Dungeon 190 - Bestiary: Lightdrinkers

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DnDi_Large.pngDungeon 190
Bestiary: Lightdrinkers

By Bruce R. Cordell

Lightdrinkers roam the streets at night, patrolling their territory and scooping up whatever food they can find—whether a lost animal or the light of a lonely lamppost.

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Pretty nice monsters. I have to admit I love current 4E monster design. It's consistently good!
I'm guessing this was material removed from the new Shadowfell boxed set?

I do like the creature design. I wish we had a bit more background on the creatures themselves... all we really have is, "Hey, it's some beasts made of shadow. Some other groups occasionally make use of them." No real explanation of what these creatures are, where they came from, how they operate, etc. While I don't really need a return to the fully-detailed ecologies of the past, a little bit more info - especially for a completely new monster - would have been nice.
Seconded.  I really like the artwork, and new monsters are nice, but I have no idea HOW to incorporate them into my game's story or WHY I should care about them in my game. 

This is why flavour is important, and why mechanics need to be built on top of flavour, rather than leaving flavour solely in the hands of the DM and the Players to make on their own.  They can always do that, but some basic direction is important for the default version. 

Monsters in MM1 had more flavour text than this. 

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I loved this article, it is one of the few Dungeon articles I have found interesting in a long while. It seems I might have also loved it for the reasons the above posters disliked it.

In reading this article the first thing I did is take the monsters away from Gloomwrought. In Gloomwrought they are basically too obvious running around gobbling up the light and any stray morsel they can get their teeth into. However, put them in the "World" and they suddenly become a low level, non-undead threat for a horror genre adventure.

The PCs arrive in town just as the sun is setting, and there are lanterns all down the street, each shedding light brightly, the last doors and windows are heard slamming shut, and for a moment everything is eerily quiet, and then the lanterns begin to go out...

Where do they come from? The bad guy sent them, why he sent them is the adventure hook.

Yup loved this article!
Just a note that I liked the monsters
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