2011 Community Cup Format Strategy: SOM Block Draft

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The 2011 Community Cup formats have been announced! Check out the article here. Use this thread to disuss strategies and suggestions to the Community Team for the SOM Block Draft format!

The 2011 Community Cup will be held at our Renton Headquarters from June 15th - June 17th!
Michael Robles Community Manager Wizards of the Coast Twitter: @michaelrobles

Good Luck with the draft community players....if you're there you know what to draft :o)

So the Community team takes an early lead and despite the presence of game developers and PT players, the only WoTC member to go 3-0 is Gordon Culp, server architect extrodinaire.

Nice work by ChrisKool to take a 3-0 record and by the community team.  We'll have to see how organized they were when the Unified Constrcuted matches start.
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