it doesn’t stack very well with other sources of damage, and it burns up a Magic Item Daily to do its job.

Level 19

Trollhide Braces (L19/29) (AV) - Regeneration is always a solid defensive choice.


Since there is no set-in-stone progression symbol for items that don't follow the standard "every 5 levels" progression, I'm going to be labeling the levels at which each version of every item in this section is available.

Level 2

Acrobat Boots (AV) - Cheap, and they let you stand up as a minor action (a very useful property). Somewhat diminished in value because of the At-Will skill power that lets you do the same thing, though.

Boots of Adept Charging (AV) - Generating distance between you and your enemies at will is nice, though some of your aspects can cover this as well.

Level 7

Boots of the Fencing Master (AV) - Rewards you for moving around. What's not to like?

Level 8

Boots of Quickness (L8/18/28) (AV) - A decent boost to your Reflex defense.

Level 9

Boots of Eagerness (AV) - Pretty cheap, and they pack a pretty nice mobility-advantage power.

Level 10

Boots of Sand and Sea (AV) - This is a cheap speed boost that also allows you to swim if you're in light armor. Not bad.

Level 12

Shadowdancer's Boots (AV 2) - A speed boost for light armor wearers that gets better in darkness is OK, and it's also part of the Shadowdancer's Garb item set.

Level 16

Survivor’s Boots (AV 2) - Yeah, they require you to be bloodied, but after that, you can pretty much do whatever you want in combat. That's nice to have.

Level 22

Boots of Speed (AV) - +2 to speed and a decent power.

Level 24

Boots of Caiphon (AV 2) - They sap your HP, but it’s probably less damage than you would take for eating an OA, especially at these levels, and you ARE moving with a minor action...

Zephyr Boots (AV) - Flight. Need I say more?

Level 25

Sandals of Avandra (AV) - Expensive, but they allow you to move around quite a bit on an At-Will basis.

Level 28

Boots of Teleportation (AV) - Teleportation on an At-Will basis is good stuff.


Since there is no set-in-stone progression symbol for items that don't follow the standard "every 5 levels" progression, I'm going to be labeling the levels at which each version of every item in this section is available.

Level 3

Gloves of Piercing (PHB) - Real cheap, and they should punch through most resistance to your attacks if they're not element-based.

Level 4

Gauntlets of Blood (AV 2) - A sweet damage bonus against Bloodied enemies, this is probably your default Hands choice if you don't have something specific in mind.

Level 5

Gloves of Recovery (AV 2) - A consolation attack after a miss is nice. This is part of the Blade Dancer's Regalia item set, so picking one or more items from that set makes this go up in value.

Level 10

Dwarven Throwers (AV) - This allows you to make a basic attack with your main weapon at range once per encounter. Pretty decent.

Strikebacks (AV) - Though the bonus to Opportunity Attacks likely won't see that much play on you, the free Melee Basic Attack every encounter when you get hit will. A most excellent choice.

Level 11

Gloves of Ice (L11/21) (AV 2) - More damage for your cold attacks, or punch through cold resistance. Glorious, especially with Frost Weapons.

Shadowdancer's Gloves (AV 2) - If your Stealth skill is good, +1d6 damage is a nice benefit to have. Being part of the Shadowdancer's Garb item set doesn't hurt, either.

Level 13

Gloves of Missile Deflection (AV) - Some solid resistance against Ranged attacks.

Level 18

Gauntlets of Destruction (PHB) - Rerolling all 1's on Melee damage roll can certainly add up to be a very nice effective damage bonus.


Since there is no set-in-stone progression symbol for items that don't follow the standard "every 5 levels" progression, I'm going to be labeling the levels at which each version of every item in this section is available.

Level 4

Casque of Tactics (L4/14/24) (AV) - An initiative bonus is good for anyone, and swapping initiative who anyone who rolled high once per day is nice too.

Level 6

Horned Helm (L6/16/26) (PHB) - Extra dice while charging? Sure.

Level 8

Coif of Mindiron (L8/18/28) (AV) - Protects against an increasing array of mental conditions (albeit only against Will) as an ENCOUNTER POWER. Sexy.

Level 9

Helm of Battle (L9/19/29) (PHB) - Initiative bonuses for everyone!

Level 10

Shadowdancer's Mask (AV 2) - A do-over for a Stealth check can be useful. Being part of the Shadowdancer's Garb item set certainly helps the cause a bit.

Level 14

Circlet of Arkhosia (L14/24) (PHR: DB) - Making saves at the beginning and end of your turn against certain annoying mental conditions is surely worth a look.

Helm of Able Defense (AV 2) - A bonus to Will, and a bump to all defenses until you get hit is pretty good if you ask me.

Level 15

Carcanet of Psychic Schism (AV) - Slaps a penalty on you, but it sure beats being incapacitated.

