Shooting For The Moon: A Mini Guide For Bow Clerics

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Why play a bow cleric?  There are many options for bow clerics out there now.  What was once a pure flavor option now has a wide variety of options that let you combine the best parts of being a ranged cleric (healing, buffing, radiant damage, and party friendly area attacks) with the strengths of other classes: ranged damage, control, or enabling.  While this guide has a large empahsis on hybrids, there is also reason for pure clerics to go this route since when you use a bow for your implement you get access to cleric powers and paragon paths that others can’t get, can take feats that enhance your regular powers, and have easy access to a 19-20 crit range in epic.  

You generally want to do this for the feats and paragon paths since only a few of the bow/ranged weapon powers are top options, which is one reason why hybrids is a good idea for bow clerics.

For hybrids, some play it like a ranger, monk, or rogue who uses many of his minor actions, utility powers, and interrupts to help lead at the expense of doing less damage than a pure striker.    There are also a few interesting hybrid leader builds using bard or artificer that favor bows.  A bard/cleric can be both a good healer and enabler, with a strong minor in control.  And with seeker you have a mix of control and leading, while still doing decent damage.

Deities: Sehanine.  You don’t have to have to worship sehanine, but it is the deity that by far supports bow clerics the most.  Other choices are more dependent on domain: Luck, Sun, Darkness, and Freedom are all useful since those channel diviniity powers could be useful to you and open up some other options.  Corellon is if you want to be a bow warpriest

3 Main Builds:

Templar with weapon and/or implement powers.  This is a pure cleric build, probably with battle clerics lore and with a high wisdom.

Templar Hybrid.  This is a hybrid cleric with bow powers who picks from monk, seeker, ranger, or bard usually.  You usually draw on cleric for things like your minor and immediate powers.  You can be a controller or striker with strong leader tendencies or a more diverse leader than a pure cleric this way.

Corellon Warpriest.  This is from the Neverwinter guidebook, uses wisdom and your choice for secondary stat and lets you switch between melee and ranged if you want to.  Technically you have a rider to healing word that sometimes keys to constitution, but you don't have to invest in con and because of that both dex and int can work as a secondary stat.  Gives you lots of movement options, but you have no choice in your base at will or encounter powers and no hybrids.  Allies can ignore difficult terrain and eventually shift and potentially go invisible when you use healing word.  At late heroic you can teleport when you use a force or radiant encounter power.


Recomendations are all preracials and assume you are either doing a pure cleric or a dex/wis build hybird or mc build.  Some will want to do artificer or bard, in which case you treat intelligence or charisma as you would normally treat dexterity.  Stat recommendations are preracial bumps.

Strength: You don’t need it. 8-10
: Nice to have if you can put some points into it, but there are not many cleric powers you will take that have a con rider.  A few correllon warpriests might want it higher, but normally 10-13.
This needs to be up there with wisdom most of the time, but for a few builds is not as important.  16 if going for a hybrid dex build, 12-16 otherwise.
Dump it normally, though it does effect some skills. 8-10  Darkblue and 16 for Artificer Hybrids or mc aritifer
: Usually your most important stat. 16 for some hybrids, pure clerics 16-18
: Ok to put some points into it, since a few of your powers will have charisma riders and bard/warlock multiclassing is sometimes nice. 10-14.  16 and darkblue for hybrid bards.

Suggested point buy: Dex 16 Wisdom 16 Con 12 Cha 12 Str 10 Int 8 is the most obvious choice.  If you are not planning on taking any ranger or rogue powers, you should put 16-18 into wisdom and the rest into charisma, dexterity, and constitution.

Class Features:

Clerics Lore: Battle cleric's lore is probably better than healer's lorefor you.   Its a +2 when you let someone spend a surge and at least a +2 to your AC. If you plan to plink away from enemies at the back and as a hybrid are your groups only healer is about the only time I would ever consider healer's lore and even then I would go with Battle Cleric's Lore.

Armor: I am assuming that you are boosting your dex as a secondary stat in which case go with hide, but hybrid builds should go with charisma as a secondary stat and they should use scale.  As of now Battle Cleric's Lore means you don't have to spend your hybrid feat for chain proficiency, though I expect that to change at some point.

Channel Divinity: Pure clerics should go with Favor of the Gods for sure, which will be the default one you use most encounters.  Turn undead is a better choice for you than healer's mercy, but not by a huge amount.  For hybrids if you do take channel divinity, go with Favor of The Gods since that will see use each encounter.


These are the races I generally recommend.  Alhoough elf is the best the others are not that far behind.  Any race that gets bumps to either dex or wis is worth looking at and charisma, followed by con are your next best choices.  For those going for hybrid artificer or bard my recommendations are in the multiclass/hybrid section, but int/wis or cha/wis are the stat pairings you want there.  Small races are not that bad off even when using a shortbow, since if you worship sehanine you have good reason to use a short bow.

: The assumed Race for bow clerics.  Good stats and racial features and you automatically have long bow proficiency.  And you qualify for several paragon paths and feats.

Eladrin: No wisdom bonus, but they qualify for the seldarine dedicate path and give you other good stat boosts for hybrids and have good racial support.

Razorclaw Shifter: Good stats and decent racial features

Human: You can make either dex or wis your stat bump, plus you have good paragon paths and the extra at will and feat are good to have.

Deva If going pure cleric or artificer hybrid this has the best stats and has good racial support as well.  Not bad for other builds either.

Drow: Good stats and the racial boost is nice

Goblin If you are going to use a shortbow anyways this is a good choice.  Nice movement utility and a dex/wis bonus.

Half elf: If you don’t want to hybrid, but do want to twin strike, this is one of your better options.  You can pick up twin strike (and use wisdom for it in pararon), you qualify for elf and human feats, and you get a wisdom bump.

Wilden Good stats and Voyage of the Ancients and Pursuit of the Hunter both work.

Thri kreen Good stats and fast.  Decent racial abilities

Githzerai Good stats and racial ablilities and can also go artificer.

Halfling Charisma and Dex boosts  Not too bad if you worship Sehanine since you don't mind the short bow.  If I was going rogue or bard this is a race I would look at.

Kalashtar If you are going pure cleric or hybrid bard this has the best starting stats

Revanant Dex and charisma and some of the best racial support.

Bladling Very good stats, but no support.

Snerfneblin  Another small race with a wisdom bonus.

Kobold Decent racial stats and shifting.

Bugbear If your DM allows it, this has the biggest bow possible.  Decent stats.


You can avoid taking the religion skill if you hybrid, but if you go single class cleric you have to take it.  Otherwise try to get perception, stealth, nature, insight, and heal.  Thievery, diplomacy, and intimidate are not bad choices either.


Great bow is your best choice if you are playing a medium sized race, longbow if you are going seldarine dedicate or have a way to get proficiency without spending a feat, and shortbow for halflings and some Sehanine clerics.  It might not be worth spending a feat for great bow if you can bow proficiency some other way.

You are probably going to want to get a weapliment fairly early on.  Most of the time you will want the versatile expertise feat bow/holy symbol since the bow expertise feat does not work on implement powers.  Ki focus expertise can work if you go that route.

Here are your choices for how to get a bow weapliment: take the seldarine dedicate paragon path, worship sehanine and take the moonbow dedicate feat, worship sehanine and get a moonbow, use a weapon of evil undone, hybrid monk, elf mc warlock get a pactbow, mc or hybrid Bard and get a songbow or euphonic bow paragon path, or mc artificer with spell commander paragon path.


Gritty Sargeant.  Free longbow proficiency or shortbow for small characters.  It saves you a feat and if you are not doing a hybrid with a class like ranger, not taking Moonbow Dedicate, or are not playing an elf, that is a good deal.

Impiltur. Use your wisdom for your hitpoints.

Aglarond: Opens up Thay Infiltrator paragon path for hybrid rangers.

Perception.  A background that gives you this as a class skill is nice if you are not going to get it from hybrid or multiclassing.



There have been two groups of themes so far: Darksun and Dragon.  Darksun themes have more opportunities for free power swaps and are sometimes prereqs for paragon paths.  Dragon themes have few power swaps, but come with extra features at 5th and 10th level.  Both give you an extra power at level 1.  Generally the rankings take in all those potential benefits, but you should go with a dragon theme the vast majority of the time and those are the only ones I will list here.

Elemental Initiate This is only here for corellon warpriests or those who take guileful switch since the power is melee.  But this gives you a ki focus and the rest of the theme is good.

Gloomwrought Emmisary Decent weakening power you can use with a ranged weapon and a good level six movement utility.  Most of the skills it helps use charisma so for hybrid bards that could help.

Shield of devotion power is a good immediate reaction power like reverent mettle and can be used twice.  It also has good utilities.
Noble Get some enabling with the theme power.  Use the free item for a symbol of the holy nimbus (its common).  Decent utility powers.

Ooze Master A good minor action ranged implement power.  One of the better choices for those going off controller or off striker.  If you can get a bow that does acid damage you will start cuasing CA at level 10 when you hit with it.

Order Adept: This gives you a good level one minion clearing power.  And you can swap out for wizard utilities, like shield.  And a bonus to will.

Ordained Priest: Has a close blast radiant power.  Also religion and inisght with bonus to your allies saves.

Primordial Adept A good implement controllerish theme.  Either a cold blast power (with push and vuln cold) or a area fire power (with prone difficult terrain), both party unfriendly.  The kicker is that at level 10 you either get a +2 power bonus to cold and lightning or fire and thunder damage, with the cold one being a nice boost to several powers you might take.

Scholar: lots of languages, a new skill training and you are better at monster knowledge checks.

Seeker of Illifan Lets you reroll a 1 and you can't be surprised at level 10

Seer Good tactical feature and bonuses to useful skills
Skyblue if you have favor of the Gods

Sensate The overwhelmeing reason to take this theme is that it gives you temp hitpoints when you use an encounter or daily attack power.  Also gives you a nice boost to skills at level 10, but no free power and the utilties are only ok for a cleric.  

Sidhe Lord Only reason to take this is the wierd level 2 action point utilty.  It will give you good enabling most encounters

Spellscared Harbinger Good extra movement or utitliy powers.  And some invisibility.

Wizards Apprentice It has a good dazing implement power and gives you a free common item.  The level 6 movement utility is decent. 


Assume you are going to either hybrid or multiclass if you want to play a bow cleric.  Here are your main options along with a couple of power suggestions for each level for hybrids and possible power swap choices.  Paragon paths and feats are in the posts below.


The most common choice.  Hybridding gives you access to prime shot through your hybrid talent, which is the way to go if you care about damage.  Follow it up with Prime Quarry and improved prime shot.  You also get long and short bow proficiency this way.

If you hybrid then you can use twin strike at will.  That is the main reason to do it, and you will be using your cleric encounter powers for attacks and trying to use as many minor action and immediate powers as you can.  Avoid taking cleric standard action utility powers, but it is ok to take one or two of the big daily ones like battle surge or spirit of healing.

Multiclassing ranger will give you access to power swap feats and some ranger feats and paragon paths.  For those who primarily want to be a leader with some bow tricks this is the way to go.  If you PMC, which I don't recommend unless you are denied hybridding by your DM, take courageous shooter.

Power Suggestions

Look for immediate and minor action powers along with stances.  Several powers key off of wisdom so that is good for you and I would at least take one of the many encounter defensive movement utilities.  The one thing to remember is that you can only usually get off 3-4 immediate action powers an encounter so keep that in mind when picking your powers

Ranger Powers

At Will:

Twin Strike
Your go to choice for damage.
Nimble Strike: Only really worth looking at if you are playing a human and need a third at will.

Level 1 Encounter

Evasive Strike Shift keyed to your wis mod before a 2W attack

Fox's Cunning Immediate reaction shift and attack w/wis mod bonus to hit.

Two fanged Strike Like twin striker with more damage.

Level 1 Daily

I would probably take a cleric power this level.

Sure Shot Single target attack with high damage and a reroll if you miss.

Hunter's Bear Trap Single target with slowed and 5 onging damage (save ends).

Skirmishing Stance Bonus ac, reflex, and damage when you move at least 4.

Level 2 Utility

You should take a ranger power this level

Invigorating Stride Shift your wis mod and use second wind.

Oak Skin Damage resistance keyed to your wisdom mod all encounter.

