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Has anybody used The Gray in their own games?  If so, what can you tell me about planning an entire subplot to take place inside the shadowfell echo of Athas.

I'm planning on them encountering the devils who lost their way back to their home plane immediately after they get to the shadowfell.  Anybody used them at all?

Let me give you a little background about what's going on in my campaign:
Right now they're investigating a huge outbreak of undead rising from beneath the ever-shifting sands of the Endless Sand Dunes.  They'll learn next time that a child is the source of the outbreak, which has caused a number of small tribal villages to completely die off.  The villages who did not rise again as undead creatures themselves have now become phantoms, forever cursed to replay the events that lead to their deaths.  The group will soon learn the child behind the cause is being manipulated by an invisible devil who somehow came from The Gray.  He's used the child to defile a large area of terrain with arcane necromatic magic in order to make a lasting bridge between the Gray and the Material world in hopes that his allies will be able to use it to escape the Gray.  The group should thwart this attempt, but after dispatching the devil they'll be transported into the Gray without any means of escape (for the time being).

Anything you can share about the shadowfell in Dark Sun will be great.  Or, if you have thoughts about my idea, please let me know.  Thanks!
Sounds very cool.

As far as I know, the Gray consists of only ghosts.

I have only some vague plans about having Kalak trying to take over the Gray and make it his new domain.

Currently my Grey consists of ghosts and the past.  Use of divination rituals is the easiest way to interact with it as they consult creatures and places within the Grey.

In the first instance of interaction, my party journeyed into the Grey as part of a divination ritual cast by a high level druid.  They followed a path leading into the golden tower, and a conference between Kalak and an unidentified (dead) spy.  The spy had the information they needed and such was the destination of the ritual.

There were also two other groups there observing from their own rituals.  As the two had cast their rituals in the (party's) past, and sought the exact same information, they ended up in the same place.  They could not see the party though the party could see them.

Once they started conversing with the dead spy, Kalak became aware of their presence.  Then all hell broke loose.  Kalak summoned a trio of wraiths to kill all of the people scrying on him.  The wraiths had no problem detecting and attacking people, though Kalak could only become aware of someone's square if he saw a wraith attack them.  He would follow up with a melee attack to that square on his turn, and if the character was still there they had a good chance of being hit and killed (wisely, they avoided that fate).

Wraiths eventually killed a character as everone fled from the Grey.

You know, they completely forgot to ask the spy their questions, too.
I would assume that the grey is similar to the shadowfell in other places just a little more gritty than the traditional one...
Well I am planing on using the Grey in my game in about 4 hours.

The basic idea I am rumming with is that the Grey is much like the "standard" Shadowfell but nastier. The bit I am using is that devils who became traped in the Grey with the sundering of the Nine Hells  formed travaling gypsy like caravans. They wander the grey doing gypsy stuff but are primaraly fonts of information. However they rarely take coin as payment perfering artifacts or quests. Naturaly the deals they make have unforeseen consiquences.

Also the Grey is a great place to introduce some really nasty terrain and weather. Morphing landscapes seem really apropriate as dose truely freezing nights.
YES! Great way to add the Vistani to my DS game! Thanks for the idea!
Well thanks a ton for your input!  My group ended up not needing the Gray, as they found a ritual in a 3rd party source which I was unaware of.  Being one of the more benevolent DMs, I decided to let them use it after I read it over and heard their plan.  They had already figured out that the child who was described to them was being possessed or otherwise influenced by something.  The ritual they found was "Rite of Exorcism" from Azagar's Book of Rituals (available here on RPGNow).  They showed me their book too, and I've gotta say, it's really awesome!  An excellent buy, especially for groups who strongly favor RP over combat encounters.

Now, I know that rituals and stuff aren't normally supposed to be used during a combat-encounter, so I changed things up for them.  Those participating in the ritual would have to keep it up and do so quickly.  That meant upping the difficulty class and components necessary.  And those not preforming it, would have to protect  those casting it from the possessed child and the Devil.  They also needed double the successes, since each would be kept track of per round.

In the end, 3 party members worked the hastened ritual while the other 3 stood by in order to protect the others from harm and help them keep their concentration.   Since there's no concentration skill anymore, I decided to make each roll a saving throw at the beginning of their turn in order to stay focused while their friends were handling things beside them.  If they missed a saving throw, it would not count as a failure in the ritual, just a wasted round for their efforts.  Luckily, nobody ended up missing a saving throw.

