LF D&D 4E weekly group in Kansas City, Mo

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As title says, just looking for a group that can consecutively play every week. 
I just moved to KC and would like to find the same.

Check out the KC DnD Meetup Group.
We meet every Saturday at the Main Library in Downtown KC (10th & Broadway). 
There's a 1e game that plays every week, and some 4e games as well.  Some days its full-up with 4 or 5 games, sometimes just 2.
You come in the main doors, head all the way back and we're in a conference room to the right.
Not every game runs every week though.
There's also home games that start there and end up private later after people get used to each other.

I host a western themed eberron game on monday nights email me at kelvan113@gmail.com if you would like details.

I can't wait for D&D to be more like this...



Theres a gaming store that does encounters in Independence, MO called the Game Cafe.  Every Wednsday at 6pm.
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