Stalkers Mist An encounter long movable obscuring area

Yield Ground Immediate reaction that lets you shift your wis mod and gives you a defense bonus.

Level 3 Encounter

Disruptive Strike An interrupt that gives your enemy an attack penalty keyed to your wis mod.

Thundertusk Boar Strike Two attacks that push keyed to you wis mod.

Level 5 Daily

I would probably go with a ranger power this level

Flying Steel
Gives you immediate reaction attacks if the target is without cover

Spitting Cobra's Stance If I were hybridding this would probably be what I would take this level.  Immediate interrupt for a basic attack all encounter

Level 6 Utility

This is the big level for cleric healing powers, but there are some good ranger encounter utilities to look at.

Death Threat
Free action to apply your quarry to a new target with CA.

Serpentine Dodge Shift your 1+ wis mod and get a bonus to your defenses.

Weave through the Fray  This is a lot of movement as an immediate reaction and a good way to get out of tight spots.

Level 7 Encounter

Biting Volley Two attacks that can crit on 18-20.  This is better if you have gambler's word.

Level 9 Daily

Attacks on the Run Move your speed with 2 big attacks.

Jarring Salvo Three pushing attacks.

Springback Shot Interrupt shift and immobilize

Level 10 Utility

Defensive Volley Reaction that reduces allies damage

Hunter's Thorn Trap A square does auto damage and immobilizes an enemy

Resume The Hunt Free move and defense bonus when you drop an enemy

Level 13 Encounter

Pinning Strike Two attacks that immobilize

Level 15 Daily

Confounding Arrows Daze or Stun enemies.

Reactive Shot Free designated quarry and attack when you roll initiative

Level 16 utility

Evade the Blow Daily way to shift away from an attack

Howling Winds A daily that lets you slide an enemy your wis mod each round.  Combine with blade barrier.

Wary Shooter Avoid OA from making ranged attacks for a round each encounter.

Level 17 Encounter

This has several good choices, but this is also the clerics best encounter power level.  I recommend you take sever the source this level since if you use immediate or minor action or action point attacks you can take advantage of the damage vulnerability until the end of your next turn.

Arrow of Vengeance A reaction power that lets you attack with a power bonus keyed to your wisdom.

Duck and Draw Interupt to shift wis mod and then attack.

Pounding Barrage Three attacks that potentially immobilize.

Level 19 Daily

Surprising Arrow Stance A stance that lets you do interrupt attacks that stop movement.

Level 22 Utility

Fleet of Foot A stance that lets you move without provoking OA.

Master of the Hunt Stance with a bonus to damage equal to your wis mod.

Safe Stride Shift your wis mod as a minor action.  Only encounter one in this group.

Stepping through The Veil Invisible when not next to enemies at end of turn

Level 23 Encounter

Manticore's Volley A bunch of attacks with extra Ws against one creature.

Level 25 Daily

I would go for a cleric power this level

Pinning Arrow Rain Party friendly burst that immobilizes (save ends) and possibly restrains and does extra damage.

Ranger's Resurgence Single target damage that recharges a ranger encounter power.

Level 27 Encounter

I think you are likely better off with a cleric power this level.

Lightning Shot An immediate reaction power that does damage to a creature that just took damage.

Level 29 Daily

Five Missile Dance Lots of shifting with 5 attacks that potentialy immobilize, prone & do extra damage


A lot of people prefer the seeker for more of multiclass build, but if you want to do a ranged controller/leader this works well.  If you have another leader in the party that is granting RBAs this hybrid is one of your better options since it can get very good RBAs.  The main advantage is that this is the only bow using class that shares wisdom as its attack stat.  Pick bloodbond for for your seeker option.  The hybrid talent feat lets you count as a bloodbond for power riders, so its usefullness depends on whether you want the feats, paragon path, and powers that need that prereq.  You can put this off for a while or use the feat for a channel divinity instead depending on your build choices.

Unfortunately the class has not gotten any support since PHB3 so your power choices are limited and it does not bring much in the way of feats or paragon paths.  In general seeker powers are pretty terrible, but they have just enough decent to good ones most levels that they hybrid well.

Power Suggestions

Seeker Powers

erdana">At Will:

Biting Swarm A decent attack debuff that is an RBA.  The seeker handbook used to say this is the best at will the class has
Grappling Spirits
erdana"> A slowing power that prevents them from shifting.

Tidal Spirit Shot  Party friendly burst that slides!

Level 1 Encounter

Possesing Spirits A ranged attack that froces the target to make a MBA, which potentially dazes both of them.

Steel Forest A burst 1 that creates difficult terrain that damages enemies that don't shift through it.erdana">

erdana">Level 1 Daily

erdana">Swarming Bats A party friendly burst 2 ranged attack that lets you slide enemies around.  It creates a movable and sustainable zone of difficult terrain.

Level 2 Utility

None.  take a cleric power.

Level 3 Encounter

Escaping Shot A single target dazing power that lets you shift a lot if you took the hybrid talent feat.  If you didn't pick another power.

Into the Black Bog
A telporting power that debuffs damage keyed to your wis mod.

Stampede Shot
This is an ok pushing power with decent damage that targets fort. 

Level 5 Daily

Ensnaring Shot This is a single target restraining attack that creates a sustainable zone that immobilizes through OAs.

Level 6 Utility

Earthbond Gift A good temp hitpoint power, but it only activates if you are bloodied or weakened.  It can potentially remove the weakened condition too.

Level 7 Encounter

Feyjump Shot A multitarget attack that teleports and potentially dazes.

Level 9 Daily

Take a cleric one

Level 10 Utility

Feywild jump A good movement utility that takes you off the board at the end of your turn

Level 13 Encounter

Swarming Spirits A blinding attack that penalizes a bunch of enemies attacks if you took the hybrid talent feat for bloodbond.

Rabid Shot A vs fort attack that forces the target to charge someone.

Level 15 Daily

Fey Sinkhole A zone that lets you use OAs to daze and later teleport enemies back into the zone.

Wave of Sleep A party friendly daze (save ends) that can make them unconscious (save ends)

Level 16 Utility

Earthfriend A sustainable daily that lets your party ignore difficult terrain.

Sure Sight A daily that lets you ignore concealment, gives you darkvision, and makes you immune to blindness.

Level 17 Encounter

Sprite Dance A decent teleporting power that lets an ally make a MBA against the target.

Level 19 Daily

Captivating Missile A single target RBA dominating power.

Level 22 Utility

Guiding Spirit +5 to your next ranged attack roll as an encounter power.

Land passage An immediate interrupt that moves you and potentially an ally out of danger and into a new position.

Level 23 Encounter

Roaring missile A party firendly burst 2 vs fort dazing attack

Wisp Shot A single target polymorph save ends power.

Level 25 Daily

I would normally take a cleric power or captivating missile if you haven't already taken it, but fading grotto is decent.

Slavering Sentinels A decent conjuration power that creates 4 sustainable sentinals that damage and push as OAs.

Fading Grotto Potentially removes some enemies from play for a round each. 

Level 27 Encounter

Fey Commander's Lure A good teleport and debuff attack power.

Level 29 Daily

Baleful Shot Single target stunned (save ends) attack that also penalizes other enemies attacks as an effect.


This is a decent multiclass option for hybrids.  You get flurry of blows as an encounter power, which works with close implement/weapon powers.  It also opens up the feat monastic adept for five storms once per encounter and fluid motion, which gives you a scaling bonus to speed.

Monk Hybrid is also an uncommon option for bow clerics, but very doable if you don't mind getting up close and monk/cleric is one of my favorite hybrids.  You need to go centered breath.  You can use any weapon you are proficient with as an implement, but you don't start out proficient with a bow in this case unless you got it from something else.  Take a monk power like five storms for melee and silvery arrow for your at will.  You can then use the movement technique at will as long as you are using cleric powers instead of a different full disciple power that round.  Follow up by taking close monk powers and using your hybrid talent for either cleric armor training for hide or unarmored defense if you want to follow up with unarmored agility.  That is two feats for +4 to AC with no armor check penalty vs 1 feat for +3 AC with -1 check.  You might want to start out with hybrid talent for cleric armor at first and maybe retrain it out later on for unarmored defense when you have more feats to play around with.

Power Suggestions

I would go for an at will with a good movement technique since you can use it while using cleric offensive powers.  Try to take party friendly blasts or powers that let you end your turn away from enemies.  Take close cleric powers, with a ranged at will.  Also monks don't have many very good powers, but they have just enough very good ones that you will be ok.

Monk Powers

erdana">At Will:

Five Storms Close burst with a good movement technique.  IMO the power for hybrid monks

Steel Wind It is a close blast 2 and has an ok movement technique.

Fallen Needle You mainly want this for the movement technique.

Dancing Cobra This does extra damage keyed to your wisdom mod if they made an OA against you this turn.

erdana">Level 1 Encounter

Drunken Monkey A fun power that forces an enemy to attack another enemy.

Open the Gate of Battle A high damage attack that lets you escape from an adjacent enemy.

Level 1 Daily

Masterful Spiral This is a party friendly close burst power that lets you increase the reach of your melee touch attacks.  More useful for a pure monk, but not bad for some clerics.

Spinning Leopard Maneuver If you are not taking a cleric power, I like this one.  You can hit a lot of targets with this and move out of danger the same round.

Level 2 Utility

At low levels I would take swift flight and maybe retrain it for supreme flurry later on.

Supreme Flurry This is dark blue at higher levels, since your flurry power and speed will increase.

Swift Flight At low levels this is a good bit of flight each encounter keyed to your wis mod.

Level 3 Encounter

Eternal Mountain
A good close burst 1 power.  The movement technique is only ok for hybrids.

Enduring Champion A single target power that gives you a save with a bonus equal to your wis mod.

Level 5 Daily

Monks really don't have any standout level 5 powers, so I would go with a cleric power or a level 1 Monk power

One Hundred Leaves  A party unfriedly blast that pushes and lets you use your flurry of blows a little more

Level 6 Utility

Centered Defense A hard choice vs some of the cleric powers this level.  But a +2 bonus to defenses all encoutner is nice since you are right next to your enemies with this build.

Purifying Meditation At higher levels this is a guaranteed save for you each encounter.

Level 7 Encounter

Arc of the Flashing Storm A single target sliding attack keyed to your wis mod that lets you knock over a bunch of other enemies

Level 9 Daily

Crane Dance Multitarget shifting attack where you prone your enemies

Twilight Touch
Blinds up to 3 creatures

Level 10 Utility

Iron Dragon Defense Reduce10 + wis mod in damage each encounter

Iron Heart Resilience
A bunch of free saves at the beginning of each of your turns, but with a penalty

Level 13 Encounter

Furious Bull
A party friendly close burst 2 attack that dazes, slides, and lets you shift

Torrent of Falling Knives A good shifting multitarget attack

Level 15 Daily

Dancer on the Sea of Battle Another big shifting and proning multiattack

Mithral Tornado Party friendly burst that does some ongoing damage, ongoing lowered defenses, and lets you fly.

Level 16 Utility

Diamond Mind An interrupt boost to your will

Stance of the Still Sword
Stance that lowers the attack rolls against you by 2

Level 17 Encounter

Steps of Grasping Fire A party unfriendly blasting fire attack.  The movement technique allows you to provoke OAs that deal fire damage to those who attack you keyed to your wis mod and leave firey terrain keyed to your wis mod

Level 19 Daily

Rising Dragon Fire A party unfriendlr close burst power that creates a sustatainable zone where you do extra fire damage.

Level 22 Utility

I think in general the cleric choices offer more this level, but these are not bad.

Diamond Body An interrupt that gives you 20 resist

Empty Body You are insubtantial and phasing.

Level 23 Encounter

Legion of One is a good choice, but clerics get spirit flame which has about the same area with a bunch of condition removal.

Legion of One This is a big party friendly close burst that lets you shift.

Level 25 Daily

Four Hidden Sounds

Watchful Hydra Technique A big close burst attack that expands the number of targets of your flurry of blows 

Level 27 Encounter

Tough choice between single target domination Heart Sundering Strike and the clerics multitarget stunning Healer's reproof.

Celestial Drunken Boxer A close burst attack that forces the targets to make basic attacks with attack bonuses keyed to your wis mod
Heart Sundering Strike  A domnation attack.