Level 21

Coif of Focus (AV) - Comes by later in your career, and burns up a Magic Item Daily, but negating Daze or Stun is awesome.

Level 22

Helm of Ghostly Defense (PHB) - Helps you take the sting off your opponent’s hits, and smidge of necrotic resistance to boot.

Level 23

Eye of Awareness (AV) - A decent bonus to Will defense, and a huge initiative boost on top of that.


I'm taking a leaf from the designers' book with regards to level distribution: the + sign indicates a progression every 5 levels, there's another version of the weapon with an additional +1 enhancement bonus.

Level 2+

Badge of the Berserker (AV 2) - Makes charging a heck of a lot safer.

Cloak of Resistance (PHB) - Decent resistance for a turn.

Level 3+

Baffling Cape (AV 2) - It's on this list because it's part of the Blade Dancer's Regalia item set, since I don't think the power is any good.

Level 4+

Cloak of Distortion (AV) - Forces your enemies to get in close enough for you to engage them if you're Melee, and provide an eternal artillery v. artillery advantage if you're Ranged.

Level 8+

Steadfast Amulet (AV) - This prevents daze or stun. 'Nuff said.

Level 9+

Amulet of False Life (PHB) - Your healing surge value in THP is a sweet ability, even if it's a Daily.

Shadowdancer's Cloak (AV 2) - Lets you squeeze in one more potshot against an unsuspecting opponent. This is also part of the Shadowdancer's Garb item set.

Level 10+

Periapt of Cascading Health (D 369) - Ends one effect per encounter, no questions asked. Win.

Level 13+

Amulet of Scales (D 365) - Scaling, immediate-application, encounter-long resistance to a keyword (which includes Arcane, Weapon, and the like, by the way) is nice.

Level 14+

Flamewrath Cape (AV) - Offers a nice damage boost, as well as disincentive for enemies attacking you. Only for one turn, though.

Timeless Locket (AV 2) - A very tasty bonus to initiative checks that should stack with just about every buff you can have for it. The only downer is that (post-errata) you can't attack with the standard action the Daily power generates.

Level 15+

Brooch of Vitality (AV) - More HP is NICE, especially the Epic Tier versions.

Cloak of Displacement (AV) - A nice bonus to AC and Reflex until you get hit, and a pretty cool power. Worth a look.

Necklace of Fireballs (AV) - Defense that packs some decent offense.

Torc of Power Preservation (AV) - It retains Encounter powers when you use them. Need I really say more?

Level 30

Scarab of Invulnerability (PHB) - Makes you immune to everything for a round. Sure, it's a Level 30 item, but you will enjoy the short amount of time you'll have it.


Remember, you can have two of these, so look out for Rings that either work well together or work well in doubles.

Level 13

Ring of Giants (D 378) - A sweet bonus to critical hit damage, and push 2 + prone on any primal attack power you may power-swap for can come in handy.

Level 14

Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords (PHB) - +1 healing surge is a pretty solid benefit.

Ring of Fury (D 366) - When you're bloodied, you let it be known.

 My issue with it is mainly that the trigger is hard to control.

Level 16

Ring of Protection (PHB) - Generic defensive item. Useful, though it's about as exciting as watching grass grow.

War Ring (AV) - Adds a little more 'oomph' into your criticals.

Level 18

Bone Ring of Better Fortune (AV) - Since this halves all necrotic damage, it can potentially be better than a lot of resistance.

Level 19

Grace Ring of Prowess (AV 2) - A solid power that lets you rev up for +2 to hit before teeing off.

Level 20

Ring of Action Reversal (AV 2) - A hefty bonus to initiative checks, and a sweet benefit should you miss with an Encounter power.

Level 21

Ring of Heroic Insight (AV) - Allows you to buff yourself pretty well once per day.

Level 22

Blink Ring (AV) - Teleportation is nice to have as a Striker.

Level 23

Greater Ring of Invisibility (AV 2) - Invisibility every encounter, and concealment the whole way after a milestone. Wow.

Level 24

Golden Ring of Teros (AV 2) - +2 to AC and Fortitude is nice to have, even if it’s conditional.

Level 26

Ring of Guarded Will (AV 2) - A nice bump to Will defense.

Level 27

Avandra’s Ring (AV 2) - Ignoring difficult terrain is pretty cool. Too bad it shows up so late...

Ring of the Phoenix (AV) - A pretty sweet revival ability.

Shadow Band (AV) - You can't really argue against +2 to all defenses as a static property...

Level 28

Ring of Elemental Mastery (MOTP) - Allows you to shave some elemental resistance off your opponent, or flat-out ignore it after a milestone. Solid, especially for people looking to abuse the Frostcheese combo.

