05/03/2011 SF: "Hungry Eyes"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Type 5 is very similar to what I've been calling "hockey Magic" for several years now (supposedly named by two bored MTG players at a hockey game with only boosters to play with). 

The differences are that you leave the basic lands in your deck for use as-printed, and using a non-land card as a nonbasic land is done by "flipping" it (Kamigawa style) and it can only create one mana of a color in it's casting cost. Since any card would be allowed to be used as a land, then any type of removal that would affect it (such as allowing both Unsummon or Stone Rain to work on a creature card "flipped" as a land.) And for simplicity, any type of flip or two sided card can't be used as a "land". 

It can take several turns to get going, but once you establish a mana-base, it can get nuts real quickly.
Proud member of C.A.R.D. - Campaign Against Rare Duals "...but the time has come when lands just need to be better. Creatures have gotten stronger, spells have always been insane, and lands just sat in this awkward place of necessity." Jacob Van Lunen on the refuge duals, 16 Sep 2009. "While it made thematic sense to separate enemy and allied color fixing in the past, we have come around to the definite conclusion that it is just plain incorrect from a game-play perspective. This is one of these situations where game play should just trump flavor." - Sam Stoddard on ending the separation of allied/enemy dual lands. 05 July 2013