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Yesterday me and my bro played scenario 6 (3 part campaign) and Scenario 8 (Freeing Villagers) in an afternoon boardgame frenzy! That was an awesome gaming time I must say and I love CR and WoA more and more!

After failing miserably on both scenarios hahah...well not miserably but those WoW Encounters are nasty stuff...we stumbled upon one question reharding doors. After readin a bit, here's what's up.


We already concluded that unopened doors are considered like walls, so:

- If a Hero ends up in a room or dead end with a closed door, like when teleporting with the Scroll of Teleportation item, does a Monster consider that Hero in his strategy? Ex: A monster within 1 tile of a Hero move adjacent to that Hero and Attack, otherwise it move 1 tile in the direction of the closest Hero. If the Hero behind the closed door is within 1 tile of the Monster...does the Monster move adjacent and attack or simply move towards the closest "visible" Hero?

- Same question applies to Villagers (in Scenario 8), which for the sake of some rules, are considered Heroes. Yesterday we teleported a Villager in a room with a closed door and a Monster was 2 tiles away from him.
1- Does the Villager, on his turn, try to open the door to move in respect of his strategy?
2- Does the Monster moves toward that Villager even though he's considered behind a wall?


In CR, Treasure cards include Fortunes and Blessings but in WoA we only have Items. Is there a reason for this? Can we mix both decks so we get some Fortunes and Blessings along the way?

Thanks for your help all!
here's how i seee it.  If a door counts as a wall, and tile 1 and tile 2 have a closed door (wall) between them, then they are not 1 tile away fom each other.  Follow the same rules for counting tiles in other situations

Normally, you'd have to count around walls and find another path.  If there is no other path (ie - the doorway is the only way onto the tile) then the hero behind the door is never considered as "closest" or "within 1 tile" or any of that stuff 
Hangover nailed it.

CR is compatible with WoA so you can mix cards.  There is a free pdf on the Wizards site with adventures fully mixing the games.
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