Level 29

Ring of Free Time (AV 2) - Expensive, but the additional action (and its attendant damage potential on a class packing minor action attacks such as yourself) is pretty nuts, and everyone appreciates having extra actions to work with. And it packs resist all 5. Can't go wrong with this.

Level 30

Dauntless Champion’s Ring (AV 2) - Power recovery is good, though the price tag on this is steep.

Nullifying Ring (AV) - A capstone defensive item. Pretty nuts... if you can foot the bill.


Since there is no set-in-stone progression symbol for items that don't follow the standard "every 5 levels" progression, I'm going to be labeling the levels at which each version of every item in this section is available.

Level 8

Belt of Lucky Strikes (D 365) - A free attack after you miss is a solid benefit.

Belt of Vim (L8/18/28) (AV) - Reinforces your Fort, which may be a good or weak NAD depending on build.

Level 10

Diamond Cincture (L10/20/30) (AV 2) - Easy-to-access healing, and a bonus a to Fortitude. Nice.

Shielding Girdle (AV) - A nice Daily AC buff.

Level 11

Healer's Sash (L11/21) (AV) - Anything that allows you to heal your allies is at least worth mentioning, even post-errata.

Level 15

Belt of Giant Strength (PHB) - A meh offensive Daily buff, but a pretty cool bonus to skills.

Girdle of the Umber Hulk (L15/25) (AV) - A solid burrow power, and a boost to Fortitude.

Level 18

Belt of Mountain Endurance (D 365) - +Str to surge value and an AP benefit can be quite good for certain Scouts.

Level 19

Belt of Breaching (AV 2) - Healing and teleportation as you transition from kill to kill. That's definitely worth something on a Ranger.

Level 23

Belt of Vitality (AV) - Gets you up when you're down, and boosts Fortitude. Could be worse...

Level 25

Belt of Titan Strength (PHB) - A strong Melee buff for one turn, and strong skill bonuses.

Level 28

Sash of Regeneration (L28) (AV 2) - Having regeneration while bloodied is a nice benefit.


Since there is no set-in-stone progression symbol for items that don't follow the standard "every 5 levels" progression, I'm going to be labeling the levels at which each version of every item in this section that doesn't follow that progression is available.

Dragonshard Augments:

Level 2

Eberron Shard of Lightning (L2/12/22) (EPG) - A great incentive to wield Lightning weapons.

Khyber Shard of the Fiery Depth (L2/12/22) (EPG) - Incentive for wielding Flaming weapons.

Siberys Shard of Merciless Cold (L2/12/22) (EPG) - Yet another reason to like Frost weapons.

Level 3

Siberys Shard of Radiance (L3/13/23) (EPG) - Another selling point for the Radiant weapon.

Wondrous Items:

Level 5

Power Jewel (AV) - A pain-free way to recharge a low-level Encounter power, which is nice to have on a Scout.

Level 9

Backlash Tattoo (AV 2) - A free basic attack every encounter is a nice revenge sort of ability.

Level 10

Salve of Power (AV) - Post-errata, this trades a surge for another Encounter power, which is a pretty good deal for most Strikers.

Level 11

Dice of Auspicious Fortune (D 381) - Gives you more chances to roll the number you really need.

Level 12

Foe Stone (AV) - Cheap, and it pinpoints your opponent’s weakest defense at will. Somebody in the party has to have this; why not you?

Stone of Earth (AV 2) - A very nice reroll for just about every Scout.

Level 21

Solitaire (Cerulean) (AV) - Expensive, but getting rid of (save ends) effects this easily should be.

Level 26

Solitaire (Violet) (AV) - Free AP’s after a crit are awesome, but the price tag is very hefty.

Sample Builds: Ones Who Roam

Central Casting

The goal with this build is to make the most of the resources contained in the Essentials books. As such, only material from those books will be considered when making choices for this character.

Race: Elf.
Paragon Path: Intrepid Scout.
Epic Destiny: Destined Scion.

Ability Scores:
L1 – Str 10, Con 13, Dex 20, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 8
L4 – Str 10, Con 13, Dex 21, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 8
L8 – Str 10, Con 13, Dex 22, Int 10, Wis 17, Cha 8
L11 – Str 11, Con 14, Dex 23, Int 11, Wis 18, Cha 9
L14 – Str 11, Con 14, Dex 24, Int 11, Wis 19, Cha 9
L18 – Str 11, Con 14, Dex 25, Int 11, Wis 20, Cha 9
L21 – Str 12, Con 15, Dex 28, Int 12, Wis 23, Cha 10
L24 – Str 12, Con 15, Dex 29, Int 12, Wis 24, Cha 10
L28 – Str 12, Con 16, Dex 30, Int 12, Wis 24, Cha 10

