Milwaukee Summer Revel 15 West Allis WI; June 3rd to the 5th

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Milwaukee Summer Revel, one of the longest consecutive running gaming conventions in Wisconsin, brings another year of fun and excitement to the Tommy Thompson Youth Center in West Allis Wisconsin this June 3rd to the 5th; brought to you by Cold Iron Conventions (CIC). Come to the land of beer and cheese for a Summer weekend packed full of Living Forgotten Realms and other quality organized play campaigns. We are EXPANDING this year with even more board games and a Magic tournament! We will have the following events... (although space is filling already up, pre-register today!)

Enjoy the RPGA’s premier and largest 4e D&D campaign in the world, Living Forgotten Realms. There is something for PCs of every level!

– AGLA2-1 The Undumor Connection (Level 7-10)

– AKAN2-1 Set Drift (Level 11-14)

– CORE1-11 Drawing a Blank (Level 11-14)

– CORE1-7 Sovereign of the Mines (Level 7-10)

– CORE2-1 Killing the Messenger (Level 11-14)

– CORE2-6 Ripples in the Stream of Souls (Level 14-17)

– CORM2-03 Secret of the Queen of Thorns (Level 14-17)

– CORM2-04 Fury of the Queen of Thorns (Level 17-20)

– CORM2-1 For Crown and Kingdom (Level 1-4)

– DALE1-6 The Vesperin Initiative (Level 11-14)

– DALE2-4 Illsyldra (Level 11-14)

– DRAG1-3 A Stab in the Dark (Level 7-10)

– DRAG1-4 Falling Snow, White Petal (Level 4-7)

– DRAG1-5 White Petal Falling (Level 7-10)

– DRAG1-6 Night of the Fallen Petals (Level 7-10)

– DRAG2-3 Of Wild and Darkened Waters (Level 4-7)

– DRAG2-4 Into the Maelstrom (Level 7-10)

– EAST2-1 Ends and Means (Level 4-7)

– EAST2-3 Nightmares (Level 11-14)

– EPIC3-1 The Glorious Hunt (Level 21)

– EPIC3-2 Cracks in the Crimson Cage (Level 22)

– IMPI2-04 Goblins Strike Back (Level 17-20)

– IMPI2-3 Rooting Out Corruption (Level 14-17)

– LURU1-2 The Gibbous Moon (Level 4-7)

– LURU2-1 Hands that Rock the Cradle (Level 11-14)

– LURU2-3 Forgotten Crypts, Hidden Dangers (Level 1-4)

– LURU2-4 Need to Know (Level 4-7)

– MOON2-1 Darkness Falls over Moray (Level 4-7)

– PREQ3-1 Shrouded Visions (Level 1-10)

– QUES1-1 Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries (Level 7-10)

– SPEC2-2(P2) Tyranny's Bitter Frost (Level 14-17)

– SPEC2-2(P3) Tyranny's Perilous Bastion (Level 17-20)

– TYMA1-6 Troubled Roads (Level 11-14)

– TYMA2-4 Stand Against the Darkness (Level 7-10)

– WATE1-5 Lost in the Fog (Level 1-4)

– WATE2-4 Stage Misdirection (Level 1-4)


–LFR Replay Events: Miss an old event, but have enough people who want to play it? Form a table and we will supply a judge.


–Playing LFR for the first time? You can find more information on the campaign and rules for generating a character at:




Play the heights of the D&D 3.5 rules system in Paizo’s PATHFINDER campaign:

– PSS2 ADAP-2 Cult of the Ebon Destroyers (Level 7-9)

– PSS2-05 Eyes of the Ten—Part III: Red Revolution (Level 12)

– PSS2-17 Shade of Ice 2: Exiles of Winter (Level 1-5)

– PSS2-18 Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor (Level 7-11)

– PSS2-19 Shades of Ice—Part III: Keep of the Huskarl King (Level 1-5)

– PSS2-20 Wrath of the Accursed (Level 7-11)

– PSS2-21 The Dalsine Affair (Level 1-7)

– PSS2-22 Eyes of the Ten—Part IV: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Level 12)

– PSS46 Eyes of the Ten—Part I: Requiem for the Red Raven (Level 12)

– PSS54 Eyes of the Ten—Part II: The Maze of the Open Road (Level 12)


–Pathfinder replays: Missing an old adventure? Have friends who want to come along? We have the adventures and the judges.