Level 29 Daily

Mist on the Storm A big party friendly blast attack that weakens and makes you phasing.

Stunning Fist  A single target stunned (save ends) attack.


Hybridding bard has some interesting options and you get chain and longbows.  You will want to spend your hybrid talent feat on virtue of prescience.  Bards like bow implements already and you can do a wis/cha build for both.  Bards are not good healers, but are good enablers so this is a good way to pick the best of that for both classes.  That leads to you having weak Nads, but very strong riders.  For races deva and kalashtar are your two best bets.  If you want to do a strong enabling/healing combination this is an excellent way to go.

Multiclassing bard gives you access to a wide range of Songbows and an extra daily heal.  If you don’t care what bow you use, this is a good option for some hybrids to pick up a bow weapliment.

Suggested Powers

For bards pick enabling powers and powers with wisdom riders to complement the healing powers you will be taking from your cleric class.  I would not take any bard healing powers except for some of the surge free ones like saga of vengence, but bards have a lot of other interesting powers to pick from.  Bards have many psychic powers so if you want to go with a psychic damage theme and psychic lock that is an option.

Bard Powers

For all bard powers I am assuming you spent your hybrid talent on virtue of prescience.

erdana">At Will:

Staggering Note Pushing and an ally gets to make an melee basic attack against your target.  Clerics can't normally enable like this and bards normally can't heal like clerics so this power is an example of what makes the hybrid work.

Cutting Words I like this for forced movement, but staggering note is still better most of the time. 

Jinx Shot A good power, with a potential proning.  The only actual bow at will power.

Viscious Mockery A decent debuff

erdana">Level 1 Encounter

Prophesized Strike This competes with the cleric's Phropehtic Guidance.  This does damage right away and has weapon range, but can miss.  Prophetic Guidance is an automatic effect, provides a bigger boost/debuff and it is a reroll on any ally miss, instead of a double roll for one ally, so I like it more most fo the time.

Blunder If you didn't take staggering note consdier this.

Prophetic Action
Range 10.  You do pyschic damage and an ally missed by that enemy gets to shift your wisdom mod.  OK power, but only reason I am listing it is that it is prescient. 

Shout of Triumph A party friendly blast with some movement of enemies and allies.

Victim of the Feywild A good teleportation power for 2 of your allies.

Level 1 Daily

Arrow of Warning This is the power that most competes with the cleric dailies for variety.  It is an immediate interrupt that does 3W damage and lets an ally make a basic attack with your wis mod as a bonus to hit.

Stirring Shout Decent surge free healing.

Level 2 Utility

Clerics don't have any good encounter utilites this level, so moment of escape is my pick for best power to pick up this level.

Moment of Escape  A good encounter movement power for allies.

Beguiling Ballad A decent daily with an interesting effect of teleporting an ally and making an enemy unable to see it (Save ends)

Level 3 Encounter

Rhyme of the blood seeking blade This is the power to take if you have a melee striker in your power.  Make sure they land their attack as an interrupt.

Level 5 Daily

Compulsion Ranged 10. A good single target forced movement power.

Satire of Bravery A close blast that pushes and creates a save ends effect that punishes enemies that end their turn closer to you.

Timeless Trek in Mithrendain Ranged 5 Single target banishing power.

Tune of Ice and Wind A party friendly area attack that slides and slows (save ends)

Level 6 Utility

I like the cleric utilities a bit more for hyrbids this level

Chord of Resilience
Like cleric's level 10 reverent mettle, but with better range and this one can't be recharaged.

Dramatic Shift
Lets party shift as minor action for a round 

Glimpse the Future

Level 7 Encounter

Insightful Shot A weapon power that lowers the targets defenses.

Deflect Attention A ranged 10 psychic power that makes a party member invisible to the target.  This does psychic damage so some might be betting off with this over searing light, but blinding is usually better than making one party member invisible.

Unluck Ranged 5 My choice for this level. A small amount of necrotic damage and you can replace one the targets next d20 roll and do the same for an ally targeting it.

Level 9 Daily

Saga of Vengeance Good weapon damage and allies get extra saves or surge free healing when they hit the target.

Hideous Laughter Ranged 10 psychic power that prevents the target from taking OAs.

Wail of Anguish Lets you make close burst OAs when enemies start their turn within 3 of you that does a little damage and prevents them from shifting.

Level 10 Utility

Tough call between mantle of unity and illusary erasure.

Illusory Erasure Make an ally invisible and slide him

Mantle of Unity Everyone in a close burst picks the highest defense of the targets and everyone gets to use it for a round.

Savior's Song Allies get to reroll a saving throw each round they are near you.

Level 13 Encounter

Foolhardy Fighting A ranged 10 psychic power that causes their attacks to provoke OA.

Insult of Passivity A ranged 10 psychic power that causes them to be dazed until they are attacked.

Sharp Retort An ranged 10 interrupt that triggers when the enemy makes a saving throw.  Does psychic damage almost guarantees they fail the save. You want this for powers like satire of evasion and satire of promise.

Song of Storms A party friendly blast that gives your allies extra lightling damage for a round.

Level 15 Daily

Iceshard Shot A single target ongoing cold damage power, where you can deny the enemy saves.

Satire of Evasion A ranged 10 power that lets you reroll your allies rolls when they miss the target (save ends).

Strike Up the Dance  You can target up to 3 creatures with this power.  It lets you immobilize them (save ends) with a free slide at the beginning of their turn while immobilized.

Whispers of the Dream King A ranged 5 power that makes the target unconcious (save ends), though they get a save when damaged.  When they save your allies get to teleport.

Level 16 Utility

Haste You give an ally a standard action

Song of Sublime Snowfall A sustainable zone that is difficult terratin and that gives out surge free healing.

Level 17 Encounter

Balance of Fortune A weapon attack that lets you subtract a d6 from their attack rolls and add a d6 to your allies attack rolls.

Strings of Fate Up to 3 creatures are targets and they use their reflex score for their AC for the next round.

Masks of Menace A ranged 10 good single target psychic debuff.

Resounding War Cry A blast 5 of thunder damage where your allies can daze the targets.

Level 19 Daily

Corralling Song A party friendly burst with forced movement that damages (save ends) enemies that move away from your allies.

Irresistible Dance A burst small burst psychic attack that causes targets to grant CA (save ends) with a slide keyed to your charisma mod.

Satire of Prowess A single target attack that causes enemy to roll twice and take lowest result, while allies roll twice and take higher result. (save ends).

Level 22 Utility

Climactic Chord
This is more of an ally attack enabling power than a utility.

Invisible Troupe A good close burst invisibiliy encounter power.

Queen's Clemency An at will ally teleportation power.

Level 23 Encounter

Reverberating Shot This is a ranged bow attack that does thunder damage and gives nearby allies an excellent power boost keyed to wisdom to either AC or attack rolls

Chant of Bad Fortune A close burst psyhic attack that penalizes enemies saves and grants your allies a save as an effect

Level 25 Daily

Frenzied Rhythm Close burst attack that lets you slide enemies, forces them to make an attack and stuns them

Virtuoso of Misfortune An area pyschic attack that penalizes enemies saves (save ends) and when the target fails a save your allies can make saves

Vision Distortion An area radiant attack that lets you and your allies become invisible to the target.

Level 27 Encounter

Binding Rhythm Ranged 10 power that slides, immobilizes and punishes enemies for moving away from target.

Pounding Rhythm Close blast thunder power where enemies are stunned if they get hit by your allies

Second Chances A ranged 10 psychic power that lets allies reroll an attack roll.

Level 29 Daily

Arrow of Destiny A weapon attack power that lets you use immediate interrupts to make ally hits crits (save ends).

Shockwave Strike A close burst thunder power that lowers AC of enemies with sustatainable thunder damage.  Keyed to Con so only ok for bow hybrids.

Spellbind Single target ranged 10 domination (save ends) then dazed.


If you want to go pure leader using a bow or crossbow, artificer is another choice either for mulitlcassing or hybridding, but you won't get a solid RBA that way.  You need int/wis for your stats if possible, which bumps up the Deva, Githzerai, and Shardmind as your top races, with ones like gnome, tiefling, and eladrin being second tier.   That opens up spell commander as a paragon path and that is one of the best leader paths there is, which is the main reason I would go this route.  MC Artificer is also probably the best way to make an effective correlon warpriest since they don't care about their secondary stat and want a ranged weapon.

Suggested powers

You want magic weapon for your at will, with lance of faith as your other if you have access to the power of arcana feat.  After that I recommend going for ranged implement and weapon powers that have wisdom riders.  And probable at least one immediate ranged weapon power.   There is no current artificer guide, but I don't plan on doing a power guide for now at least.


Mainly just for elves and half elves and sehanine worshippers since with Treetop Sniper and Moonbow Stalker you can make sneak attacks with bows and use longbows for rogue crossbow powers, shortbows for Moonbow Stalkers.  Hybridding is a bit rare, but it works.  This is not a common way for people to make bow clerics but it works if you are really insterested in ranged rogue powers.  Other clerics can use a crossbow for cleric implement powers if you have a weapon of evil undone crossbow, multiclass bard for the various bard Songbow crossbows, or go with artificer for the spell commander paragon path.

Power Suggestions

The main key is that you need to limit yourself to crossbow powers.  I would go for ones that let you save on actions.

For now at least I don't plan on doing a full write up since I don't think it is a common enough option and you don't have that many choices.


Multiclassing warlock gives elves access to pact bows.  It is not that great of a choice for your weaplement, but needs to be mentioned.  The other thing it does is give you access to the starfire womb feat, which is a good choice for those focusing on radiant damage since it gives you extra saving throws.  If you are going wis/cha this is an option.

Cleric Powers

Check the mulitclassing/hyrbid section above for other classes powers.  Cleric power's are usually geared towards buffing/debuffing and healing, with the healing powers being very strong.  The most common damage type for the powers listed here is radiant, although occasionally there will be cold, psychic, fire, or necrotic damage.  A few cleric encounter and daily powers are auto hit.  While cleric powers sometimes have consitution rides, so far the only secondary stat used in this guide is charisma.  Cleric area powers are almost all party friendly. Their powers tend to be fairly short range, either ranged 5 or close, but if they are 10 squares or more than I will note it so that those who want to stay far away can.

Several of the Neverwinter cleric powers work with either ranged or melee weapons.

At will

Weapon Powers:

Silvery Arrow  For pure cleric builds and for hybrid bards this is a good choice.  You need a decent charisma to get the riders, but it at least does radiant damage.

Blessing of the Wild It has a useful shift effect for the cleric or an ally.  Can also be used with melee weapons.

Graceful Switch Lets you switch out weapons before the attack and can be used in melee as well.  This does force and radiant damage so its very hard to resist.

Implement powers:

Sacred Flame This is for when you really need to give an ally a save.  There are times where this is a better choice to use than twin strike so if I was playing a hybrid ranger I would probably take this power.

Death's Shadow Melee implement attack that does cold damage.  Makes sure that you have something for when enemies are next to you and you can't get away.  If I was playing a hybrid ranger this would probably be a cleric power I would consider after sacred flame.

Gaze of Defiance Gives allies a bonus to attack the enemy that goes up if it attacks you. Does psychic damage so bards should especially look at it in paragon.

Lance of Faith Makes one ally more likely to hit the target and does radiant.



Level 1 Encounter

Weapon Powers:

Faerie Flame Strike  High damage and does fire and radiant. As effect target can't benefit from concealment.

Implement Powers:

Bane Ranged 10.  For non hybrids and bards this is a good choice since you need a good charisma score.  Sets up allies for focus firing and makes it less likely the target will hit anyone.

Divine Glow  Radiant damage in a close blast with an effect of a power boost to attacks for allies.

Vengeful Flare Highest single target damage power of level with a debuff to the targt's defenses.  Fire damage with a chance to do some radiant damage as well if you just used healing word.


Prophetic Guidance  This power is autohit and it helps set up ally novas, but it does not do any damage.

Level 1 Daily

Moment of Glory  This is a non damaging close blast power, but generally considered one of the most overpowered level 1 dailies.  The damage reduction is very useful.

Beacon of Hope For nonhybrids this is skyblue since hybrids don't have as many healing powers usually.  Its still a decent close power for hybrids if you have a lot of healing powers at later levels.