L1 – Light Blade Expertise
L2 – Weapon Focus (Light Blades)
L4 – Two-Weapon Fighting
L6 – Improved Defenses
L8 – Improved Initiative
L10 – Resilient Focus
L11 – Superior Will
L12 – Great Fortitude
L12 – Superior Reflexes (replaces Improved Defenses)
L14 – Disciple of Freedom
L16 – Disciple of Stone
L18 – Disciple of the Wild
L20 – Eager Advance
L21 – Armor Finesse
L12 – Superior Fortitude (replaces Great Fortitude)
L22 – Heat Adaptation
L24 – Cold Adaptation
L26 – Armor Finesse
L28 – Skill Focus (Perception)
L30 – Skill Focus (Nature)

Scout Aspects:
L1 – Aspect of the Charging Ram
L1 – Aspect of the Lurking Spider
L7 – Aspect of the Pack Wolf
L17 – Aspect of the Regal Lion

Utility Powers:
L2 – Oak Skin
L6 – Healing Lore
L10 – Verdant Flames
L12 – Scout's Stride
L16 – Iron Endurance
L22 – Stepping Through the Veil
L26 – Epic Recovery

L1 – Acrobatics
L1 – Athletics
L1 – Nature
L1 – Perception
L1 – Stealth

Wilderness Knacks:
L1 – Ambush Expertise
L1 – Mountain Guide
L4 – Wilderness Tracker
L8 – Watchful Rest

Magic Items at L30 (Expected GP = 14,625,000):
L29 (2,625,000 gp): Helm of Battle (Epic Tier) (PHB)
L27 (1,625,000 gp): +6 Elven Cloak (PHB)
L27 (1,625,000 gp): +6 Veteran's Elderhide Armor (AV)
L27 (1,625,000 gp): +6 Vicious Rapier (PHB)
L27 (1,625,000 gp): +6 Vicious Short Sword (PHB)
L24 (525,000 gp): Gauntlets of Blood (Epic Tier) (AV 2)
L22 (325,000 gp): Belt of Vigor (Epic Tier) (PHB)
L22 (325,000 gp): Bracers of Mighty Striking (Epic Tier) (PHB)
TOTAL: 10,300,000 gp

The Dervish

This build has two main goals - one is to dish out a good helping of the Scout's offense while not sacrificing much on the defensive end, another is to pound out a decent amount of burst damage. This is accomplished by using the great defensive and offensive boosts offers by the Blade Dancer Paragon Path, as well as liberal applications of combat advantage.

Race: Human.
Multiclass: Rogue.
Paragon Path: Blade Dancer.
Epic Destiny: Destined Scion.

Ability Scores:
L1 – Str 12, Con 12, Dex 20, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
L4 – Str 13, Con 12, Dex 21, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
L8 – Str 14, Con 12, Dex 22, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
L11 – Str 15, Con 13, Dex 23, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 9
L14 – Str 15, Con 13, Dex 24, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 9
L18 – Str 15, Con 13, Dex 25, Int 11, Wis 15, Cha 9
L21 – Str 18, Con 14, Dex 28, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 10
L24 – Str 18, Con 14, Dex 29, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 10
L28 – Str 18, Con 14, Dex 30, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 10

L1 – Light Blade Expertise
L1 – Weapon Focus (Light Blades)
L2 – Superior Reflexes
L4 – Martial Cross-Training (Fox’s Cunning)
L6 – Sneak of Shadows
L8 – Surprising Charge
L10 – Martial Cross-Training (Ruffling Sting)
L10 – Novice Power (Low Slash) (replaces Martial-Cross Training (Fox’s Cunning))
L11 – Deft Blade
L12 – Reserve Maneuver (Fox’s Cunning)
L13 – Martial Cross-Training (Off-Hand Diversion) (replaces Ruffling Sting)
L14 – Midnight Blade Marauder
L14 – Midnight Blade Student (replaces Novice Power (Low Slash))
L15 – Reserve Maneuver (Ruffling Sting) (replaces Fox’s Cunning)
L16 – Improved Defenses
L18 – Novice Power (Tumbling Strike)
L18 – Martial Cross-Training (Cheetah's Rake) (replaces Off-Hand Diversion)
L20 – Two-Weapon Fighting
L21 – Light Blade Mastery
L21 – Long Step (replaces Two-Weapon Fighting)
L22 – Epic Resurgence
L24 – Cunning Stalker
L26 – Epic Will
L28 – Epic Fortitude
L29 – Two-Weapon Fighting (replaces Long Step)
L30 – Nimble Blade

Scout Aspects:
L1 – Aspect of the Charging Ram
L1 – Aspect of the Lurking Spider
L7 – Aspect of the Pack Wolf
L17 – Aspect of the Regal Lion

Encounter Powers:
L4 – Fox's Cunning
L10 – Low Slash (replaces Fox's Cunning)
L11 – Cross-Body Parry
L12 – Fox's Cunning (replaces Cross-Body Parry)
L14 – Off-Hand Diversion (replaces Low Slash)
L15 – Ruffling Sting (replaces Fox's Cunning)
L18 – Tumbling Strike (replaces Off-Hand Diversion)

