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The rule book says nothing about these tiles.....where do we use them......?
Traps can be triggered by an event. Once you draw such a card follow the instructions, most often you'll place the trap tile/token on the newly explored tile. As long as the trap is in the game you'll have to do whatever that trap says.

yes, the traps are drawn from the encounter deck.

Upon drawing a trap, you place the trap marker on the tile you are currently in. The trap marker just reminds you which tile has the trap, so it doesnt matter which square of that tile you place the marker on.

I have found CR to be quite brutal - esp the many Encounter cards. Traps are an issue. One thing I found odd about the traps is that they only target heroes. Most traps are area attacks - shouldn't they also target monsters that are in (or finish is) a trapped tile? Seems to make sense and might make things easier on the PCs
I know what you mean. In a solo adventure I played I encountered a gargoyle and a nasty trap on the very first tile I explored. 

I guess you can make it a house rule that monsters are also targetted by traps. It would definately have an impact on tactics.  
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