Astral Condemnation If you would rather do single target radiant damage than this is a power to take.  It has a decent sustainable damage debuff keyed to your charisma.

Level 2 Utility

For utility powers I recommend avoiding standard action powers unless they are very strong.

Bless Simple +1 to the party for attack rolls.

Shield of Faith +2 to ac for paty

Return from Death's Door Main thing this has going for it is that it is an immediate reaction to let a dying ally spend a surge.

Blackened Soul Unlike Return this is a minor action.  It heals twice as much and gives them a power bonus to attack damage rolls.  They grant CA for the encounter, but this is a power you use towards the middle or end of an encounter.

Resurgent Strength Does less than blackened soul, but your ally does not have to be dying to use it and you can use it on yourself.

Level 3 Encounter

Allied Attack Ranged weapon power (also melee) that as an effect lets an ally reroll attack.  Does a little radiant damage.

Daunting Light Ranged 10 Good single target radiant damage and ally gets CA.

Death Surge Hybrid rangers should seriously consider this since it is a close burst immediate reaction with a good effect.

Destined Duel Decent radiant damage and can help set up allies.  Basically a more powerful version of lance of faith

Light of Avandar Party friendly radiant AoE with allies getting a bonus to AC.

Hymn of Resurgance A non damaging blast power, but it has a large area and good effect for allies.

Level 5 Daily

Consecrated Ground Post errata this is really only good for hybrid monks.

Iron To Glass
Ranged 10 and no damage.  Its a good debuff power to use on an elite or solo at the beginning of a fight.

Revealing Light Good ranged 10 single target radiant damage against lurkers.  Ongoing radiant damage and they can't become hidden.

Sundered Fortune Initially a non damaging power, but they get an interesting debuff that penalizes their attack rolls and damages them when they hit with an attack or make a save.  They also grant CA as an effect.  A bit swingy in how effective it is, but it can be very effective.

Weapon of the Gods  For hybrids this is good to use on your own bow.  More radiant damage for your weapon attacks and a debuff to the targets ac when you hit someone with a weapon attack.

Level 6 Utility

This is the big heroic level for healing utility powers.


Bastion of Health This is a good choice for hybrids since it ups your encounter healing significantly and is a minor action.  Non hybrids have better choices.

Gift fo good fortune If you don't have any other save granting powers this is ok since it is a minor action.

Holy Celerity A minor action for you or your ally to ignore immobilized, restrained, or slowed.

Walk Among the Wounded For speedy archers this is a good way to boost your allies AC for a round and you get to move while you do it.


Divine Favor This is a good buff to put on yourself at the beginning of an encounter, but it is a standard action.

Gravesite A decent buffing zone, but not that great for a ranged cleric.

Mark of Victory  A good single target attack buff that lasts the encounter for a minor action

Stream of Life If you are able to get regeneration in any way, this is a solid fire and forget surge free healing power.

Spirit of Healing A big sustainable surge free healing power for when your allies hit enemies.

Level 7 Encounter

Weapon Powers:

Fey Beguiling vs will for radiant damage (also melee).  charm power that prevents enemy from attacking you and if anyone else voluntarily attacks you it provokes OA from them.

Implement Powers:

Break The Spirit Radiant damage with a range of 10 with a penalty to attack rolls keyed to charisma  For pure clerics this is a darkblue power, but hybrids are better off with something else.

Searing Light Range 10 radiant damage and blinds.

Zealous Sanction Ranged 10 radiant damage and and next ally who hits the target can spend a surge.

Level 9 Daily

Blade Barrier A sustainable walls of blades that deal damage and ongoing damage when a creature starts there turn there.  If you have forced movement focused allies, I would go with this power.

Flame Strike Area damage with a range 10.  Ongoing fire damage keyed to your wisdom mod when you hit. 

Rebuke Violence A good way to take an enemy out a fight for a couple of rounds while you all focus fire on someone else.  Ranged 10

Vengeful Ghosts A blast 5of Necrotic damage that creates a zone where enemies grant CA for the encounter.

Level 10 Utility


Recall Ally Teleports an ally next to you.  This is a decent enabling power

Reverent Mettle Only skyblue for pure clerics, radiant fist monks, or bards who spend their hybrid talent on channel divinity.  Other hybrids should look somewhere else since the value of this power is in the recharges with channel divinity and you probably spent your hybrid talent feat on something else.

Shielding Word An interrupt to give an ally a +4 ac boost.

Word of Vigor Close burst lets you and ally spend surge plus some more.


Battle Surge Good surge free healing and a power bonus to attack rolls.  Too bad it is a standard action 

Wall of Shields A sustainable wall that immobilizes enemies and gives allies a boost to their ac.

Cleric Powers



Level 13

Weapon Powers:

Glimmer Strike Decent radiant damage.  Attack roll ignores cover and concealment, but no leader effect.

Implement Powers:

Crown of Light  This is mostly for pure clerics and hybrid bards because of the charisma rider, but it is ok for others.  A ranged 10 attack that gives an ally a bonus to defenses equal to your charisma modifier and you make a radiant attack against enemies adjacent to them. 

Mantle of Glory Big radiant blast that as an effect lets allies spend a surge.

Remorse Its non damaging but dazes, makes enemies vulnerable 10, and as an effect lets allies spend a surge.

Level 15

Weapon Powers:

Full Eclipse The other cleric power that requires a bow and it has the best range because of that.  It is high single target cold and radiant damage and it blinds save ends.  But the other powers this level will probably do more damage over all or else will blind more targets.

Implement Powers

Brilliant Censure If you find you fight near allies a lot this is a good choice.  It is a close burst blinds (save ends) with no damage.  But your allies near you do an extra 2d6 radiant damage for the rest of the encounter.

Purifying Fire This  ranged 10 area attack.  It does fire damage along with ongoing fire damage that heals your adjacent allies.

Tree of Creation This is a close burst radiant damage attack that also creates a sustainable zone that lets allies get a bonus to will and extra saves against some of the worst conditions: dazed dominated and stunned.  Its a bit situational in its effect, but it is very useful when you are facing enemies that imposed those conditions.

Aura of Astral Radiance A Sustainable Aura 2 that does radiant damage to enemies keyed to your wisdom mod, heals adjacent allies, and gives allies a +2 power bonus to defenses.  Its a power more for front line clerics, but it is still pretty good for monk hybrids at least.

Level 16

The tough part about this level is that all of the good powers are standard actions.  You might want to consider another class's powers if you are a hybrid.


Divine Armor  Its like shield of faith, except smaller range, and it also does damage resistance.

Hallowed Ground This is a big zone that gives your party a boost to saving throws, defenses, and attacks. 


Cloak of Courage This gives your allies a lot of temporary hitpoints.

Astral Shield This creates a moveable shield that lasts all encounter and gives your allies a bonus to AC

Level 17

It is hard to pick a best power this level.  Enthrall is great for starting off combats, Death's call is good action economy with a good boost and lots of targets, and Sever the Source is a lot of damage.  This is probably the single best level for cleric encounter powers.

Weapon Powers:

Harmony of Blades Does force damage and then a little more force damage when an ally attacks.  Only reason I am listing this is that it is one of the few powers clerics have that work with ranged weapons.

Implement Powers:

Range 10 with a smal area immobilization and psychic damage.  Enemies you hit can't make attacks against you for the round, which prevents some blast and area attacks as well.

Death's Call Another immediate reaction close burst power when someone drops to 0.  Burst 5 that targets enemies with psychic damage and as an effect gives you and your allies a +2 bonus to attacks and 10 temp hitpoints.


Sever the Source This is better for pure clerics, but the automatic vulnerability keyed to your wisdom mod applies to your attacks as well.  So if you attack and then follow up with even twin strike you will be doing an extra 17 points or more damage with each hit. 

Level 19

Fire Storm A sustainable fire zone with range of 10 that damages enemies who start their turn in it.  If your party has immobilization/proning tricks this is good.

Moment of Peace Big Blast where the target's attacks do no damage (save ends)

Supernal Radiance Big close burst of radiant damage with automatic ongoing radiant damage in the burst.  The power to take for clerics this level since they missed it in the templar errata.



Level 22


Mass Cure Serious Wounds The cleric power that will most often heal the most.  With the right items this can bring your entire party up past bloodied without spending any surges for a standard action.  Clerics have other daily healing powers this level, but this is overall the most powerful surge free healing utility power in the game.

Purify End all the saves ends effects on your party as a minor action.


Adjure the Chosen  Bonuses to you and your party to speed, attack rolls, damage rolls, and crit range of 18-20.  But its a standard action.

Ramparts of Life Minor action to give you or an ally resist 25.  Character builder says this a daily, but it is wrong.

Level 23

Weapon Powers:

Awful to Behold A very good single target power.  Blinds and does psychic and radiant damage.  All enemies within 5 grant CA as an effect.  Can also be a melee power.

Implement powers:

Healing Torch
Ranged 10 for an area of radiant damage.  And as an effect allies in the area can spend a surge and get a bonus to AC keyed to your charisma mod.  And you get to add your charisma mod to the healing.  The power to take for pure clerics and hybrid bards, but it is not bad for others since at the least it is a healing surge and a small buff to AC for your allies each encounter.

Spirit Flame This does more fire damage to slightly fewer targets in a blast compared to healing torch.  The really good part of the power is that as an effect you get to remove a bunch of really bad conditions on yourself and each ally gets to remove one as well, including blind, dazed, stunned, and weakened.

Level 25

Call the Hungry Ghosts Blast of necrotic damage.  The good part about the power is that it creates a sustainable zone that weakens enemies and gives surge free healing to allies.

Sacred Word Close burst stunning on a hit with some psychic damage.  Best for monk hybirds post templar since the range was limited some.

Level 27

Weapon Powers:

Strike of Woe and Weal This targets up to three enemies with force damage.  You spend a surge and for each enemy you hit an ally spends a surge.  Also usable in melee.

Implement Powers:

Healer's Reproof This is tough for most bow clerics since it is close burst 1.  But it stuns and lets ally spend a surge with some extra.  So if I was playing a hybrid monk at least this would be a top choice.

Sublime Light This is a blast power (the compendium says both blast and burst, but divine power says blast) that does radiant damage and blinds.  It also grants saves and prevents enemies from going invisible.

Sunburst At ranged 10, this is the longest ranged of the good cleric implement powers.  Does radiant damage grants you and allies some surge free healing and saves.


Valorous Charge Bow clerics are not that good at enabling, but this is a great power.  You and all allies within 5 can charge or make a basic attack.  And you all get a power bonus to AC equal to your con, so that is probably a +2-3 bonus in your case.

Level 29

Astral Storm A ranged 20 area power that does a lot of multityped damage.  It creates a sustainable zone that does potentially more lightning damage.

Breath of the Stars This is a blast power that does a little bit of everything.  Cold and radiant damage, pushes, dazes (save ends), and a surge worth of free healing, while bringing dying allies up to bloodied.


General Feats


Weapon Proficiency: If you don't have a bow proficiency from your race, Moonbow Dedicate feat, background, or hybridding you need to pick one up.  Greatbow is normally the best choice if you get it this way.

Expertise: You need versatile expertise if you are going with a weapliment.  If you are using both a bow and a holy symbol than I guess you can get both, but that is a bit expensive both for feats and for items.  You get the scaling bonus to attack rolls a bit earlier that way, however.

Improved Defenses

Superior Will:  The ability to save at the beginning of a round for stunned and dazed is very useful.  Dazing prevents the use of minor actions and standard actions on the same turn, which means no sustaining, no healing word, no applying quarry, etc.

Implement Focus: If you are going hybrid monk or atificer this works decently.  Ki focus expertise works better for hybrid monks if you are using a ki focus.  Weapon focus is ok if you are going ranger, but no longer applies to your implement attacks.   If you worship sehanine, you should pick up one of the specilized damage feats.

Battlewise For non dex focused bow clerics this is a good choice, but if you put points in dex avoid this. 

Improved Initiative Going first is good, but this is a feat to squeeze in eventually.

Coordinated Explosion This varies depending on power selection, but clerics have good party friendly AoE powers and you will probably take at least some of them.

Distant Advantage
Probably the best way to regularly get CA for most ranged clerics.

Vicious Advantage Probably second best way to get CA and depending on party it might be better than distant Advantage.

Mark of Healing
Free saves for your allies when you heal them.

