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Long time Gamma World fan, recent D&D Gamma World convert. And I'm loving it.
I have never played D&D 4e, so maybe this question is answered somewhere else.

Anyway, are their guidlines for creating new powers for players and creatures?

Official or fan-made is fine.
Thank you.
I was also askingabout special effects like push and pull, burst and blast, damage types, etc. 
A recent official article on terrain powers--that is, pre-built mechanics for cool environmental tricks like swinging on chandeliers or dumping vats of boiling oil--offers sort of a tier system of non-damage effects which might be useful in developing new powers.

Tier 1
• additional damage type (meaning the attack has a better chance of bypassing a resistiance or triggering a vulnerability)
• shift one square

Tier 2
• deafen
• gain concealment and/or cover
• knock prone
• ongoing damage
• shift multiple squares
• push, pull, or slide enemy up to 4 squares

Tier 3
• -2 to a defense
• gain combat advantage
• mark (that is, -2 to attacks against all targets but the user of the power)

Tier 4
• blind
• daze
• immobilize
• restrain
• weaken

Tier 5
• dominate
• petrify
• stun

Now, I'm not sure that all these necessarily have the same potence in GW as in D&D, and the list certainly doesn't cover all the effects a Gamma World power can include (notably, there's no mention of healing effects), but it's a good start.  Between this list, Sly Flourish's excellent cheat sheet, and simply eyeballing the existing powers in the book, you ought to be able to come up with some stuff.

I don't know of any official guidelines for area effects, but I did notice that, in her very awesome Weapon Shoppe, Oraibi balances blast and burst weapons against regular guns of the same type by reducing their accuracy bonus by 2 points and average base damage by about a quarter (for light weapons) or a third (for heavy weapons).  (Oraibi, if this is based on any official math or guidelines, I'd really like to know about them.)

Finally, remember that game balance is not a major concern in Gamma World--not compared to D&D, anyway--so feel free to do cool stuff without worrying too much.
That is exactly what I was lloking for. Thank you.

One more favor, if someone would be so kind.

I don't have any of the D&D 4e books and have never played it. (Though if it's as fun as GW I may check it out.)

Which of the books give guidlines on creating or customizinf creatures?

One of the DM Guides? Monster Vault?

Thank you so much.   
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