Dungeon 189 - Scarblade

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Dungeon 189

By Sterling Hershey

In the Proving Pit, warriors fight and die for glory—and for the Scarblade.

Talk about this adventure here.

Finally, a decent rare item and it even fits what I feel a rare item should be. A storied item that adds some unique and interesting mechanics into the game. Not something built like it should be just another thing pulled out of a vendor.

Nice adventure as well.
This has Dark Sun halfling gladiator pit written all over it.

"The turning of the tide always begins with one soldier's decision to head back into the fray"

I've gotta say, that Scarblade is an awesome weapon. And the story bit about leaving unhealable scars has wound up being more amazing that I'd ever anticipated.

See, I figured it wouldn't mean much, because bad guys are made to be destroyed, and scars on corpses are pretty uninteresting.

But the number of times the Paladin has been dominated and forced to attack fellow party members lately has been quite large, and nearly everyone in the adventuring group now has a lovely disfiguring scar. Roleplay gold, people. This was awesome.