establishing a base set

since the game ended its new products, i have moved to a new area and have met a bunch or new recruits who are eager to learn how to play this game. but this game is a little overwhelming with its 800+ pieces.

so i thought i would start with the first 2 sets, rebel storm and clone strike.

so what im wondering is if somepeople could help me to remember what the game was like back then and what dominated. and if any newer pieces could be added to that original 120 or even addaed to help balance it out.

i remember aurra dominated, and shock therapy was pretty tough to beat. a counter to override was needed.

any feedback would be appreciated.

Definately the Ugnaught Demoltionist. Other than that, you may want to add some of the Rebel, Imperial, Republic, and Sep pieces from ROTS and Universe. Not the super powerful pieces, but some of them add some nice balance.
Well I hope you have multiple Aurra Sings because she seemed to  be in every single squad back then lol.  Seriously though....

The game was 100 pt back then, it is easy for new players to get through games quickly.

Other Satchel Charge characters Human Engineer and Imperial Engineer could be handy to have.

I think if you brought in the most powerful commanders earlier it might be interesting because the most powerful followers won't be available and you will get a lot of play out of units that never saw play.  I'm thinking mostly of the Separatists but it is true of all the Factions. Don't bring them all in too fast but if you see it getting stale there is plenty to keep it interesting.

Here is a list after Jedi Academy came out I made of Tech/Commanders to be integrated slowly into the old sets

Verpine Tech
Mouse Droid
Ugnaught Demolitionist
Juno Eclipse
Gungan Sheildbearer
Bith Black Sun Vigo
Mas Amedda
General Dodonna
General Rieeken
Emperor Palpatine on Throne
Bacta Tank
Captain Tarpals
Captain Panaka
Czerka Scientist
Bothan Noble
Princess Leia
R2-D2 with Sensorscope
Troop Cart
Rodian Huntmaster
Deena Shan
R2-D2 and C-3PO
Snowtrooper Commander
Rebel Captain
Padme Amidala, Senator
Camaasi Noble
Leia Organa, Senator
R4 Astromech
R5 Astromech
Weequay Leader
Rebel Leader
Jawa Scout
Twi'lek Rebel Agent
Ithorian Cammander
Han Solo in Stormtrooper Armor
Imperial Security Officer
Twi'lek Scout
Hoth Trooper Officer
Han Solo Rogue
Ugnaught Tech
Jar Jar Binks
Gha Nachkt
Felucian Stormtrooper Officer
Darth Vader Imperial Commander
Darth Vader Champion of the Sith
Leia Skywalker Jedi Knight
Vong Shaper
Vong Advanced Agent Officer
Yomin Carr
Praetorite Vong Priest
Yoda of Dagobah
Admiral Ozzel
Admiral Piette
Clone Commander Bacara
Rebel Commando Strike Leader
Clone Commander Gree
Clone Commander Cody
Depa Billaba
Lobot Computer Liason Officer
Jabba Crime Lord
Talon Karrde
Nikto on Desert Skiff
Bo Shek
Mistryl Shadow Guard
Mon Calmari Tech Specialist
Imperial Govenor Tarkin
Ephant Mon
Han Solo in Carbonite
Mon Calmari Medic
Princess Leia Hoth Commander
Muun Tactics Broker
Ugnaught Boss
Correllian Security Officer
Galactic Alliance Scout
Leia Skywalker Jedi Knight
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
RA-7 Death Star Protocol Droid
T1-Bulk Loader
Commander Gree
Queen Amidala
C-3PO Ewok Deity
Imperial Dignitary
Moff Jerjerrod
Jensaari Defender
Cade Skywalker Padawan

Revamp for the sake of revamp? That always works out well.
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