Utility Powers:
L2 – Invigorating Stride
L6 – Healing Lore
L10 – Reactive Surge
L12 – Misleading Bladework
L16 – Ranger's Parry
L22 – Veil of Winter
L26 – Epic Recovery

L1 – Acrobatics
L1 – Athletics
L1 – Endurance
L1 – Nature
L1 – Perception
L1 – Stealth
L6 – Thievery

Wilderness Knacks:
L1 – Ambush Expertise
L1 – Mountain Guide
L4 – Wilderness Tracker
L8 – Watchful Rest

Magic Items at L30 (Expected GP = 14,625,000):
L29 (2,625,000 gp): Ring of Free Time (AV 2)
L28 (2,125,000 gp):
+6 Thundergod Rapier (AV)
L27 (1,625,000 gp):
+6 Badge of the Berserker (AV 2)
L27 (1,625,000 gp):
+6 Farbond Spellblade Short Sword (AV 2)
L27 (1,625,000 gp):
+6 Marauder's Elderhide Armor (AV 2)
L26 (1,125,000 gp): Horned Helm (Epic Tier) (PHB)
L26 (1,125,000 gp): Iron Armbands of Power (Epic Tier) (AV)
L25 (625,000 gp): Belt of Titan Strength (PHB)
L24 (525,000 gp):
Zephyr Boots (AV)
L18 (85,000 gp): Gauntlets of Destruction (PHB)
L15 (25,000 gp): Sapphire Scabbard (AV)
L15 (25,000 gp): Sapphire Scabbard (AV)
L13 (17,000 gp): Ring of Giants (D 378)
L12 (13,000 gp): Stone of Earth (AV 2)
L11 (9,000 gp): Dice of Auspicious Fortune (D 381)
L10 (5,000 gp): Salve of Power (AV)
TOTAL: 13,204,000 gp

The Slasher

This build looks to pound out as much offense as possible. To that end, it employs a high degree of Strength and the Permafrost combination in order to get as much steam on as many attack rolls as possible.

Race: Half-Orc.
Multiclass: Fighter.
Paragon Path: Shock Trooper.
Epic Destiny: Destined Scion.

Ability Scores:
L1 – Str 18, Con 12, Dex 18, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
L4 – Str 19, Con 12, Dex 19, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
L8 – Str 20, Con 12, Dex 20, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
L11 – Str 21, Con 13, Dex 21, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 9
L14 – Str 22, Con 13, Dex 22, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 9
L18 – Str 23, Con 13, Dex 23, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 9
L21 – Str 26, Con 14, Dex 26, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
L24 – Str 27, Con 14, Dex 27, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
L28 – Str 28, Con 14, Dex 28, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10

L1 – Light Blade Expertise
L2 – Weapon Focus (Light Blades)
L4 – Martial Cross-Training (Ruffling Sting)
L6 – Cyclone Warrior (Endurance)
L8 – Surprising Charge
L10 – Weapon Proficiency (Double Sword)
L11 – Lasting Frost
L12 – Wintertouched
L13 – Martial Cross-Training (Off-Hand Diversion) (replaces Ruffling Sting)
L14 – Deft Blade
L16 – Superior Reflexes
L18 – Improved Defenses
L20 – Two-Weapon Fighting
L21 – Light Blade Mastery
L21 – Long Step (replaces Two-Weapon Fighting)
L22 – Epic Resurgence
L23 – Martial Cross-Training (Nonchalant Collapse) (replaces Off-Hand Diversion)
L24 – Epic Will
L26 – Martial Mastery
L28 – Nimble Blade
L29 – Two-Weapon Fighting (replaces Long Step)
L30 – Two-Weapon Defense

Scout Aspects:
L1 – Aspect of the Charging Ram
L1 – Aspect of the Lurking Spider
L7 – Aspect of the Pack Wolf
L17 – Aspect of the Regal Lion

Encounter Powers:
L4 – Ruffling Sting
L11 – Shocking Twister
L13 – Off-Hand Diversion (replaces Ruffling Sting)
L23 – Nonchalant Collapse (replaces Off-Hand Diversion)

Utility Powers:
L2 – Invigorating Stride
L6 – Healing Lore
L10 – Reactive Surge
L12 – Assault Footwork
L16 – Ranger's Parry
L22 – Veil of Winter
L26 – Epic Recovery

L1 – Acrobatics
L1 – Athletics
L1 – Nature
L1 – Perception
L1 – Stealth
L6 – Endurance

Wilderness Knacks:
L1 – Ambush Expertise
L1 – Mountain Guide
L4 – Wilderness Tracker
L8 – Watchful Rest

