GW Homebrew: Gamma StarCraft

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I've been toiling away for some time now on a pet project: creating a StarCraft RPG set int the Gamma World ruleset. I have a bunch of origins, enemies, and tech ready to go, and as I polish them up I'm blogging about it here. I'd love feedback (especially balance), and I hope someone has fun playing this.

The articles tagged as StarCraft are here, at Castles & Cooks.

So far, I have Part I (design thoughts), and Part II (origins for Marine, Firebat, Marauder).

As the rest of the articles go up (I have somewhere around 15 origins so far, and statblocks for a wide variety of enemies) I'll update this thread.

Looks interesting. Using vocations as the normal SC tech upgrades might be something to look at.


For example:

Stim @ level 4

Concussive Shells @ level 7

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