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As a Tiefling you get the infernal wrath power. Many feats state that you replace infernal wrath with X. What happens if you take two of these feats

Example, Wrath of the Crimson legion and Diabolic Soul

Can I chose to use Infernal wrath OR wrath of the crimson legion once per encounter
If I have not used either can I choose to use Diabolic Soul and lose the ability to use the other two until an extended rest?

No.  Whichever feat you take first is the only one that applies.  If you take WotCL, it replaces Infernal Wrath with Paladin's Wrath, and you no longer have it to replace with Diabolic Transformation, or vice versa.  They are both explicitly replacement, as opposed to addition of options (as, for example with Past Soul), so you no longer have Infernal Wrath to re-replace once you've taken the feat.
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Thanks for clearing that up. It's harder to understand when you're making the character and WANT it to work one way.Laughing
Hey, along the same lines but slightly different though... if you take something like Diabolic Soul which replaces Infernal Wrath, what happens with feats like Infernal Sneak Attack where you expend your Infernal Wrath in order to deal extra fire damage with your Sneak Attack?

Does Diabolic Soul just act as Infernal Wrath, and if you use Infernal Sneak Attack then you can't do your Diabolic Transformation because you've expended Diabolic Soul for the Sneak Attack? Or, is Infernal Sneak Attack then a feat you would have to retrain because you have technically replaced Infernal Wrath with Diabolic Soul?
Nope. Diabolic Soul has replaced Infernal Wrath with Diabolic Transformation, so you no longer have a use of Infernal Wrath to use to power Infernal Sneak Attack, so Infernal Sneak Attack becomes useless.
  And considering Infernal Wrath is an Encounter power and Diabolic Transormation is a daily power, it would either be a waste to blow the daily transformation on the sneak attack , or super munchkiny to let you still use Infernal Sneak Attack once an encounter.
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