–Playing Pathfinder for the first time? You can find more information on the campaign and rules for generating a character at:   



Not a Role-playing fan? Would you rather sit around board with some friends? Want to play some minis? Interested in a competitive board game or card tourney? Want to take a slot off to relax? Enjoy our cards, miniatures and board games. Mil-Cog is teaming up with MRS to provide a full-fledged board gaming experience at the con and our non-rpg section will be dramatically expanded this year! You can come the entire weekend and never play the same game twice! We have both tournaments and games for fun!


– D&D Board Game Challenge: D&D Board Game Challenge Want to play a D&D game without a DM? Like cooperative games? Come take the challenge of our D&D Adventure Games. Pick either Castle Ravenloft or Wrath of Ashardalon, and see if your team can get a high score! Best scores of the weekend receive prizes! 2 hours per game.

– Dominion Tournament: Fill your coffers on your way to victory in this easy to play hard to master deck building game! Winner takes home a prize.

– Get a demo or play a game from the MilCog game library

– Compete in the various other tournaments being run for prizes

– Raffle for prizes

– Silent game auction

– Industry support from some publishers / designers

–  If you are interested in running a board game event, submit game events you want to run to and include the following information: Your name, Game name, Number of players, Time needed to play, and a brief description.

– Miniatures: Cyprian Rift: Warships: Come learn a fast action cinematic sci-fi miniatures game. Take command of your warships deep within the Cyprian Rift and engage the enemy. In the rift is where your legacy will begin or where your name will be forgotten. Do you have what it takes to enter the rift? RULES TAUGHT! 2 hour event that will run twice during the slot.

– Magic: We are having a sealed Magic tournament. Cards will be sold onsite for this Qualifier!


And Much, Much More, including:

– Replays: Missing some old RPGA or Pathfinder adventures and want to play? Hoping to get in a Midnight Madness slot? We have most adventures for the campaigns we’re running available onsite and will be happy to provide materials and a place to play. Judges available based upon demand.


–Vendors: We will have game stores hawking their wares onsite. Get the latest products or just pick up a handful of new dice. Visit Lon’s Lair and several other vendors. We have more vendor booths than ever before!

– Expect for us to have snacks and soda available onsite!


To register, go to All pre-registration will be done online, and you will pay onsite! PRE REGISTRATION closes on THURSDAY June 2nd. Hurry, space for some events may be limited. You can find continual updated hotel registration information by going to the convention website, and the Youth Center itself rents rooms. The entire weekend is just $10 admission (walk in is $15) plus event fees (look for specific costs for example RPG's are $4 per slot, board games have no event fees, Magic Tourney will have a cost, etc...). Parking onsite is FREE!

We badly NEED more judges, get in free or at a reduced rate, and get space in our judge rooms if you judge at the con! Judges receive a $10 discount for the first slot they judge at the convention and free admission if they judge four or more slots. Judges will have a chance to win prizes drawn randomly every slot throughout the convention on top of free refreshments during the slots they judge. The more you judge, the more chances to win. For those judges that judge 5 or more slots we try to provide a space to sleep at the Tommy Thompson Center. We give priority to those travelling from afar. Please arrange this ahead of time with Rick Brown so we know what to expect. Prospective judges please email Greg Marks at to be added to our judge's list. Approved role-playing clubs receive a $5 discount (email for approved club list or to add to the list). Organized Play Campaign Administrators members get in FREE!

To stay onsite for less than a regular hotel, contact Cheri at the Youth Center:

Tommy G. Thompson Youth Center
640 S. 84th Street
West Allis, WI 53214
Contact: Cheri Gravitter

See you at the show!

Greg Marks
LFR Global Administrator

Wisconsin Highfolk Triad Emeritus
Cabal of Shadows Factionmaster Emeritus
D&D Championship Coordinator Emeritus
Cold Iron Conventions