Using Obsidian Portal to organize my Epic Table VTT play sessions

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I am running a Gamma World Game (based on the D&D 4th  ed rule set,) It's been pretty fun what with the crazy character combo's and powers and such.

I took advantage of 'Obsidian Portal' and they 'wiki like' organization format that they have going on.  I'm hoping to be able to use that as a place to 'store' a lot of the assets that I can then pull into Epic Table - as my virtual table top or at least have them handy over there, so that I can reference them while I'm using Epic Table.

You can check out the campaign at:>Obsidian Portal - Survive and Conquer - A Gama World Campaign by Wade Hone

there is a lot of latitude as to 'what' can go on when you have a world that allows you to say that any possible 'reality' that you can imagine, may be a part of it.

So the group has been having fun.  I'm planning just to run this for about 8 weeks, we are currently doing the missions from the back of the book, and after that, I'll branch out a bit, and pull from content from the 'earlier years' of Gamma world for some scenario ideas for the campaign.

This first game 'Gamma World' really is a 'short term' game that I'll just run for a couple of months... I'm looking forward to doing the same thing with the Pathfinder game that I plan to start in few weeks... THAT game, is the one that I really want to run via Epic Table with some remote friends.

has anyone else used Obsidian Portal or a similar tool to organize their campaigns? I'm pretty interested in what folks do to keep their characters, NPC's, Locations, and adventures / encounters straight.  Filing Cabinet? Boxes? Computer folders?  what's your system?

By the way, if you have or start an account over on Obsidian Portal, please add me as a friend - the user name is:


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