Dragon 399 - D&D Alumni: Vance and Evard

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Dragon 399
D&D Alumni: Vance and Evard

by Bart Carroll

In this installment of D&D Alumni, we'll look briefly at Vance's inspirations in the game, notably where they intersect with the coming season of D&D Encounters.

Talk about this article here.

Great article, it makes me want to dig out my old 1st edition DMG and go digging for hidden treasure. It also really got me interested in reading some Jack Vance novels. I might swing by the library today after work. Thanks for the good read!
 This article is one of many that I want to add to my files, so I can access them when away from the internet w/o needing 3-ring binders etc to carry tons of papers around.

What's a guy gotta do to get download links on the rest of the articles in these issues?
Links that I find very useful, will be added here. http://community.wizards.com/vinciente/blog/2010/02/24/useful_damp;d_pageslinks
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