Magic Items at L30 (Expected GP = 14,625,000):
L29 (2,625,000 gp): Ring of Free Time (AV 2)
L28 (2,125,000 gp): +6 Frost Dagger (PHB)
L28 (2,125,000 gp):
+6 Frost Double Sword (PHB)
L27 (1,625,000 gp): +6 Badge of the Berserker (AV 2)
L27 (1,625,000 gp): +6 Marauder's Elderhide Armor (AV 2)
L26 (1,125,000 gp): Horned Helm (Epic Tier) (PHB)
L26 (1,125,000 gp): Iron Armbands of Power (Epic Tier) (AV)
L25 (625,000 gp): Belt of Titan Strength (PHB)
L24 (525,000 gp): Zephyr Boots (AV)
L18 (85,000 gp): Gauntlets of Destruction (PHB)
L15 (25,000 gp): Sapphire Scabbard (AV)
L13 (17,000 gp): Ring of Giants (D 378)
L12 (13,000 gp): Stone of Earth (AV 2)
L11 (9,000 gp): Dice of Auspicious Fortune (D 381)
L10 (5,000 gp): Salve of Power (AV)
TOTAL: 13,679,000 gp

The first question is Martial Cross Training taken at level 1 or 2?
The first question is Martial Cross Training taken at level 1 or 2?

depends.  are you a human?
It has to be taken at level 3 at the earliest. It requires the Improved Power Strike feature.
8 not good enough LDB? Wink
10/10 Would Flame Again: An Elite Paladin|Warlock The Elemental Man (or Woman): A Genasi Handbook The Warlord, Or How to Wield a Barbarian One-Handed The Bookish Barbarian Fardiz: RAI is fairly clear, but RAZ is different That's right. Rules According to Zelink!
So was martial cross training the straw that broke the camels back that got you to undertake this or did you just decide you have done nearly every other martial class you might as well do nearly all of them?Cool
8 not good enough LDB? Wink

Not good enough, yeah.

@The_Crimson_Dawn: Yeah, Martial Cross-Training was what really made me start looking at the class in earnest.
I understand this guide is in its very earliest stages, but what are you thoughts on Scout vs. Ranger serving as party off-tank. about equal?
10/10 Would Flame Again: An Elite Paladin|Warlock The Elemental Man (or Woman): A Genasi Handbook The Warlord, Or How to Wield a Barbarian One-Handed The Bookish Barbarian Fardiz: RAI is fairly clear, but RAZ is different That's right. Rules According to Zelink!
Out of curiosity, what areas are you going to address that the "two weapons and a field guide: the scouts handbook" doesn't?

Don't get me wrong though...I'm looking forward to a scout guide by you, LDB  
@zelink: Mostly about equal, though some stripes of Ranger (like a Pathfinder) are probably better suited for it.

I'm mostly working on the fact that there is no complete guide, and that certain aspects (namely how to really milk Martial-Cross Training for what it's worth) haven't been addressed as completely as I feel they should be.
Race: Gnoll Sky blue?
Good to know that the scout handbook will be taken and completed, in a complete way, by a completely handbook finishing person. 
"Non nobis Domine Sed nomini tuo da gloriam" "I wish for death not because I want to die, but because I seek the war eternal"


I wouldn't consider Gnolls quite Sky Blue. They're subpar at the Str/Dex option, and one of their coolest features (Fierce/Brutal Charge) is rather useless on a Scout. Not quite perfect, but close.
Isnt the Encounter poaching going to leave them a bit MAD? Seems like even if it does work out it's going to be "You gotta play a half orc with this exact build to be good".
That's not exactly how it works out. Fortunately for Scouts, the Midnight Blade Style feats let them translate the minor action attacks to use Dexterity for hit and damage, which means you can go for a whole-hog Dexterity build and still be effective, though that route is admittedly more feat-intensive.
Out of curiosity, what areas are you going to address that the "two weapons and a field guide: the scouts handbook" doesn't?

Don't get me wrong though...I'm looking forward to a scout guide by you, LDB  

Proper grammar and spelling?
Do you have every martial class now? 
10/10 Would Flame Again: An Elite Paladin|Warlock The Elemental Man (or Woman): A Genasi Handbook The Warlord, Or How to Wield a Barbarian One-Handed The Bookish Barbarian Fardiz: RAI is fairly clear, but RAZ is different That's right. Rules According to Zelink!
I'm not doing Executioners, Hunters, or Thieves. Got all the rest.
You really do like the workload, don't you LDB?

Still, good on you, keep up the usual standard of good work.
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So, here's a build you may not have considered.  I call it the Net-Profit Scout.

This is a combo I have been using with my Scout that trades only a little damage for a huge amount of control, and manages to get most of the damage back by mid/late paragon with the acquisition of Gloves of Brutality.

