"Reskinning" Gamma World?

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The game is so simple, seems it would be easy to change the background and flavor of the characters and powers to suit different campaigns.

Steampunk/Wild West - Martian invaders, weird science, mystic powers.

Necromunda - Survival in the dark depths of a mega-city. Gang wars, mutant hunts, collecting scraps of tech for trade.

Space Fantasy - Exploring alien landscapes. Fighting shifty space-pirates. Rampaging robots!

Anybody tried anything like this?           
A superhero themed reskin is easily done.
A superhero themed reskin is easily done.

I'd run across a Star Trek reskin of this a few weeks ago, and that got me thinking that GW could easily be reworked for Warhammer 40K [Dark Heresy]--select race and world of origin, then choose a profession. The same could easily be done for Warhammer Fantasy with race and country/region of origin or adjust to race and profession [probably makes more sense that way]. The GW approach is fairly simple yet robust.
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A Star Frontiers reskin was discussed in the thread ?pg=1" rel="nofollow">community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...

I'd be interested in seeing what folks have done with this. Any links, or do I need to search around?

It seems to be that GW is basically 4E, but not quite. It's slighly simpler but still has quite a few options, and my gaming group might be more receptive to a GW-style game for other settings.

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If you're familiar with Changeling the Lost, the origins actually do a cool job of matching the kith and kin.  The armor rules make things a touch wonky, but hey, the WoD is supposed to be super lethal.  Omega tech becomes various fey creations and boom.  You've got a very similar play experience.
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57304548 wrote:
I imagine that Majestic Moose plays a more "A team" type game than most of us. By that I mean he allows his players to make tanks out of a backyard playground set since the players have more "fun" that way.
Actually I much prefer The Losers.
When I and my friends sit down we want a game of heroic fantasy. Rare is the moment when I have cried out in a video game or RPG "that's unrealistic." (Unless there is no jump button. Seriously makes me mad, single handedly ruined the N64 zelda series for me, but that's a digression of a digression.) I mean, we play games with the force in galaxies far, far away, with supernatural horrors, dragons and demi-gods, alternate cosmologies, etc. Reality and it's effects hold little sway to what makes a Heroic fantasy game fun IMO. Just repeat after me: You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are not how much you've spent on WotC products. You are not whatever RPG you play. You are one of tens of thousands of people that spend money on a hobby. You will not always get what you want
I'm going to use GW for one-shot zombie-ap and one-shot space mission with aliens and spaceships. Don't see any problems really.
I'm going to use GW for one-shot zombie-ap and one-shot space mission with aliens and spaceships. Don't see any problems really.

w/ Mutants?

GAMMA WORLD Wuv D&D: Beyond the RPG - Transcript This is a complete transcript. http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/22329697?sdb=1&pg=last#390668593 The audio file is in this News Archive http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4news/DNDXP 2010 D&D Product Overview (47 minutes into the Audio) http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/22329697?sdb=1&pg=last#390928045
I'm going to use GW for one-shot zombie-ap and one-shot space mission with aliens and spaceships. Don't see any problems really.

w/ Mutants?

Nope. Just alien races. No random generation, though. I'll make pregens for one-shots.
I just finished watching a Planet of the Apes marathon.

Now I really want to run a campaign in that setting. It would be easy to do, I think. Either the players are Mutants reaching Ape City, or, better yet, they are all simians exploring the radioactive wastes of the Forbidden Zone. Maybe a human could join the party too.
Reskinned it as a Super Heroes game we effectionatly call "Champions and Vigilantes". Changed character creation and advancement. We've been playing it since May, and love it. Three of the players are under the age of 13 and they can't get enough, the two youngest are girls and they are ruthless in their pursuit of justice.  You can check out our Campaign at Obsidian Portal: www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/tales-o...

A gigantic generational starship filled with domes containing discrete Earth ecosystems with flora and fauna plus huge banks of stored lifeforms. Human colonists are in suspension. Robots maintain the entire vessel on the long journey.

Something goes very wrong. Some colonist wake to find the ship in chaos. Plants and animals in the domes have changed while many of the the ship's systems and robots have gone haywire. There are lifeforms on the ship that shouldn't be there. Some colonists find they have changed too.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metamorphosis_Alph...  The mother of Gamma World.

This time it could be the Warden crossed a time/space nexus  giving rise to so many critters on board. 
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