They managed to achieve 12 successes (I allowed each participant to roll his/her own success/failure role on their turn in the init order) and only 2 failures after 5 rounds of combat.

Since they thought on the fly, I had to as well.  The Devil was no longer being killed and instead his exorcism resulted in his banishment back to The Gray.  I decided that he'd tell the group (who came to Athas via mysterious extra-planar travel themselves) that they have just cut their means of escape back to their own world right before disappearing into The Gray.  This let's them know that I've thought about The Gray and if they want to travel there, they now have to find a way to do so.

It also meant the 6-year-old girl survived the battle relatively unharmed.  She sustained little memories of the time in which she was possessed, and our Bard was able to convince her that a Devil caused all the death and defiling in the nearby area (including her own parents).  They've taken her under their care for now, and have decided to head to the closest large city (which I believe is Tyr, actually) and attempt to find the Veiled Alliance since it's become clear the girl is a sorceress and it was for that reason the Devil chose to use her as his puppet.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome session which ended in a way I had never thought of.  That's what DND's all about, you know?  Coming up with stuff on the fly as both players and DMs and being rewarded for doing so.

Again, thanks for your input above.  Even though the group did not ultimately end up in The Gray, I'm glad you were able to give me some good ideas about it
I'm thinking about using the new shadowfell book in my DS campaign with a few basic changes. I'm going to say the water around Gloomwrought is the sea of silt. The Raven Queen is gone and her temple is a battleground between defilers from the various sorcerer Kings sent to the Gray to establish a foothold. I'm not quite sure how to reflavor the keepers, but all of the NPC's and monsters are going to get reflavored with the Athas paintbrush.

Does anyone see any major problems with this setup?
I've been scouring the dark sun forum for inspiration on the Grey. I have read the prism pentad and other books but I'm still having trouble creating motivation for the patron of a Shade-hexblade Pc. I have taken the name "the Collector" from an adventure "under the dust" but i dont know where to go with it. She (the hexblade) took the pact in a moment of anger to seek revenge on a band of adventurers (the rest of the party) that led her sister to her death against a tembo.

So far the player has asked for a few alternative rewards that are based off FR gods but reflavored them as power from the gray. That's about all that has taken place between character and Patron. 

I had an idea to create a small coterie of Devils that reside in the gray who are slowly building power for an unknown reason. They tempt mortals like normal devils and undermine each other. I was going to go as far and use the motivations and characteristics of the archdevils (Mammom, Glasya) but I haven't thought of how to put that dark sun spin on them. 

Just for giggles I also made Temmnya Shom take up a pact with a devil from the gray. The party will witness the pact binding and Tem will escape to trouble the party up until the early Paragon tier. 
If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know. 
My Dark Sun Campaign "Shards of a Broken Crown" http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/shards-of-a-broken-crown
As the author of "Beneath the Dust" I'm glad to hear you used the Collector.

The Caller in the Darkness from Giustenal also some similar connections to the gray that I enjoy (lost souls swirling in a maelstorm of hatred and madness). 
My Dark Sun adventures published in Dungeon magazine.
my party is currently infiltrating the mindscape of King Tect, hoping to steal what secrets lie within. after discovering his plans, the SK himself will be showing up and, if the party defeats him, his mindscape will suddenly vanish along with his life, leaving the party stranded in the Grey. im thinking of borrowing from the D20 DS guide and having the party find Qiths Laboratory.
Qwith’s Laboratory.

"Existing partially within the Prime Material Plane on the Deadlands, and also within the Gray, Qwith, former student and researcher of Rajaat looks for ways to increase her power and fight off the other Dead Thrones of the Obsidian Planes, and also fight off the Bugdead Hordes. Magical experiments into the nature of the plane, as well as experiments that take advantage of the plane’s properties, exist within her laboratory. Travelers who find
themselves here should flee, as Qwith will do all in her power to capture, question, experiment upon and then eat intruders. She hasn’t seen a living soul in thousands of years, and her interest would spell doom for anyone unfortunate enough to blunder into her lair."

now i just have to do homework on the deadlands.......

also, just for fun and a bit of plotline development, im thinking of having them run into Sacha and Wyan in there cages King Tithian keeps them in, while he carries them in his bag of holding. the possibility of looting the other contents of Tithians' bag would also be quite entertaining, immediately making enemies out of the PC's!
oooooh i hate my PC's soooo much XDiFrame RemovediFrame Removed
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