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I'm looking for a bit of inspiration for my next D&D character, and also for the campaign I'm going to be DMing. Post your favourite D&D and/or fantasy illustrations to help me out.


 You should dig through the 200-page-or-so What Do You Think My Character Looks Like? thread at the top of the forum...

There are hundreds of character images posted (most of them in multiple photoshopped versions), as well as links to various artists' websites - you should be able to find plenty of inspiration in there.


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I already have over the past few years. There's illustrations that people might like, but might not necessarily represent their particular character (monsters and wierd creatures for example). There's no harm in having another thread dedicated to fantasy art.
Given that the other thread is a lot of "Please do this to this pic", I totally support a thread devoted simply to posting images as-is.