Mark of Passage
Mainly for those who go monk or ranger since it increases your shifts from powers.

Wintertouched For those who plan to use a cold bow.  You don't need this in heroic, but combined with lasting frost is an excellent way to increase your damage.  Clerics don't have a huge number of cold powers, but they have enough so that this combination works ok.


Hide Armor Expertise: if you can get the con for it go ahead and take it.  It is nice to boost your armor somehow and with a starting 13 con you will qualify for this in epic.  You don't have many other ways to boost your ac.

Lasting Frost Take with wintertouched

Psychic Lock You have access to a decent number of good psychic powers.


Bow Mastery 19-20 Crit Range on your ranged powers.  It does not help with area/close powers however.

Font of Radiance Extra effects when you crit with radiant power

Long Step Especially if you did not take mark of passage.  Extra 1 on your shifts.  Best for monk and ranger hybrids since they have many shifting options.

Superior Initative You should do something to improve your initiative.

Epic Resurgance Take this shortly after bow mastery.

Cleric Feats



Defensive Healing Word This and shielding word are good additions, but you need a good charisma score.  Blue for pure clerics and high level bards.

Shielding Word If you don't have a high charisma, this is better than defensive healing word and the buff last longer.  Blue for pure clerics

Moonbow Dedicate This is limited to Sehanine worshippers, but it gives you shortbow proficiency, lets you use it as an implement, and gives you weapon/implement focus with it.  The easiest way to get a bow implement out there if you don't care about your deity.

Serene Archery Again limited to Sehanine worshippers, this is for those who don't bump dexterity or hybrid seeker.  It lets you make RBAs with bows using wisdom as your attack stat.  If you did not take silvery arrow or if you have someone in the party granting you basic attacks it goes up to darkblue at least.

Silvery Glow Another Sehanine feat.  Scaling damage with radiant and cold powers.  This is for those who did not take moonbow dedicate since that already gives you a feat bonus to damage.  It will give you a bonus to damage with cold and radiant attacks, so if you pick up a radiant or cold bow this is a good choice.

Channel Divinity Feats:

Path of Freedom A decent Channel Divinity feat and a prereq for avatar of freedom ED.

Imminent Luck Good for elves.

Solar Enemy Radiant Vulnerability

Melora's Tide Some more healing

Power of Amaunator Free extra radiant damage.

Beacon of Dol Arrah Your party rerolls low radiant damage rolls.


Armored By Faith If you have a channel divinity power this is worth taking.

Extended Healing If you are playing your cleric at very long ranges this is useful.  It would not be the first feat I took in paragon, but I would try to get it in if I was playing a long range cleric.

Gambler's Word Extra use of healing word with crits.

Clinging Radiance Targets can't get concealment.


Divine mastery Extra Encounter power when you soend an action point.

Glorious Channeler Pure clerics should be taking this to get mulitple uses of channel divinity.

Punishing Radiance Critting with a divine radiant power causes radiant vulnerability

Radiant Advantage When you deal radiant damage your party gets CA

Racial Feats



Battle Intuition (Deva) Use wisdom instead of dex for int with a +2 bonus.

Blessing of Corellon (elf) Extra healing most encounters with your racial power.  Hybrids should really be taking this and it is a good choice for non hybdrids as well.

Brilliant darkfire (drow) If you are going a wis/cha drow this is a good choice.

Brutal Accuracy (elf ranger) A good damage boost 1/encounter.

Action Surge (human) Make sure that big attack hits.

Radiant recovery (Deva/deva heritage)  If you do go deva this is a regular source of at least some temp hitpoints.

Holy Dilletante (half elf) Once per encounter your dilletante power does radiant damage.  This is only worth it if you are not using a radiant weapon.

Imperious Majesty If there are any tiefling bard/clerics they should take this.

Miryath's First Strike (githyanki)  If you take this go for cleric powers with the psychic keyword and then take psychic lock in paragon.


Dilletante Master (half-elf) Twin Strike at will for non hybrids.

Adept Dilletante (half-elf) Twin strike with wisdom.  Winning.  If you don't want to hybrid but want to act like a ranger this does it, although you have to wait till paragon for it to kick in.  You do count as a ranger if you do this, so no other multiclassing.

Beasthide Shifting (shifters) Resistance.


Energy Transformation (githzeerai) Some options for switching damage types to cold or radiant

Ranger Feats

Even though you can only do quarry damage with ranger powers, you can still use feats that effect your quarry like called shot.


Hobbling Strike Slow in exchange for less quarry damage.  Not everyone will want this, but it is not a bad control option.  It only works on ranger powers.


Prime Quarry Prime Shot is +2 when its your quarry.  Retrain for improved prime shot in epic.

Called Shot This damage works even with cleric powers.


Martial Mastery Recharges marital encounter power when you spend an action point.

Improved Prime Shot This adds another +1 to prime shot ranged attack rolls.

Seeker Feats




Rogue Feats

Tree Top Sniper For Elf rogues

Moonbow Stalker For non elves rogues who worship sehanine.

Martial Mastery Recharges martial encounter power when you spend an action point.

Monk Feats

Fluid Motion Add 1 to your speed, 2 in paragon.


Form Mastery Extra encounter power when you spend an action point.

Centered Master Your flurry of Blows slides 2

Artificer Feats




Bard Feats


Arcane Familiar There are some nice ones to pick from

Bard of All Trades +3 to untrained skills

Extended Prescience This is great for heoric.  Retrain for Prescient Aid at 11.

Improved Majestic Word At epic or if you go blessed pslamist this is darkblue.  You only get 1 use as a hybrid normally howeever.

White Lotus Enervation

White Lotus Hindrance

White Lotus Riposte


Prescient Aid Give an ally a power bonus to a missed attack roll equla to your wis mod as an interrupt.  One of the main reason to hybrid bard.  I don't give out gold ratings very often, but this gets it.

White Lotus Master Hindrance

White Lotus Master Riposte


Prescient Resurgence Recharge Virtue of Prescience with an action point.

Quickened Spellcasting Use an at will power as a minor action.

Supreme Majesty Target two with your majestic words.

Paragon Paths

paragon paths


Seldarine Dedicate For elves and eladrin.  Let you use longbows as implements along with extra healing words and shifting.

Radiant Servant Improved crit range with radiant powers, a good action point feature, and a glood close burst attack power.  The utility won't see much use, but besides that it is pretty good.  Grab a radiant bow and you are off to the races.  With the templar errata this is only good for non-hybrids now. Cry

Morninglord Another pick if you want to focus on radiant damage.  The level 16 feature is very solid for upping your party's radiant damage.  Only drawback is that you need a channel divinity power if you want to make use of Militant Dawn and hybrids will have to spend their hybrid talent to easiliy get one or else take the divine channeler feat.

Paragon Of Victory This is good for any cleric and even better for bow clerics.  Hybrid rangers and monks especially will make good use of Turning the Tide and the action point feature. You get to use a cleric at will power as a minor action for your encounter power.  Has a good daily healing utility which hybrids can use and the daily is a good enabling power.

Arrow of the Moonbeam
This is Sehanine specific and requires that you are either a pure cleric or spent your hybrid talent on channel divinity.  Double rolls for one attack when you spend an action point, you get stealth or a stealth bonus, and you get a very good new channel divinity power at level 16.  The attack powers are both decent cold/radiant weapon powers, with the enounter one letting allies shift and the daily letting them spend a surge.  The daily utility is kind of specific and might not see much use depending on what enemies you fight.


Battlefield Archer Requires your hybrid talent to qualify, but besides that it is very solid.  You can quarry enemies with your wis mod with one action.  The +1 to hit makes up for losing prime shot to some extent and you have lots of other action economies in this path with an immediate reation encounter power and extra action points.

Horizon Walker This is good because its features key off your wis mod.  Higher healing surge value and death saves, plus a good teleportation power.

Ruthless Punisher Focused against humanoids, but you get other benefits like a bonus to ongoing damage equal to your wisdom mod.

Sharpshooter Extra RBAs when you action point and a self buffing utility keyed to your wisdom mod.

Thay Infiltrator Concealment when you deal radiant damage to your quarry.  Other hiding/stealth themes and a free RBA when you use healing word on a dying ally.  Best for hybrids.


Death Arrow If you want to be stealthy this a good choice since it opens up a potential 18-20 crit range with ranged attacks.  The level 12 utility almost guarantees a hit for an elf with your next attack.


Guildmaster Thief Decent Ally enabling features, with a few charisma based ones.

Master Infiltrator Good powers with an invisibility focus.

Shadow Assassin Enemies take your dex mod in damage when they miss you with melee attacks and some decent damaging features.

Verdant Stalker A stealth focused path that gets to ignore difficult terrain.


Ghostwalker Relatively easy to maintain concealment with free shifting when they miss you. Teleportation keyed to your wis mod when you down an enemy.  And several ways to weaken, with the daily power being a stun.

Four Winds Lots of shifting, which eventually becomes flight at 16.  Good enabling encounter power and the utility makes you insubstantial.

Radiant Fist Pick up a channel divinity power without spending your Hybrid feat or just a free new channel divinity power.  Extra radiant damage and if you pick Solar Enemy you can be dealing radiant vulnerability twice an encounter.


Spell Commander
Lets you use a bow/crossbow as an implement.  Good enabling action point feature.  This is even better if you have at least one arcane party member.  Main reason to go artificer is this path.

Arcane Armorer
A decent way to up your parties resistances if you go for those artificer powers.


Cunning Prevaricator
Invisibility tricks.  The utilitiy requires that you put at least some points into int, which holds it back a little for you.

Eupohnic Bow Lets you use bows as implements.  Very good enabling action point feature.  You need to have a good RBA to make use of the level 16 feature, which gives you an extra RBA when you crit with a bard ranged power.

Grave Caller A path that really ups your effectiveness against one enemy every encounter, including double rolls with encounter and daily powers and automatic damage when you miss.

Life Singer This is skyblue mainly for the level 16 feature, which lets you reroll misses vs will.  The other parts of the path are ok and it combines well with pacifist cleric powers.  You need at least some points in int to get the rider on the encounter power.

Voice of Thunder Good for if you take lots of burst blast powers, but that is not how a lot of people like to play bow clerics.  The level 16 feature only effects thunder powers.

Blessed Psalmist This requires that you mc another divine class and that you spend your hybrid talent on words of friendship to make sure you get use out of the level 16 feature, so that is a tough choice.  But it gives you access to that other divine classes channel divinity power, which is the only way to have an encounter channel divinity and spend your hybrid talent of virtue of prescience (without going monk for your PP).  It also opens some radiant exploits and you potentially gain an extra use of majestic word or surge free healing with your action point feature


Adroit Explorer (human) Extra action point at level 16 and a good way to spam your encounter powers.

Sylvan Archer (elf ranger) You get to add your wisdom mod to your hunter's quarry damage at level 16.  Decent action point feature and good powers.

Epic Destinies

Reincarnate Champion
You only get to boost one stat at 24, but the access to multiple racial powers and feats is very tempting.  You need to be primal, so mainly for those who went seeker

Destined Scion Boring but very effective

Demigod/chosen Effective.  Not as mechanically sound at early epic as Desitined scion, but has a better level 30 feature.

Deadly Trickster You don't a stat boost, but you do get some good rerolls and you don't expend daily and encounter powers on an 18 or higher.

Avatar of Freedom Good stat boosts and lots of saving throw bonuses.  The level 30 feature is great with extra shifting and immune to some bad conditions.  The utility is very leaderly as well.  Requires Path of Freedom feat.

Raven Knight Dex and con bonuses and some protection from adjacent enemies.

Exalted Angel You don't get any stat bumps, but you can fly and are immune to fear attacks and get fire and radiant resistance.  You also get a good enabling utility power.

Saint  Good NAD boosts, necrotic resistance and you can't be dominated.


Most of the items I plan to include are up, but have not been ranked or commented on yet.

Here is a good general item guide.



Regular Bows

Duelist 2+ A good cheap bow that has a nice debuff against ranged enemies.  Combine with psychic lock for powers like gaze of defiance and they have a -4 penalty to their ranged/area attacks.

Prime Shot 2+ Extra damage when you are closest to the enemy.  For monks and others who are trying to get up close this is a good choice.