The build utilizes the feat Net Training, making every hit with the net slow the enemy until the end of the next turn, with World Serpent's Grasp, and a handaxe in the offhand to take advantage of Headsman's Chop.  Come paragon and the addition of the Lashing Flail feat, especially if you can acquire a Staggering Net, you have a lot of control over where the enemy is on the battle field, and are almost constantly keeping them prone for a bonus 5 damage, bonus 10 when adding in the gloves.  Nova with Martial Cross-Training and minor action off-hand attack once they're on the ground.

Primal Mapper makes a great, if not terribly flavorful PP as it just augments your already great melee basic attacks while increasing your already good mobility.

Destined Scion just makes the numbers you care about even higher. 

After your first attack, you'll pretty much always be knocking people prone, or hitting them while they're on the ground, all the while with combat advantage(thanks to Vicious Advantage), and with nice bonus damage(thanks to Lurking Spider).  You can also slide them along the battlefield by using Lashing Flail combined with Cunning Fox.  Change your Dynamic Handaxe into a net for added movement along the battlefield.

You end up with a lot of versatility in choosing between hitting hard, and single target control/positioning.

Without further ado, the Net-Profit Scout


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Human, Scout, Primal Mapper, Destined Scion
Ranger Wilderness Knacks Option: Watchful Rest (Ranger)
Ranger Wilderness Knacks Option: Ambush Expertise (Ranger)
Two-Weapon Style Option: Spinning Axe Mastery
Level 4 Wilderness Knack Option: Wilderness Tracker (Ranger)
Level 8 Wilderness Knack Option: Beast Empathy (Ranger)
Enhanced Power Strike Option: Eagle's Axe
Epic Heroism Option: Epic Heroism (Dexterity)
Epic Heroism Option: Epic Heroism (Wisdom)
Human Power Selection Option: Heroic Effort
Geography - Wetlands (+2 to Nature)
STR 15, CON 13, DEX 28, INT 12, WIS 26, CHA 10
STR 13, CON 11, DEX 16, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 8
AC: 45 Fort: 44 Ref: 46 Will: 43
HP: 170 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 42
Acrobatics +28, Athletics +21, Endurance +20, Nature +30, Perception +28, Stealth +30
Arcana +16, Bluff +15, Diplomacy +15, Dungeoneering +23, Heal +23, History +16, Insight +26, Intimidate +15, Religion +16, Streetwise +15, Thievery +23
Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Human Racial Power: Heroic Effort
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Lurking Spider
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Cunning Fox
Ranger Attack: Dual Weapon Attack
Multiple Class Attack: Power Strike
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Pack Wolf
Ranger Utility: Aspect of the Pouncing Lynx
Ranger Utility 2: Invigorating Stride
Ranger Utility 5: Reactive Shift
Ranger Utility 6: Step of Morning Mist
Ranger Utility 10: Hunter's Thorn Trap
Primal Mapper Attack 11: Pale Wolf's Lure
Primal Mapper Utility 12: Allied Terrain
Ranger Utility 16: Iron Endurance
Primal Mapper Attack 20: Lugos's Hunt
Ranger Utility 22: Master of the Hunt
Destined Scion Utility 26: Epic Recovery
Destined Scion Utility 30: Undeniable Victory
Level 1: Master at Arms
Level 1: Net Training
Level 2: World Serpent's Grasp
Level 4: Headsman's Chop
Level 6: Vicious Advantage
Level 8: Martial Cross-Training(Off-hand Diversion)
Level 10: Improved Defenses
Level 11: Lashing Flail
Level 12: Weapon Focus (Flail)
Level 14: Weapon Focus(Axe)
Level 16: Two-Weapon Fighting
Level 18: Two-Weapon Defense
Level 20: Defensive Advantage
Level 21: Epic Fortitude
Level 22: Martial Resolve
Level 24: Resilient Focus
Level 26: Long Step
Level 28: Slashing Storm
Level 30: Prime Hunter
Boots of the Fencing Master (heroic tier) x1
Adventurer's Kit
Desert Clothing
Trail Rations
Periapt of Wound Closure +6 x1
Staggering Net +6 x1
Dynamic Handaxe +6 x1
Gauntlets of Brutality (paragon tier) x1
Ring of Heroic Insight (epic tier) x1
Chameleon Ring (paragon tier) x1
Bracers of Mighty Striking (epic tier) x1
Coif of Mindiron (paragon tier) x1
Unguent of Blindsight (epic tier)
Potion of Life (epic tier)
Foe Stone (paragon tier)
Dice of Auspicious Fortune (paragon tier)
Handy Haversack (heroic tier)
Vistani Buzuq +2
Instant Campsite (heroic tier)
Bed of Rapid Rest (heroic tier)
Ioun's Parchment (heroic tier)
Restful Bedroll (heroic tier)
Eternal Chalk (heroic tier)
Dust of Appearance (paragon tier)
Nightmare Hide Armor of Dark Deeds +6 x1
====== End ======

Optional Alteration:

Change your human option to bonus at-will, and take the foamgatherer heritage(prerequiste) and foamgatherer warrior feats, gaining an extra +1 to hit with nets, and the net snare at-will, allowing you to do some net shenanigans at a distance, and to consider skipping lashing flail(although you lose significant damage if you do).  Recommended primarily for flavore reasons, but some builds might like it.

