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My girlfriend and I picked up Castle Ravenloft the other week and after seeing the difference painted miniatures make we've started to get into it.

Nowhere near as good as what's in the other thread. But they still make a remarkable difference. We'll put up more pictures as we get them done, we're trying to strike a balance between painting in between the lines and having the miniatures get painted fairly quickly. We're not trying for awards or anything, just to give a bit of life to our games.

We've been trying to do before and after shots, but we did forget on a few on them. We'll put more pictures up soon.

First up. Blazing skeletons. These guys look amazing once they've got some detail on them and they are in main what inspired us to start painting.

Blazing Skeletons 

More stuff!

Gargoyle progressionWhite Spray paint base, grey paint + turqoise eyes, varnish.IMAGE(http://img821.imageshack.us/img821/841/gargoyles.jpg)

After matt coat.

Mix of a couple of things, I'm pretty happy with the wolves.IMAGE(http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/5158/mixy.jpg)

Close up of skeletons.
I think your doing a cracking job there fella, really makes a difference doesn't it? It's fun too of course, always nice to see some one else getting into the painting aspect of the hobby. I warn you though, it's a looooong slippery slope! LOL
I was also think of painting these figurines.  Any tips on paint types, etc?  I'm guessing due to the plastic nature of these, some paints work better than others.
Haha, I play Blood Bowl which is a miniature game as well so have been painting a little bit, still mostly an amateur though.

Rich - biggest tip I can give you is undercoat them first - the girlfriend and I went with a white undercoat and it's great. We tried just doing straight on plastic and the paint doesn't stick too well.

There's also a cool method of dipping miniatures into varnish which gives them nice detail, is pretty easy and is great if you can't do highlingting and shading very well. The two skeletons above took about 15 mins to do both of them and for that amount of time I think they look pretty good.

Dracolich below. We've almost got all of Ravenloft done except for heroes and villans now. Then it's Ashardalon time! :D

Scuse the mess in the second picture.. I forgot to clean it before uploading and am a bit lazy now ;p

Looks good man! Always more fun with painted miniatures
I'm about to do my first miniature painting work ever as well, just need to buy the stuff needed then I'm go. I'll also be painting Ravenloft, if I get a chance I'll post my pics here.
Sooooo I know you've all been anxiously awaiting this update, sorry it's taken a while. :D

We had a bit of a gap in our painting and then got back into it again quite recently and well - here's the final result. We finally got the last ten figures done and have powered on into Wrath of Ashardalon.... with a sneak preview of our Ashardalon below, there's a bit of a jump in the painting standard which the more observant of you may be able to pick up on.

Anyway without further ado... Castle Ravenloft fully painted.







And from the upcoming paintings of Ashardalon (which hopefully won't take another two years :D)

I like the Dwarf.  And the flaming skeleton with a black tinged fire is great.  I am impressed that you presevered for two years.  i still need to paint my Dungeons and Dragons board game miniatures. 
when you say dip them in varnish exactly what kind of varnish?
It's a light brown wood varish... let me see if I can find the link for you.

You can pick the stuff up from any hardware store or shop that does varnishes and you generally want some kind of matte coat for afterwoods as it will make your mini shiny.

I like a light brown varnish as it will darken your mini and be careful of pooling, you can end up with some pretty dark patches if it's too thick and pools.

Don't get a clear varnish as it will just make the mini shiny without shading.

www.seankreynolds.com/rpgfiles/miniature... Here's a link I've found, you can find more articles by doing a good search for 'dip method miniature painting' or however you choose to phrase it.
when you say dip them in varnish exactly what kind of varnish?

Minwax Poly-Shades Tudor is the stain of choice for most painters.  get the finish that you like (gloss or semi-gloss).  There are other colors, but Tudor will get a darker color into the cracks.


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