Frost 3+ You need this if you want to do a permafrost build.  I think radiant is usually better, but this is a good choice and better in frost themed parties.

Screaming 4+ Changes untyped damage to thunder.  For some builds this is good and you can use a mark of storm with it to make it better and wait for a thundbolt bow in paragon.

Blood Iron 13+ This does a lot of extra damage the next turn after a crit.  In epic that can be a lot of extra damage.

Thunderbolt 13+ All damage is lightning.  Combine with mark of storm

Radiant 15+ All damage is radiant and when you do radiant damage it adds in some extra damage as an item bonus.

Forceful 16+ No crit damage, but it automatically pushes 1 on a hit.

Weapliment Bows

Pact Bow 2+ Elf mc or hybrid warlock can use this as a weapliment.  But it is not useful besides that

Weapon of Evil Undone 10+ Counts as a weapliment for everyone.  Devas get the bonus for their memories power two rounds in a row.

Moonbow 13+ Sehanine worshipers can use this if they did not take moonbow dedicate or if they want a greatbow.  Its not that great besides that, but is cheaper at higher levels than a weapon of evil undone.

Songbows (for mc and hybrid bards):

Bard's 1+ Cheap, but nothing special

Howling 2+  Cheap, with thunder damage to those granting cover to your target.

Wailing 2+ Cheap and you get to ingnore concealment as an encounter power and penalize stealth checks.

Whistling 2+ Cheap, with a decent buffing daily power.

Vanishment 3+ Daily power makes you invisible.

Venomous 3+ Daily power does ongoing poison damage.

Lullabies 9+ Good daily charm power that potentially knocks unconsious if you pick save penalty powers..

Shrieking 13+ Ok daily forced movement power

Summoning 15+ Daily power teleports allies

Holy Symbols and Ki Foci

A few people argue that you can't have a weapliment and a holy symbol at the same time, but I think you can.  It is an easy way to get a good property or encounter/daily usage of an item without using up a regular item slot.  Monks should at least look at some of these ki focuses.


Holy Symbols

Symbol of Excellence 3 At low levels not very good, put a nice bonus for an allies d20 roll later on.

Symbol of the Dragon 3 Decent ally resistances as a daily.

Symbol of Hope 5 One of my favorite cheap symbols.  Free save with a bonus as an interrupt.

Symbol of Scorned Fate 5 Encounter power protects against failed saves.

 Spirit Reliquary 7 Bonus to charm/fear saves and to a D20 roll.

Sheaf of Arawai 7 Similar to symbol of hope, but you don't need to eat/drink too.

Symbol of Victory 9 Arguably the best holy symbol in the game when not using it to attack.  Free action point for an ally.

 Symbol of Divine Light 17 If you have radiant vulnerability exploits this is a good addition.

Symbol of Sustenance 17 Extends the duration of an EONT power.

 Symbol of Defense 18 Prevents a hit against an ally


Ki Focus

Rain of Hammers Ki Focus 3 Some good extra damage and minor action attack 1/day.

Blurred Strike Ki Focus If you action point, you can get two uses of flurry of blows in a turn






Predators Hide



Armor of Dark Deeds


Great Cat







Cloak of Distortion

Healer's Brooch

Steadfast Amulet

Periapt of Cascading Health

Amulet of Scales

 Timeless Locket

Brooch of Vitality

Torc of Power Preservation

Scarab of Invulnerability



Bracers of Archery The most basic way to up your damage.



Guantlets of Blood

Gloves of the healer



Hybrid seekers especially should go for eagle eye googles, but everyone else should be going for items that boost will, boost inititiave, or counter stuns and dazes.

Eagle Eye Goggles 2+ Good for anyone with a decent RBA that gets triggered often, but a must have for seekers.

Coif of Mindiron 8+ Encounter power to avoid a daze.

Circlet of Arkhosia 14+ Extra saves for dazed and stunned

Coif of Focus 21 Big bonus against stunned and dazed saves.

Helm of Ghostly Defense 22 Necrotic resitance and you can become insubstantial as an interrupt for an encounter power.

Eye of Awareness 23 Bonus to will and initiative



Acrobat Boots

Boots of the fencing master

Rushing Cleats (for monk hybrids)

Boots of Eagerness

Boots of sand and sea

Battle Strider Greaves (for pure clerics and hybrd bards)

Survivors boots

boost of speed

boots of caiphon

Greaves of Maldeen

Zephyr Boots

Sandals of Avandra

Boots of Teleportation



Diamond Cincture

Belt of Breaching

Belt of Vitality



Ring of the Radiant Storm

Luminary Ring 

Ring of Giants

Ring of Action Reversal

Greater Ring of Invisibility

Golden Ring of Teros

Ring of Guarded Wil

Shadow Band

Dauntless Champion’s Ring

Nullifying Ring

Sample Builds


A basic elf Bow ranger cleric mc seeker with a focus on accuracy.  Healing and blast powers with cleric and damage, immediate powers, and movement with ranger.  Put in primal sharpshooter for nature skill and inevitable shot.  Any bow works once you are in paragon and can work with any deity.  I might switch out for fewer blast/area cleric powers, but for those can also be held for when the prime shot bonuses don't kick in.

elf ranger

elfrangercleric, level 30
Elf, Cleric|Ranger, Seldarine Dedicate, Destined Scion
Hybrid Ranger: Hybrid Ranger Reflex
Hybrid Talent: Prime Shot
Background: Impiltur (Impiltur Benefit)

Str 12, Con 14, Dex 28, Int 10, Wis 28, Cha 14.

Str 10, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 12.

AC: 40 Fort: 36 Reflex: 44 Will: 45
HP: 185 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 46

Perception +31, Nature +31,  Heal +29, Stealth +29,

Acrobatics +24, Arcana +15, Bluff +17, Diplomacy +17, Dungeoneering +24, Endurance +17, History +15, Insight +24, Intimidate +17, Religion +15, Streetwise +17, Thievery +24, Athletics +16

Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Versatile Expertise
Level 4: Distant Advantage
Level 6: Blessing of Corellon
Level 8: Brutal Accuracy
Level 10: Improved Defenses
Level 11: Prime Quarry (Retrained at level 21 for Improved Prime Shot)
Level 12: Gambler's Word
Level 14: Primal Sharpshooter
Level 16: Called Shot
Level 18: Superior Will
Level 20: Clinging Radiance
Level 21: Bow Mastery
Level 22: Supreme Healer
Level 24: Divine Mastery
Level 26: Martial Mastery
Level 28: Correcting Aim
Level 30: Hobbling Strike

Hybrid at-will 1: Sacred Flame
Hybrid at-will 1: Twin Strike
Hybrid encounter 1: Divine Glow
Hybrid daily 1: Moment of Glory
Hybrid utility 2: Yield Ground
Hybrid encounter 3: Disruptive Strike
Hybrid daily 5: Spitting Cobra Stance
Hybrid utility 6: Bastion of Health
Hybrid encounter 7: Biting Volley
Hybrid daily 9: Blade Barrier
Hybrid utility 10: Defensive Volley
Hybrid encounter 13: Mantle of Glory (replaces Divine Glow)
Hybrid daily 15: Purifying Fire (replaces Moment of Glory)
Hybrid utility 16: Howling Winds
Hybrid encounter 17: Arrow Of Vengeance (replaces Disruptive Strike)
Hybrid daily 19: Surprising Arrow Stance (Sptting Cobra Stance)
Hybrid utility 22: Mass Cure Moderate Wounds
Hybrid encounter 23: Manticore's Volley (replaces Biting Volley)
Hybrid daily 25: Call the Hungry Ghosts (replaces Attacks on the Run)
Hybrid encounter 27: Sunburst (replaces Mantle of Glory)
Hybrid daily 29: Breath of the Stars (replaces Purifying Fire)


This a deva cleric/bard blessed psalmist of sehanine (the link also has an alternate version more focused on vulnerability that worships pelor).  The paragon path gives it an extra use of majestic word when you hit with an action point and lets you have both virtue of prescience and a channel divinity encounter power.  The best bow is a radiant bow because it turns you arcane riposte damage radiant and your non-radiant powers radiant.  The trick of this build is that you are very good at making sure your allies hit, often using immediate interrupt powers to accomplish this.  In paragon it is also consistenly inflicting vulnerabilities and adding extra radiant damage to your allies' attacks.  At the same time it is good at healing, especially for a hybrid.

I kind of went a bit overboard with making sure you hit and you could go life singer or grave caller for the paragon path with minor changes.  If you don't want moonbow dedicate this is a good candidate for weapon of evil undone.

Sing Choir of Angels

Deva Cleric/Bard mc Avenger of Sehanine; Blessed Psalmist; Disincarnate

Starting Stats: Str 10 con 12 Dex 8 int 12 Wis 18 Cha 18

Trained Skills Perception Insight Diplomacy Intimidate Heal

1 Hybrid Talent (Virtue of Prescience)
2 Versatile expertise
4 White Lotus Riposte
6 Extended Prescience (retrained to Prescient Aid at 11)
8 Hero of Faith
10 Toughness (retrained to White Lotus master Riposte at 12)
11 Moonbow dedicate
12 Gambler’s word
14 Battle Intuition
16 Skill Power (Guided Shot)
18 Improved Defenses
20 Superior Will
21 Prescient Resurgence
22 Radiant Advantage
24 Supreme Healing
26 Quickened Spellcasting (Staggering Note)
28 Bow Mastery
30 Divine Mastery

Avenger Power: Divine Guidance
At Will Silvery Arrow
At Will Staggering Note
1 Divine Glow (prophetic guidance also works)
1 Moment of Glory
2 Moment of Escape
3 Ryhme of the Bloodseeking Blade
5 Song Of Discord
6 Bastion of Health
7 Unluck
9 Vengeful Ghosts
10 Reverent Mettle
13 Remorse (Crown of Light also works)
15 Brilliant Censure
16 Hallowed Ground
17 Sever the Source
19 Satire of Prowess
22 Climatic Chord
23 Reverberating Shot
25 Frenzied Rhythm
27 Sunburst
29 Breath of the Stars

Half-Elf, Cleric, Arrow of the Moonbow, Destined Scion

A non hybrid bow cleric of sehanine.  3 good channel divinity powers, radiant damage, twin striking at will using wisdom, 6 trained skills, good healing, save granting, and buffing.  You could switch out the races fairly easily and it work the same without twin strike and action surge and would free up 3 feats.

bow cleric of sehanine

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Half-Elf, Cleric, Arrow of the Moonbow, Destined Scion
Versatile Expertise Option: Versatile Expertise (Bow)
Versatile Expertise Option: Versatile Expertise (Holy Symbol)
Epic Heroism Option: Epic Heroism (Wisdom)
Epic Heroism Option: Epic Heroism (Charisma)
Half-Elf Power Selection Option: Dilettante
Goblin Foe (Perception class skill)
STR 12, CON 18, DEX 15, INT 10, WIS 28, CHA 24
STR 10, CON 14, DEX 13, INT 8, WIS 16, CHA 14
AC: 44 Fort: 40 Ref: 38 Will: 48
HP: 175 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 43
Diplomacy +29, Insight +31, Nature +29, Perception +29, Religion +20, Stealth +22
Acrobatics +17, Arcana +15, Athletics +16, Bluff +22, Dungeoneering +24, Endurance +19, Heal +24, History +15, Intimidate +22, Streetwise +22, Thievery +17
Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Cleric Feature: Divine Fortune
Cleric Feature: Turn Undead
Cleric Utility: Healing Word
Feat Power: Trickster's Fortune
Arrow of the Moonbow Feature: Break the Bonds
Hunter's Quarry  Power: Hunter's Quarry
Ranger Attack 1: Twin Strike
Cleric Attack 1: Silvery Arrow
Cleric Attack 1: Sacred Flame
Cleric Utility 2: Blackened Soul
Cleric Utility 6: Spirit of Healing
Cleric Utility 10: Reverent Mettle
Arrow of the Moonbow Attack 11: Three Moonbeams
Arrow of the Moonbow Utility 12: Moon Eye
Cleric Utility 16: Healing Circle
Cleric Attack 17: Sever the Source
Cleric Attack 19: Supernal Radiance
Arrow of the Moonbow Attack 20: Moon Shot
Cleric Utility 22: Ramparts of Light
Cleric Attack 23: Healing Torch
Cleric Attack 25: Call the Hungry Ghosts
Destined Scion Utility 26: Epic Recovery
Cleric Attack 27: Sublime Light
Cleric Attack 29: Breath of the Stars
Destined Scion Utility 30: Undeniable Victory
Level 1: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Moonbow Dedicate
Level 2: Adept Dilettante
Level 4: Mark of Healing
Level 6: Versatile Expertise
Level 8: Trickster's Fortune
Level 10: Superior Will
Level 11: Versatile Master
Level 12: Warrior of the Wild
Level 14: Action Surge
Level 16: Battlewise
Level 18: Improved Defenses
Level 20: Armored by Faith
Level 21: Glorious Channeler
Level 22: Supreme Healer
Level 24: Radiant Advantage
Level 26: Armor Specialization (Chainmail)
Level 28: Divine Mastery
Level 30: Punishing Radiance
Ritual Book
Gentle Repose
Radiant Shortbow +6 x1
Soulwarding Chainmail +6 x1
Cloak of Arachnida +6 x1
Ioun's Flame (epic tier) x1
Ring of the Radiant Storm (paragon tier) x1
Luminary Ring (epic tier) x1
Fey Warrior's Boots (epic tier) x1
Bloodhound Bracers (paragon tier) x1
Adventurer's Kit
Gloves of the Healer (epic tier) x1
Belt of Vitality (epic tier) x1
Symbol of Victory +2
Solitaire (Cerulean) (epic tier)
Portable Hole (paragon tier)
Invigorating Coins (paragon tier)
Bag of Holding (heroic tier)
====== End ======

