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The Dnd group that I GM has had it in their heads for a while to do a campaign in The Land of Ooo from Adventure Time, the tv show on Cartoon Network. I really like the show as well and I think it can be done, I think most of the work can just be done with fluff, and some homebrew races need to be made. What I was wondering was if any prior homebrew works could give me some help when converting the show to a viable setting. Specifically, I need to decide what races need to be made, which need to be removed and which can be used as is. Same goes for classes, but homebrewing a class is much more convoluted then a race. 
 What I was hoping I could get from this forum is ideas, if anyone has tried this before or if they have specific help they can provide. I think its a cool idea and with a little work it can be done. For reference, I have a early list of races and classes I think would work. Not all of the exist already.

-Candy Person
-Magic Dog
-Lumpy Person

Classes (The Classes are hard to say because the only two classes I would say have been shown in the show are Fighter and Wizard. You need more then that just to keep it interesting though)
All my input is 3.x bases so hope its helpful.

First off I think Finn is the only human on Ooo. Frostburn may be something to check out
to build the Ice King and his underlings. The Portable hole full of beer pdf has loads of 'wacky'
things in there that could come in handy. Good luck.

I dream of Beer Head Armies.

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Finn The Human Boy is definitely a Paladin.  I believe he is even called a paladin (jokingly) a few times in the show and I think I read somewhere (wikipedia?) that Ward envisioned him as such.  Not that he's a strict DnD Paladin ...

I steal ideas from this show all the time for my games.  We like to keep things humorous and the people I play with appreciate the surrealism, even though most of them have never watched Adventure Time.  Regardless of what you do rules-wise, keep it light-hearted, funny and bizarre and you'll have a great time.

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Thanks for the response. I am looking for more conceptual advice then rules advice. Figured fluff is the best way to create the land of Ooo. Also I am surpirsed to hear that Finn may be a pally. He seemed more like a fighter to me, though I guess its open to some interpretation. Also I dont know of any religion in Ooo, is their any mention of it in the show or otherwise.
I do agree, Finn seems to be the only human in Ooo, but I dont see anything wrong in twisting the setting a little bit work play purposes.

By the way, thaks for the portable hole full of beer, it has some surreal stuff in it that I can use. Dont worry about the rule switch, that can be worked around. 
I haven't seen the show but classes like the wizard/sorc can boil down to the same fluff in world. They both throw glowy things at the enemy doing damage to them. Don't let the titles put you off them
Strictly speaking, you don't need a religion to be a paladin in 4e.  You just need to be ordained with the power.

That said, I always envisioned Finn more of a Fighter with aspiration of a old-school Paladin mindset rather than a standard D&D Paladin since if lacks the lacks the radiant and healing powers typical to them.  Though he has dabbled in Badge Wizardry and picked up the Ice Ninja theme, so he's not completely without supernatural powers.  But I digress.

More to the point, the appeal of Adventure Time, IMO, is that it's an unabashed, troperific, and humor-filled hodgepodge of any and every adventuring trope and cliche as well as a ton of meta-humor and pop culture references, cranks them to 11 and concentrates them into 1/2 hour episodes.  Basically, everything fits, both rules and fluff-wise.

With the fluff, as long as you keep everything mostly lighthearted and humorous, pretty much anything will fit (though serious and nightmare-fuel moments abound as well).  Likewise, the rules can stay pretty much in tact.  But since Adventure Time has so much off the wall stuff (and lots of it), it will probably be much easier to just reflavor stuff and go with the flow for emulating much of the stuff in the show.
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Here are some thoughts:

  • I wouldn't have "magic dog" be a playable race. If you are cut out for the work, i'd have "dog" be the race and "magic" be the class. That way, you can design the class to contain the many powers of Jake rather than the race. For example, Utility Powers might include powers to Stretch to Make Bridge, or Become Mount. You could probably look at some of the Whip or Chainweapon feats and monster powers to come up with other cool stretchy Jake fighting options.

  • Lumpy Person is a great race.

  • Candy Person is a good race.

  • For Vampire, I'd use the one WotC just released - make it a class and not a race.

  • How about Goblins or Gnomes?

  • What about an Ice Person thats a modified Genasi?

  • What about using Goliaths as the Mauraders that like to rough house?

Rainicorns don't seem very PC worthy.  And they definitely aren't Medium or Small.

I dont think there's any class that I wouldn't allow - but you definitely could restrict options to make it easier.  Fighters, wizards, rogues, rangers, clerics, bards, barbarian seem to be the obvious choices.  A cleric of cotton candy sounds amusing.

I'd also have my players re-name all their powers to something more Oooo-ish. 

Here's a wiki that i found through a quick Google search: 
dude, this is one of the best ideas ive seen on these boards. 

magic dog dosent really count, since jake is the only dog known to have magic powers.

one other issue is that finn is the only known human in Ooo 

luckely vampires do have covered rules from heroes of shadow, if you want them to have it be a race vryloka works perfectly for them. 

any class could work in this setting because most things in the setting is drawn on from D&D, its just spun so that children can watch it as well (and adults who have good taste) 

also what about whywolves?  (i.e shifters) 
And although Finn may be the only Human, there are many Hyoomens.
Finn The Human Boy is definitely a Paladin.

Not knowing much of DnD, but knowing plenty of  Adventure Time, I think that the best way to roll Finn would have to be as a chaotic good barbarian. I say this because of he often wants to do good, but doesn't necessarily always KNOW what is good, so Lawful good seems a little out of character for him. "I'll slay anything that's evil, that's my deal"  

And I think berserker, of a sort of paladin/barbarian hybrid, actually fits with his fighting style, which is to FREAK. OUT! He wouldn't necessarily be using bloodlust for his freakouts, but rather pent up adolescent spazzyness. He doesn't ever carry a shield or armor, and gets beat up quite a bit, but that often just eggs him on to fight harder. The only reason I'd say it'd be feasible to introduce a pally into the mix is he is sworn to protect people, so maybe having a few traits like taking damage for them, if coupled with some sorta berserker rage benefits from taking damage, seems ideal.

Jake would be very hard to figure out, but I think you might be able to get away with a Warden that has quite a bit of homebrewing done to it; the whole idea of shifting into a beast or elements could be stretched to have him shift into different shapes per move, even. Like ranged attacks that are actually melee, etc. as he stretches his fist out to hit enemies.

I think Me-Mow would be a hilarious character to roll, you could go Pixie Assassin and almost be done there in the character builder.

As for enemies, I think Marcelines father, the Lich King, the Fight King, and the Baby Pigs from the Pods episode would all be KILLER end of dungeon fights.

As for the Demon Cat... that could be some of the most hilariousness ever. That dungeon would be SICK and the final angel/witch lady would be a crazy.
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