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This thread is for discussion of the comic Dark Discoveries, which will be published on three successive Thursdays on

How does hanging to death work on an imp (or any other flying creature)?
I love the "What happened?  Run out of imps?" line.

Tezzeret seems not too concerned about Bolas.  I suspect I've missed some storyline somewhere.
I like how the Imps look like ... Mr. Bolas. How Eqotistical.
Link does not work. No comic listing of Dark Discoveries with the rest.  Oops! please ignore!
I liked the part when Nicol Bolas had a Pokeball.
Hideous artwork.
The backgrounds are OK, but as soon as movement is depicted, proportions and perspectives are blown out in oblivion. Wizards should definitely have higher standards than that for their comics.
Seperated at birth?

Nicol Yodas

Wow, this already contradicts the Scars of Mirrodin book which came out only, what, two weeks ago? Way to tell a cohesive narrative, Wizards.
Wow, this already contradicts the Scars of Mirrodin book which came out only, what, two weeks ago? Way to tell a cohesive narrative, Wizards.

At least it makes me more certain "Wintermute" isn't Doug Beyer.

I wish I had nice things to say about the comic but...I really don't have anything.

I guess since I already am a story nut and have read all the flavor text this part just seemed like a rehashing of things that have already happened, plotwise, so it really didn't grab my attention.  You see what happens Doug, you see what happens when you spoil us with amazing savor the flavor?

It made the point that each planeswalker is there for a different thing.  Koth to save his world, Elspeth to stop Phyrexia and Venser to save Karn.  Which is interesting but just barely.

Really the idea of the planeswalkers as characters is a good one, they drive the story and provide people for us to connect with, I just think they don't do a good enough job for me to connect with them.  Nearly all of the planeswalkers are vauge pastiches one personality trait.  Adding to this is the fact that every artist has a different interpertation of them and no two look alike.  I mean the venser in this comic looks miles apart from venser on the card and the venser in the previous comics.  It looks like different actors dressed up in venser costumes a la batman.  

The thing is, it is passable as a weak storyline for a CCG.  I'm fine with it.  But the story that goes into the worldbuilding they do?  It is AMAZING!  The intro to the new phyrexian factions they've been showing for the past few weeks?  EXCELLENT!  And the past two planes, Zendikar and Alara both were such interesting detailed places it makes their planeswalker saga seem very weak in comparison.

I haven't read the novel and probably won't.  I don't think Magic is really suited for, or needs a novel to tell its story.  I'd much prefer that they just keep with the comics filling in important missing details about the story and leave it at that.  (Just make them more awesome!)

Of course that means I keep getting the story for free and they don't make any money.... 

Oh and as a last thing, despite my lukewarm reception of the story "media" side of Scars, I have absolutely loved the storyline and flavor of this block and am REALLY looking forward to lilliana vess in Innistrad.  Her comics have been the most enigmatic and interesting so far and I'm sure the creative team will knock it out of the park.  Plus she looks hot in boots.
Wow, this already contradicts the Scars of Mirrodin book which came out only, what, two weeks ago? Way to tell a cohesive narrative, Wizards.

At least it makes me more certain "Wintermute" isn't Doug Beyer.

We still haven't ruled out "intelligent mainframe."

EPIC artwork!!

Alex Horley and Lucio Parrillo are beasts!!

I've been waiting for comics of this quality for quite a while now.

Wizards, thank you. 
I mean, if I want to get picky about this comic, then my nitpick is that Nothing is Happening.

Tezz goes around... and does nothing. He supposedly gets sent to Mirrodin by Mr. Bolas, but Nothing Happens.

Then we get to our three heroes... where Nothing Happens. They don't make a decision, they don't really do anything. Vensner doesn't even really fight. Nothing Happens.

This is okay in long comic books.. but the last two comics sets, we have Nothing Happen. While the Dialogue is almost interesting, the whole point behind graphic novels is to show action. Quite frankly, we're not getting that.

Say what you want about the Brother's War comics, but at least *something* happened in them. We seriously need some kind of action in these things. I like the artist, but we are missing a big part of what makes comic books exciting.
Finally! Epic artwork!  THANK YOU IZZY and Jordan!
I love comics, but these are just not doing it for me. It feels like a really slow way to collect a tiny amount of flavor. Could we just get like a one page prologue and then have a comic where cool stuff happens?
I don't understand how such a team that can create such wonderful card flavor, and have the style guides so full of incredible information, and write such wonderful little short bits of prose (like the Mirrodin field reports and such), can then turn around and write such awful comics. 

A better question would be why do I keep reading them? I just keep thinking they'll figure out what they're doing wrong and hit us with a good comic story one of these days, but I just keep getting disappointed.

To any of the creative people reading, this isn't just a senseless slam and it does pain me to say these things. But like I just said, all the other stuff is so wonderfully written, it's so hard to understand why you can't do the comics as well as those other things.  
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