Thri-Kreen Centered Breath Monk/cleric of Dol Dorn Radiant Fist

Here it is to level 12.  He mcs avenger since he needs to mc a divine class for the path, plus avenger works well.  Picks up solar enemy for extra radiant damage.  Focus on close powers and tough enough to handle being on the front line.


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Thri-Kreen, Cleric/Monk, Radiant Fist
Monastic Tradition (Hybrid) Option: Centered Breath (Hybrid)
Hybrid Monk Option: Hybrid Monk Reflex
Hybrid Talent Option: Cleric Armor Proficiency
Proficiency: Weapon Proficiency (Longbow)
Gritty Sergeant (Gritty Sergeant Benefit)
STR 11, CON 14, DEX 21, INT 9, WIS 21, CHA 12
STR 10, CON 13, DEX 16, INT 8, WIS 16, CHA 11
AC: 27 Fort: 23 Ref: 25 Will: 29
HP: 81 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 20
Insight +16, Perception +16, Religion +10, Stealth +15
Acrobatics +11, Arcana +5, Athletics +7, Bluff +7, Diplomacy +7, Dungeoneering +11, Endurance +7, Heal +11, History +5, Intimidate +7, Nature +13, Streetwise +7, Thievery +10
Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Thri-Kreen Racial Power: Thri-kreen Claws
Cleric Utility: Healing Word
Monk Feature: Centered Flurry of Blows
: Five Storms [Movement Technique]
: Drunken Monkey [Movement Technique]
: Feeding the Doves [Movement Technique]
Avenger Feature: Oath of Enmity
Feat Power: Solar Enemy
: Divine Sun [Movement Technique]
Cleric Attack 1: Sacred Flame
Monk Attack 1: Five Storms
Monk Attack 1: Drunken Monkey
Monk Attack 1: Spinning Leopard Maneuver
Cleric Utility 2: Blackened Soul
Cleric Attack 3: Death Surge
Cleric Attack 5: Sundered Fortune
Monk Utility 6: Purifying Meditation
Monk Attack 7: Feeding the Doves
Cleric Attack 9: Vengeful Ghosts
Cleric Utility 10: Word of Vigor
Radiant Fist Attack 11: Divine Sun
Radiant Fist Utility 12: Undimmed Sun
Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Mark of Passage
Level 4: Ki Focus Expertise
Level 6: Implement Focus (Longbow)
Level 8: Fluid Motion
Level 10: Hero of Faith
Level 11: Gambler's Word
Level 11: Solar Enemy
Level 12: Superior Will
Sandstorm Longbow +3 x1
Feytouched Tembo Hide Armor +3 x1
Amulet of Protection +3 x1
Symbol of Hope +1
Acrobat Boots (heroic tier) x1
Circlet of Indomitability (heroic tier) x1
Belt of Vim (heroic tier) x1
Couters of Second Chances (heroic tier) x1
====== End ======

Here he is at level 30

Later on he has even more shifting with even more focus on radiant damage.

level 30 cleric/monk

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Thri-Kreen, Cleric/Monk, Radiant Fist, Destined Scion
Monastic Tradition (Hybrid) Option: Centered Breath (Hybrid)
Hybrid Monk Option: Hybrid Monk Reflex
Hybrid Talent Option: Cleric Armor Proficiency
Epic Heroism Option: Epic Heroism (Dexterity)
Epic Heroism Option: Epic Heroism (Wisdom)
Proficiency: Weapon Proficiency (Longbow)
Gritty Sergeant (Gritty Sergeant Benefit)
STR 12, CON 15, DEX 28, INT 10, WIS 28, CHA 13
STR 10, CON 13, DEX 16, INT 8, WIS 16, CHA 11
AC: 46 Fort: 38 Ref: 44 Will: 47
HP: 172 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 43
Insight +29, Perception +29, Religion +20, Stealth +29
Acrobatics +24, Arcana +15, Athletics +18, Bluff +16, Diplomacy +16, Dungeoneering +24, Endurance +17, Heal +24, History +15, Intimidate +16, Nature +26, Streetwise +16, Thievery +24
Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Thri-Kreen Racial Power: Thri-kreen Claws
Cleric Utility: Healing Word
Monk Feature: Centered Flurry of Blows
: Five Storms [Movement Technique]
Avenger Feature: Oath of Enmity
Feat Power: Solar Enemy
: Divine Sun [Movement Technique]
: Legion of One [Movement Technique]
Cleric Attack 1: Sacred Flame
Monk Attack 1: Five Storms
Cleric Utility 2: Blackened Soul
Monk Utility 6: Purifying Meditation
Cleric Utility 10: Word of Vigor
Radiant Fist Attack 11: Divine Sun
Radiant Fist Utility 12: Undimmed Sun
Monk Utility 16: Stance of the Still Sword
Cleric Attack 17: Death's Call
Cleric Attack 19: Supernal Radiance
Radiant Fist Attack 20: Blinding Sun Technique
Monk Utility 22: Diamond Body
Monk Attack 23: Legion of One
Monk Attack 25: Watchful Hydra Stance
Destined Scion Utility 26: Epic Recovery
Cleric Attack 27: Healer's Reproof
Cleric Attack 29: Breath of the Stars
Destined Scion Utility 30: Undeniable Victory
Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Mark of Passage
Level 4: Ki Focus Expertise
Level 6: Implement Focus (Longbow)
Level 8: Fluid Motion
Level 10: Hero of Faith
Level 11: Gambler's Word
Level 11: Solar Enemy
Level 12: Superior Will
Level 14: Armored by Faith
Level 16: Coordinated Explosion
Level 20: Uncanny Dodge
Level 21: Form Mastery
Level 21: Divine Mastery
Level 22: Armor Specialization (Hide)
Level 24: Long Step
Level 26: Improved Defenses
Level 28: Radiant Advantage
Level 30: Punishing Radiance
Radiant Longbow +6 x1
Inner Warmth Hide Armor +6 x1
Cloak of Arachnida +6 x1
Floorfighter Straps (paragon tier) x1
Eye of Awareness (epic tier) x1
Ring of the Radiant Storm (paragon tier) x1
Avandra's Ring (epic tier) x1
Belt of Vitality (epic tier) x1
Symbol of Victory +2
Bracers of Archery (paragon tier) x1
====== End ======

Here is lightswitch, which technically isn't a bow build, but could be with a few minor changes.  Its a bit out of date, but shows how to hybrid cleric/artificer with spell commander, which I didn't go into detail above.


Pity you went with just cleric, cus I've been playing a bow invoker for a while and they can get quite interesting... and with all the archery feats, items etc, the hand of radiance is very powerful
It would seem that Ki Focus would be a natural fit for this sort of build.  It also solves the expertise problem. 

I am looking forward to more in this guide.  My level 9 cleric is multi-classed into seeker for the archery and nature flavor without requiring a good dex.  He is definitely not optimized, but with a duelist's longbow and silvery arrow he doesn't have a bad at-will.

The standout heroic tier Seeker powers are Ensnaring Shot (lv. 5 Daily), Feyjump Shot (lv. 7 Enc.) and Feywild Jaunt (lv. 10 Enc. Utility). Primal Eye is basically the only Feat worth grabbing as a multiclasser. A Hybrid Seeker could also take Inevitable Volley, but Seeker seems like it works better as a multiclass for a cleric than a Hybrid.
For hybrid monk the ki focus is better for the expertise problem.  You might want to switch to a bow if you got a particularly good bow to use or wanted something like a radiant bow or a cold bow.  The other is that there is no improved crit feat for ki foci yet right?  Bows get one at 21 for ranged and area powers with no prereqs and clerics want an improved crit feat for divine mastery, gamblers word etc.

Out of all the classes I am focusing on in this guide I am least familiar with seekers, so I will probably have the most questions about them.  I know monks and rangers well and bards and rogues I don't plan to go into much depth, since I am not sure anyone actually does the rogue/cleric bow combination and bards are just for a tiny dip.
For hybrid monk the ki focus is better for the expertise problem.  You might want to switch to a bow if you got a particularly good bow to use or wanted something like a radiant bow or a cold bow.  The other is that there is no improved crit feat for ki foci yet right?  Bows get one at 21 for ranged and area powers with no prereqs and clerics want an improved crit feat for divine mastery, gamblers word etc.

I only mentioned the ki focus because I was imagining a character using both weapon attacks and implement attacks, and therefore it is advantageous to use the bow as an implement, or use an implement that can also be used with your bow, like the ki focus.   

No there isn't an improved crit feat for ki focus.  However, with weapon attacks you could clearly benefit from bow feats while using a ki focus.  It's debatable whether you can also combine a ki focus with a bow weapliment on implement powers, but CS and the CB allow it.  Ki focus also have a decent expertise feat and superior implements. 

It is not "debatable"

Ki focuses cannot nor have ever been able to focus a weapon and then used that focused weapon as an implement.

Even in the original printing (you can go look it up) they have always specified how 'ki focused weapons' work.

The CB is not a rules source, and Custserve is quite frankly wrong as often as they're right.

This is the most recent printing, and it's still very clear what it says.

"Ki Focuses and Weapon Attacks: If you use a magic ki focus, you can add its enhancement bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls of weapon attacks you make using a weapon with which you have proficieincy."

Oh Content, where art thou?
@GelatinousOctahedron - Many thanks for getting this started.  Will you provide build advice that does not involve MCing or Hybridizing?

As for the Items section: Bracers of Archery grants +2/+4/+6 item bonus per item's level to damage for any attack made with a bow or crossbow.  They're available beginning at level 6.  This seems to me like a no brainer for a bow cleric, especially when stacked with Silvery Glow and a frost or radiant weapon.  Are there other equipment that are better?
As for the Items section: Bracers of Archery grants +2/+4/+6 item bonus per item's level to damage for any attack made with a bow or crossbow.  They're available beginning at level 6.  This seems to me like a no brainer for a bow cleric, especially when stacked with Silvery Glow and a frost or radiant weapon.  Are there other equipment that are better?

You're right with the default choice of Bracers of Archery; they'll be what you want unless your bow is a Radiant Weapon, which also provides an item bonus to damage.  A radiant critfisher would probably go with some executioner's bracers, but beyond that I'm not sure what else is really on the table for a good choice.

@Antidale - thanks!  I knew I was missing something but couldn't quite put my finger on it
A note on Halfling bow clerics. They definitely work quite well as soon as you find a slot for Halfling Short Bow Hunter. Which becomes easier if you free up the proficiency feat with the Gritty Sergeant background.
It is not "debatable"

Ki focuses cannot nor have ever been able to focus a weapon and then used that focused weapon as an implement.

Even in the original printing (you can go look it up) they have always specified how 'ki focused weapons' work.

The CB is not a rules source, and Custserve is quite frankly wrong as often as they're right.

