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So the other DMs and I are trying to increase the number of players this season even more than last season.  I thought that maybe something we can do is give out business cards to the players so they can give them to their friends and also have the staff at the store hand them out to anyone interested in D&D or buying D&D product.  Ultimately what would be nice is a good graphic on the front in full color with the name of the adventure, then a quick slogan or info.  Then on the back have it white with black letters saying.  Location:   Time:    These can be handwritten in for the store name, address, and times of the sessions.  I just don't know how to really make these sort of things and would like some help.

Here's a graphic for last season that gives an idea.

Love this idea.

You could use the Business card templet in MS Word or there are free ones out there for Photoshop and such.

If I can find the art for this season I might give it a try and post it. 
I was thinking of doing this as well but keeping it updated with the current season.  I have Photoshop and am going to school for graphic design so a business card should be a cake walk...
Here's a background image from WOTC that can be used as a background for a business card.  It's a start.  =)
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