In short, all we are saying, is give nets a chance.

Note: Editted for spelling
w00t Metallica reference!

I was wondering when you'd finally get to this one.
Thanks for the guide. It is very helpful!
May I ask for the opinion about Precision Throw and Farbaond Double Sword? I know it's not the optimized version toward DPR T_T
Wait, I'm not seeing how that build makes up for not having Light Blades or Light Blade damage support at all. You're proposing a +2/1d6 weapon, followed by a +2/1d6 weapon, with no charge gear or anything similar or any of the accuracy/damage boosts that are common to Light Blade builds. That build is going to get blown out of the building by a straight-up Rapier/Short Sword build in a damage race. It might be somewhat competitive with certain Axe builds, but those get blown out by Light Blades too. You also have no nova, since you have no Strength or any way to use a minor action attack with Dexterity (speaking of which, the build doesn't have 20 Dex, despite being entirely hit-dependent!). I think that build needs some serious work.

Also, items have been posted. This guide is pretty much done, save for Sample Builds, which I'll take my time on.

@Alandmj: I mean, it's viable if you want to do it, and it does help with Ranged combat, though I think I'd just throw a Dagger instead. I'll mention Precision Throw.
I wouldn't consider Gnolls quite Sky Blue. They're subpar at the Str/Dex option, and one of their coolest features (Fierce/Brutal Charge) is rather useless on a Scout. Not quite perfect, but close.

Admittedly Str is not their strong point but can't MC Rogue (or that whole marauder thing we were discussing for Dagnyr) help fix that?

Also, how does Ferocious charge not work for the scout? Have I been doing it wrong (although I usually save it for bloodied because I want the temp hp and I've had a good healer). *edit 2* never mind, finally found the article and know what you mean now.

*Edit* for the record, I wrote this before reading all the work you did after I went to sleep last night.
I wouldn't consider Gnolls quite Sky Blue. They're subpar at the Str/Dex option, and one of their coolest features (Fierce/Brutal Charge) is rather useless on a Scout. Not quite perfect, but close.

I disagree, I say they're Sky blue(or very close). they Have elf-speed.Fierce/ burtal charge Could work with martail cross-trainning if you go with the str/dex build. Take a look at my bloodHunter build for an gnoll scout.
Why no monk multiclass? I would have thought soaring blade to be a decent paragon path option for a scout.
Why no monk multiclass? I would have thought soaring blade to be a decent paragon path option for a scout.

Soaring Blade???  It requires the use of heavy blades, and it's main damage feature triggers of Constitution.  Scouts = Light Blades + Dexterity + Strength/Wisdom
Where is the awesome painting from, and who painted it?

Co-author on AoA 2-3 and 4-1.

I have no idea, unfortunately. Awesomologist would know, he's the one I got it from.

With regards to the Gnoll, Fierce/Brutal Charge doesn't do a whole lot mainly because your Striker feature only triggers off an MBA. Therefore, any power you would use with it would have to be better than the MBA + DWA + whatever minor action/Immediate power you're grabbing instead (good luck with that one). Your MBA is far and away the best thing you should be doing with your standard action.
Speaking of Equipment...Aspect of Charging Ram with Abduction Ki Focus...Prone and Slide 1, happy time to fight melee enemies without threatening reach :3 It also works for repel charge :3

Githzerai Dex/Wis Scout MC Monk (to use ki focus) use wis for athletics and HS and HP and str checks, which improves the scout's survivalbility greatly.
I have no idea, unfortunately. Awesomologist would know, he's the one I got it from.

With regards to the Gnoll, Fierce/Brutal Charge doesn't do a whole lot mainly because your Striker feature only triggers off an MBA. Therefore, any power you would use with it would have to be better than the MBA + DWA + whatever minor action/Immediate power you're grabbing instead (good luck with that one). Your MBA is far and away the best thing you should be doing with your standard action.

I said I got it (granted, the edit was buried in text).

I actually have never gotten to the level I can use those feats and I definitely wouldn't take them with an essentials class any way. Well, maybe a cavalier or Warpriest. Nah.

what do you think of feral armor? a rapier equivilent encounter burst enemies only basic attack could be useful. Also, for ki focuses a mighty ki focus gives +1 to hit reflex and +1d10 per tier on crits.
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