Well for something that isn't debatable there sure is a lot of debate and confusion on the matter.  Both sets of CB programmers and CS are apparently unified in their confusion on the matter as well.

Here are the sections I have done so far.  Heroic cleric powers, races, multiclassing and hybrid (but not the power recommendations), how to get a weapliment, paragon paths and epic destinies. 

Most of the feat section is done, not counting feats from the other classes

If there are any paragon paths or epic destinies I should include let me know with a brief explanation why.

If there are any paragon paths or epic destinies I should include let me know with a brief explanation why.

It's extremely limited in availabilty (requires the Aglarond background, and either Cleric|Ranger or Cleric MC Ranger, due to the wording), but for the right mindset of player, Thay Infiltrator is worth mentioning.  You've got single-target at-will total concealment, and a really neat daily utility.  

It's not damage heavy (though, if your hybrid side is more cleric than ranger, the powers are welcome), but it's worth mentioning for the sneaky types.
@Gelatinous - thanks so much for putting this together; it's coming along nicely.  My suggestion would be to mention a power's range when rating a power as this will allow folks to weigh your ratings with their play-style.  For example, my bow cleric stays out of the fray and attacks from range so Divine Glow (close blast 3) is not as "optimal" as it would appear if I were only considering a power's number of targets, damage output, effects.  I make this suggestion with the assumption that most folks playing bow clerics are doing so in order to stay at range/avoid the fray.
I'd suggest taking a deeper look at the possibilities of hybriding with Bard.  The Prescient build uses bows and is WIS secondary, so you can just pump WIS/CHA and make use of the applicable secondary riders from both classes.  You get chain already, so can burn hybrid talent on Virtue of Prescience for a "free" encounter interrupt.  There are also some pretty great interrupts like Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade and various die-roll substitution kinds of powers.
Personally i've played a Cleric|Ranger/Seldarine Dedicate. While the weapon choice is pretty meh, the 4th healing word with AP is really good, as the ability to step 2 times per encounter. Powers are a bit underwhelming (especially the daily), but the feature becomes ridiculous when coupled with long step.

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It's extremely limited in availabilty (requires the Aglarond background, and either Cleric|Ranger or Cleric MC Ranger, due to the wording), but for the right mindset of player, Thay Infiltrator is worth mentioning.  

I had missed that one and added it in.

My suggestion would be to mention a power's range when rating a power as this will allow folks to weigh your ratings with their play-style. 

I think that is a good idea.  I usually like to play ranged leaders fairly close to the front lines and a lot of the better rated cleric powers are close so I will add something about this.

I'd suggest taking a deeper look at the possibilities of hybriding with Bard.  The Prescient build uses bows and is WIS secondary, so you can just pump WIS/CHA and make use of the applicable secondary riders from both classes.

I have looked and will add that hybird option.  I think it has a lot of potential as a mix of enabling, healing, and buffing.  I will need to mention that option in my regular cleric hybrid section too.  I am not that familiar with bards and my regular group only had one for a very short amount of time, but the cleric and bard are polar opposites in many of their powers so combining them could be very effective.
I'd just like to point out that Bow Mastery only gives you an expanded crit range on ranged powers, and not area powers. One implication is that it's not necessarily redundant with the expanded crit range from Radiant Servant.
No mention of the Arrow of the Moonbow PP?  Requires worshiping Sehanine once again, but is open to non pointy-eared races.
I put together a Hybrid Cleric|Ranger/Battlefield Archer/Exalted Angel.

It probably would be better suited just using a different ED (Destined Scion or better yet, Punisher of the Gods) instead of the Exalted Angel I gave it, but I really liked the idea of having this character be essentially untouchably flighty. Also: Pit.

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Elf, Cleric/Ranger, Battlefield Archer, Exalted Angel
Hybrid Ranger Option: Hybrid Ranger Fortitude
Versatile Expertise Option: Versatile Expertise (Bow)
Versatile Expertise Option: Versatile Expertise (Holy Symbol)
Hybrid Talent Option: Ranger Fighting Style
Ranger Fighting Style Option: Archer Fighting Style (Hybrid)
Seducer (Seducer Benefit)
STR 10, CON 14, DEX 26, INT 12, WIS 26, CHA 14
STR 8, CON 12, DEX 16, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 12
AC: 43 Fort: 39 Ref: 42 Will: 45
HP: 171 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 42
Acrobatics +27, Heal +28, Nature +30, Perception +30
Arcana +16, Athletics +14, Bluff +18, Diplomacy +17, Dungeoneering +23, Endurance +16, History +16, Insight +24, Intimidate +17, Religion +16, Stealth +22, Streetwise +17, Thievery +22
Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Elf Racial Power: Elven Accuracy
Cleric Utility: Healing Word
Hunter's Quarry  Power: Hunter's Quarry
Ranger Attack 1: Twin Strike
Cleric Attack 1: Death's Shadow
Ranger Utility 2: Invigorating Stride
Cleric Utility 6: Bastion of Health
Cleric Utility 10: Word of Vigor
Battlefield Archer Attack 11: Combined Fire
Battlefield Archer Utility 12: Archer's Glory
Cleric Attack 13: Ominous Portent
Cleric Attack 15: Purifying Fire
Cleric Utility 16: Cloak of Courage
Cleric Attack 17: Death's Call
Battlefield Archer Attack 20: Quarry's Bane
Cleric Utility 22: Mass Cure Serious Wounds
Ranger Attack 25: Pulverizing Shot
Exalted Angel Utility 26: Angelic Hosts
Ranger Attack 27: Hail of Arrows
Ranger Attack 29: Five-Missile Dance
Defensive Mobility
Level 1: Versatile Expertise
Level 2: Moonbow Dedicate
Level 4: Mark of Healing
Level 6: Hybrid Talent
Level 8: Improved Defenses
Level 10: Wintertouched
Level 11: Lasting Frost
Level 12: Predatory Action
Level 14: Ancestral Battle Accuracy
Level 16: Martial Accuracy
Level 18: Moonbow Prelate
Level 20: Gambler's Word
Level 21: Bow Mastery
Level 22: Supreme Healer
Level 24: Divine Mastery
Level 26: Martial Mastery
Level 28: Hawkeye Warrior
Level 30: Epic Resurgence
Ring of Giants (paragon tier) x2
Insight of the Vault (heroic tier)
Frost Shortbow +6 x1
Healer's Nightmare Hide Armor +6 x1
Healer's Brooch +6 x1
Bracers of Archery (epic tier) x1
Gloves of Ice (epic tier) x1
Siberys Shard of Merciless Cold (epic tier)
Butterfly Sandals (paragon tier) x1
Circlet of Indomitability (paragon tier) x1
Baldric of Valor (epic tier) x1
Backlash Tattoo (heroic tier) x1
Phasing Arrow +5
Onslaught Arrow +1
Forbiddance Bolt +2
Dispelling Bolt +2
Endless Quiver (heroic tier)
Bowstring of Accuracy (heroic tier)
====== End ======

Battlefield Archer's frequent action points is fantastic. A great combo (for the Martial Class|Cleric hybrid or Cleric who MC'd and grabbed a few martial powers) is to double-dip your encounter power recovery, and pick up Divine and Martial Mastery at Epic. You could also make an argument this way for Predatory Action, though, I'm sure someone would point to better DPR elsewhere.

I also discovered a fun little paragon-level combo for elves:

-Ancestral Battle Accuracy
-Martial Accuracy
-Gambler's Word
-Any close or area weapon attack power (rangers have a few good ones)

Basically, you get to double re-roll on each affected enemy with your Elven Accuracy. 5 enemies means that now there are 10 d20s that you drop on the table. Note that the text of Elven Accuracy simply states that you "dislike the result," not that you have to "miss" in order to trigger the effect. Combine this with further crit-fishing mechanics, and you're essentially guaranteeing a crit at least once per encounter. This is a fantastic method of getting an additional use of Healing Word, another use out of Epic Resurgence, and depending further on which ED/PP you have, you can do even more crazy stuff with it. Granted, this is all predicated on a fairly large number of enemies being on the board, but the more the merrier.

Also, I'm not sure it's wise to include Songbows as a viable method to gaining a weapliment, since you have to be using bard/bard pp to be able to count them as a weapliment, and this build archetype has the Cleric class and power selection at it's core.
I just finished a campaign a couple of weeks ago where I played a bow cleric. I went with a mobile long range build and have to say one of my favorite encounter power's was Skirmish Shot. The extra move was fantastic for moving about the battlefield.

The Extended Healing feat is also fantastic for the long range cleric.
The Extended Healing feat is also fantastic for the long range cleric.

I don't disagree by default, but I think Extended Healing tends to be a little build specific. You either need to devote to longer-range attacks entirely, pick up a bunch of speed and movement-enhancing feats/powers, or just stay inside the 5/10/15 square radius (and thereby defeating the purpose of spending  feat on it). 

I feel like the radius that they give you for Healing Word, especially at paragon/epic, has perfect range for it's uses. 
Any thoughts on the Blessing of Corellon feat? Gives elves a chance to give allies a HS while rerolling for elven accuracy. And I second the Arrow of the Moonbow path, it's got some neat stuff.
I'd just like to point out that Bow Mastery only gives you an expanded crit range on ranged powers, and not area powers.

I fixed that note.  I am still baffled by the design choices for expanded crit range and why they feel the need to make some classes jump through hoops to get it in epic.

No mention of the Arrow of the Moonbow PP?  Requires worshiping Sehanine once again, but is open to non pointy-eared races.

Added it in as dark blue.  I like every thing about it, excepting the utility power.  Its been a long time since I would have ever had a real use for it.

I went with a mobile long range build and have to say one of my favorite encounter power's was Skirmish Shot. The extra move was fantastic for moving about the battlefield.

The Extended Healing feat is also fantastic for the long range cleric.

Skirmish shot is ok, but I like evasive shot a lot more for a bow cleric. I would rather shift 5-7 than move 6 or 7 most of the time.

I added extended healing, but it is not for everyone.  I don't play my leaders at very far range, but I have also never had any trouble targetting allies with heals.

Any thoughts on the Blessing of Corellon feat?.

Its in there already under racial feats.  I think every elf hybrid cleric should try to take it in heroric and every elf pure cleric should take it when they have room for it.
Any thoughts on the Blessing of Corellon feat?.

Its in there already under racial feats.  I think every elf hybrid cleric should try to take it in heroric and every elf pure cleric should take it when they have room for it.

I don't think every elf hybrid cleric needs it. Maybe the games I tend to be in have low monster damage, or maybe the players just are more defensively-oriented, but I tend to think it's unnecessary. Especially with the playstyle I've adopted for this character of using Elven Accuracy right out the gate with the largest group of monsters possible. If you use it before any of your allies have even taken damage, it's essentially a wasted feat. If your enemies are dead before you need to spend more than one heal, then it's a wasted feat. If you *might* use it every other encounter or less, then it's a wasted feat. These are of course my play experiences, but I can't imagine they're unique. 
What's the percieved impact of the Templar (eCleric) changes to a bow Cleric? I'm getting ready to start one off at level 1 on Thursday this week.
For low level bow clerics it will have no effect.  The lowest level power to get nerfed was consecrated ground and it was not a great bow cleric power to begin with because you could not move much with it and you probably would not have a high charisma.

For hybrids in general it won't have much effect since most did not have turn undead and you can cherry pick your powers to avoid most of the damage.  The big impact for hybrids is on the higher level AoE wisdom powers and on flame strike, which was one of your better level 9 choices.  You still get healer's lore on all your hybrid cleric healing powers (for now at least until that next hybrid article comes out).
Updated for templar change.  Mostly it reduced the value of some of the AoE powers.  Radiant Servant no longer good for hybrids.

Supernal Radiance Big close burst of radiant damage with automatic ongoing radiant damage in the burst.  The power to take for clerics this level since they missed it in the templar errata.


Just a comment on your comment here: they didn't miss it in the templar errata, since the Class Compendium is meant to update the PHB1. Supernal Radiance is from Divine Power.

If they do have Cleric powers from other sources in their sights, they'll be hit in some other errata release.

I know they did not errata any thing from divine power in the templar article.  But supernal radiance fits the same criteria the others did that got nerfed and I would not be surprised to see it reduced in size and damage at some point.
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